Investors Choose Philippines

Invest in the Philippines and Support Local Entrepreneurs

Foreign investors and skeptics now choose to invest in the Philippines. In a recent Businessweek article entitled The Philippines Astounds the Skeptics, it is good to note that:

The Philippines has long stood out in Southeast Asia as a consistent underperformer, its economy weighed down by a legacy of graft and instability dating back to the bad old days of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. The economy grew just 3.75 percent last year, while China expanded 9.2 percent and India 7.3 percent. What growth the Philippines has enjoyed has often come from its army of construction workers, domestic helpers, and others who have left the country to find work. Remittances from Filipinos living overseas grew 5.8 percent in February, the central bank announced on April 16.

The bottom line: With tame inflation, higher foreign exchange reserves, and a $16 billion infrastructure program, the Philippines’ economy is picking up.

If the foreign investors are confident in the upward trend of our economy and the skeptics are now astounded, it's about time that, we, locals would put our eggs in the local market and invest in our own country. Support local entrepreneurs and build more opportunities for more Filipinos. 

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