Google Chrome Has Themes Too!

I've been a Firefox fan for quite a long time since I joined Callbox because of its themes and add-ons features. These add-ons enhance my browsing experience and these customizations of the elements that helps me improve my multi-tasking has helped Firefox gain my trust and patronage.

However, when I discovered the simplicity and efficiency of Google Chrome, I have been an avid user of it and can't stop raving about its improvements and how faster my browsing experience has become. I'm glad to see that there are themes customization too.

I love this Grass theme. The transition was so quick and exciting. All Google Chrome users should try customizing their themes and get a more exciting and meaningful browsing.

To change the theme, click on the Google Chrome Options button which is located on the upper right portion of your browser or the screw driver button. Click on the Options then go to the Personal Stuff tab, then look for the Themes. You will then be directed to various types of options to choose from. Choose among the various options and click on Apply Theme. Voila, you've got a nicer looking browser in no time!

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