Philippines Investment Rating Upgraded by Fitch

Good news Philippines! The following article is essentially going to be a re-post of Bloomberg's article but hey, congratulations Philippines! Another reason why investors should invest in the Philippines is the upgrade on our investment rating!

The rating on the nation’s long-term foreign currency- denominated debt was raised one level to BBB- from BB+, Fitch said in a statement today. The outlook on the rating is stable.

“The Philippines’ sovereign external balance sheet is considered strong relative to A range peers, let alone BB and BBB category medians,” Fitch said, citing the net external creditor position.

An exit from so-called junk status bolsters Aquino’s drive to transform the nation into one of the region’s fastest-growing economies 15 years after the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98. The upgrade may also boost capital inflows and complicate the job of the central bank as it tries to rein in an appreciating peso and curb asset bubbles.

“Funds are already pouring into the Philippines and an investment grade is a further endorsement,” Eugene Leow, a Singapore-based economist at DBS Group Holdings Ltd., said before the report. “It allows a wider pool of investors to buy Philippine assets and there might be a slight bump up in inflows. The central bank has been sounding off on inflows and they could implement measures to deter speculative inflows.”

The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PCOMP) surged to a record in March and the peso is trading near a five-year high.


KT's lifestyle said...

Good article post. I wish PH become richer than SG. hehehe!


Sebastian James Harani said...

The boost of economic status of the Philippines opened business investor and open more jobs.