Changing the Niche for Better Profit

Let's admit it, after spending some time on the internet, posting updates on our blog, we want to be rewarded in some ways, we want to make money online. So another reason why I decided to change the niche of my blog is because looking at my Google Adsense profitable traffics, most of my visitors click on ads from my blog that tackles issues that Filipinos are so much interested into. Well, at least it was more focused and specifically helpful to highschool students looking for Home Reading Report samples. It doesn't have much profits but people keep on coming back since every Filipino has to go through high school at some point in their lives, their nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren so basically that niche is immortal, not to mention it doesn't have much competitors. In short, it's a niche that every Filipino would definitely find helpful and since there's not much written about it, I figure that I could get better PR(page rank) for it. With this realization, I decided to keep this blog and it's URL than building a new blog from scratch, designing it and the works required for a brand new blog. I thought I could simply keep it and just focus on a new topic--Tips on Preparing, Seeking and Successfully Completing Immigration to US and Australia.

I know, I haven't been to any of those countries yet and I may not be worthy to speak about them, but just like everyone else interested in them, I've known enough people that have successfully done it and I'm here to record their tips and advices so that you too can become like them. Besides, I'm the best you could ever get because after all, not everyone write about their experiences especially their blunders. We all need to know not only about what works but also what to avoid.

I will give you a little overview of what to expect from this blog. My future blog posts would include but not limited to:

3. Study and Work in Australia (Undergraduate)

5. Why Use the Service of IDP to Study in Australia

If any of these don't succeed, you could still start your own business. I do not guarantee success in any of those topics but I can assure you that I've conducted enough research on each of them, asked enough questions to those who have successfully immigrated and spent considerable time looking for every possible options as I live to my life's motto: "We will find a way, or we will make one" - University of Pennsylvania

For those who have successfully completed any of those listed above topics or issues, feel free to leave your tips and advices in the comments section of this blog. Since experience is the best teach and sharing opens doors for more blessings, then share them on!

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