How to Live Life Like Warren Buffett

While trying to reach my financial goals in life, there are several people that I look up to for inspiration and motivation. One of them is the ultimate finance genius - Warrenn Buffett. 

If you're like me and you've always wondered how did he acquire his wealth, how does he make such intelligent financial decisions, below are just some gold nuggets that if only we could all follow, we would all enjoy a much more bountiful and comfortable life. His ways are not always the easiest, but always worth the try. 

Thank you Issa of  You Want to be Rich for sharing this gold nugget on your Wall. 


Charmel Delos Santos said...

Warren Buffett is widely written about (and widely read!) but I still found new things from your post. Do you know that Warren Buffett invests like a girl? hehehe there's a book of that title. Thank you for all those new gems. May the Fierce be with you! Charmel

Jonha Revesencio said...

I didn't know that Mr. Warrenn Buffett - the MAN whom anyone would trade anything just to pick some of his brains - actually trades like a WOMAN?!!!! Don't tell me the name of the book is High Heeled Traders ;)