Insurance Policies - Are They Really Essential?

What Does it Feel to Insured?

You might have been debating and weighing the pros and cons of having an insurance policy at some point. 

Today, when I opened a savings account at POSB Singapore, I was offered an personal accident plan which would allow me to live my life to the fullest and still have this peace of mind because I know I've got a policy that will protect me. I have been a bit skeptic since I've previously been lured into an insurance policy by a company whose name was quite compromised but anyway, I chose to sign up for this personal accident insurance plan because for as low as $19.50 monthly (automatically deducted from my savings account with POSB), I can be assured of the following benefits:

1. Accidental Death ($65,000) *Classic
2. Accidental Death whilst Overseas or Traveling in a Public Conveyance
3. Total or Permanent Disablement
4. Weekly Benefit - Temporary total or partial disablement from engaging or attending to the usual employment or occupation certified by Physician
5. Recuperation Benefit
6. Loan Protector
7. Income Protector
8. Outpatient Treatment (Including TCM Treatment) 
9. Lifestyle Aids
10. Transport Allowance
11. Special Daily Hospitalization Benefit
12. Personal Effects

I know it feels really weird to be talking about insurance..but really, it's good to know that whatever, whenever unfortunate things might happen (which I definitely I hope not for!), something's got your back covered. 

Both individuals and businesses should consider getting insured. There are various types of insurance policies out there, others are even tailored for your needs like CIA Insurance, personal protection, health insurance, etc. You just never know. 

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Alicia Sanders said...

This seems really interesting and what surprises the most is the pirce of insurance. I used to try some types of insurances, but it seemed like companies were trying to rip me off. But with this one, I won't even need to look for different financial options to afford this insurance.