Saving Tips for College Students, Singles and Twenty-Something

How to Save Money While Studying in College

Are you single? A college student or a twenty-something that wants to save money while studying? Well, you're not alone. When I was studying, I've always wanted to be able to save money so I won't have to depend on my parents for baon. I've always wanted to be independent. 

Perhaps aside from saving money, you wish to be know where to invest and how to get started in the first place. Even if I'm already working and out of school, I still struggle each day to save money and want to achieve financial freedom. Thus, I have established a place where I share my experiences on saving money, how I overcome the distractions that comes my way and learned how pride could actually prevent us from getting to our goals. 

May I invite you to my new blog, Saving is Sexy. You will love the regular saving is sexy photos I share on Facebook and Twitter too! 

Priceless Tips from Warren Buffet

While we're on it, below are just some of the most priceless gems on how to build wealth from Warren Buffett. 

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