Most Inspiring Women in Personal Finance

In everything we do, there's always some sort of motivating force that helps us to keep on moving. The same is true when we're trying to save more money or invest. I am currently in the process of compiling a list of the most inspiring women in the personal finance field. These women are not only the light of their home but have also served as a great inspiration for many people especially in the personal finance field. 

Photo Source: Allana Yao

May I invite my readers to share who do you think are the most inspiring women in the field of personal finance and how they were able to help you reach you financial goals through their blogs, their columns and other media that has not only inspired but also motivated you to do something towards reaching your goals. 

Please use the comment section to post your suggestions, recommendations and reasons or you may send me your suggestions on Twitter and Facebook.

I look forward hearing from you!


Lizzie said...

I don't know personal finance writers that much but I remember you introducing Issa @ Pinoy Bloggers so from then on, I get hooked to and I enjoy reading her posts. :)

dimaks said...

Truth is i am not into finance or business things for that matter, but i guess this could help: