Financial and Savings Advice for Young Adults

The days of living week to week should be a thing of the past! Blowing all your money on a big night out might be fun, but you’re really shooting yourself in the foot for that trip overseas or sexy new car you've been eyeing off. In an effort to help your dreams come true, we’re offering some free financial advice, so students and those new on the workforce can build themselves a nice little nest egg.

Superannuation - why it’s amazing.

Australia has mandatory superannuation because its good for workers and it’s good for investment. We have a minimum contribution rate (how little you have to give) at 9% of your total pay. As workers, we can opt to make greater contributions to our super fund, increasing our super to 12% can dramatically increase the money left for retirement. Also, you can make a voluntary after-tax contribution could boost your super by 50c for every dollar you add each year with the Government’s co-contribution scheme. An extra $500 in your super each year if you earn under $47,000 a year? Free Money? Yes please!

Get insurance - seriously!

To us, insurance seems like a wank! We continually find ways we cannot justify paying money for something that we can’t see, though young people find themselves needing car and health insurance more frequently than ever. There are even specialised products designed for renters and share houses, so have a peruse and find which is best for you. There are some great insurance services providers for young people, so try iSelect or Lifebroker for financial and insurance advice.

Understand your tax

Understand how much tax you pay and when your tax returns are due. While you can cheaply get your tax return done by yourself, sometimes it’s best to get some advice for a tax agent or accountant. They know what you can claim, how to cut down your expenses and avoiding tax you don’t have to pay! Who pays more tax! There’s an important difference with tax you should be aware of. Tax evasion is when you dodge tax you should be paying. Tax avoidance is taking measures to avoid tax you SHOULDN’T have to pay, your accountant will know the difference.

You’ve got some excellent free advice, but you should always check with a consultant such as LFS Legal and see which superannuation, insurance and tax products suit your situation, so they can tailor a solution that fits your needs.

How To Save Money

Have any of you ever tried to save money? It does not really matter what you are saving money at, the most important is to have a goal.  You know, I get asked same question from time to time: How can you resist temptation to buy something or maybe to go out once in a while? The answer is simple: I do not resist it. I am just a human after all, in order to keep moving I need to reward myself sometimes. This is the article for those who are in the process of doing some savings. Check the list below; maybe you are going to find something you are not doing, but willing to try right away. 

I would recommend starting with simply setting a goal. It is great if you have the answer ready.  If you do not, take a time, think of your dreams. It can even be some sort of a childish wish. Dream big! Ok, so this is what I do to have extra money. 

- I bet that every third American loves to drink coffee on his/her way to work. Alright, prepare your own coffee. Go to the store, buy a coffee cup and enjoy your home-made coffee every day. Buying a coffee at the local gas station or at the fast food does not seem to be an expensive thing. But try to calculate how much you are spending yearly on a single cup of a coffee? You will be pretty surprise.
- Check where your colleagues live. Maybe someone lives in your neighbourhood or simply on your way to work. This way you can easily save on gas and enjoy somebody’s company.
- Lunch time at work. Try to bring your brown lunch bad at list three times a day. It will save you some money+ you are sure your food is healthy.
- Cook at home. Cooking can become a lot of fun. Gather your family to help you. So what you get: quality family time + no need to pay for your diner somewhere else.
- My next tip is for those who live in a house. Grow your own veggies. Frozen food in a grocery store is not the best choice you can make. Believe me, it is a great feeling to finally see your small harvest.
- Be energy efficient at home. Do not forget to turn of your light every time you leave room. Better idea would be to switch to a solar energy. One time payment will then bring some good results in saving on your monthly bills.
- I know a lot of people who always feel sorry for their old things. They storage them in the garage. This is so wrong! Do not keep old stuff. Remember, most of you will not buy something new until you finally say good buy to the old things. Not only do garage sales, but also participate in somebody’s. You may find pretty useful things for a very reasonable price that your neighbours do not need anymore. See, it is like a circle: you give and you take. 
- Think of what you do the best. Do you have any hobbies? Maybe you can make some extra money doing something you have passion for.
- Credit cards are the biggest problem in the US. Do not get caught by all the fee credit cards. Do not overload yourself with 4, 5 or even 6 cards. Use them only for big purchases. Do not forget to make in time payments.
- Sales….Yes, they are difficult to resist sometimes. Be strong and learn how to prioritize things. Do not buy another fancy accessory for your car or a new pair of expensive shoes only because these things are on sale now. Some web sites promote lending companies so that people had even bigger desire to buy from them. This is a kind of service created only for emergency situations. 

 I can give many more examples on how to do savings. But I would like you to understand that it is all up to you. Question everything you do or buy. As I have mentioned already, spoil yourself every once in a while. You deserve this! 

Alicia Sanders is a financial expert and writer working with no fax payday loans online. 

You Should Be Investing in the Philippines!

Reasons Why You Should Invest in the Philippines

Philippines has been showcasing strong economic growth and many foreign investors think of the country as a place to invest in long term.  (Check related posts: Invest in Breakout Nations, Invest in Philippines and Investors Choose Philippines).

The video clip from Bloomberg below explores several other reasons why you should be investing in the Philippines.

Insurance Policies - Are They Really Essential?

What Does it Feel to Insured?

You might have been debating and weighing the pros and cons of having an insurance policy at some point. 

Today, when I opened a savings account at POSB Singapore, I was offered an personal accident plan which would allow me to live my life to the fullest and still have this peace of mind because I know I've got a policy that will protect me. I have been a bit skeptic since I've previously been lured into an insurance policy by a company whose name was quite compromised but anyway, I chose to sign up for this personal accident insurance plan because for as low as $19.50 monthly (automatically deducted from my savings account with POSB), I can be assured of the following benefits:

1. Accidental Death ($65,000) *Classic
2. Accidental Death whilst Overseas or Traveling in a Public Conveyance
3. Total or Permanent Disablement
4. Weekly Benefit - Temporary total or partial disablement from engaging or attending to the usual employment or occupation certified by Physician
5. Recuperation Benefit
6. Loan Protector
7. Income Protector
8. Outpatient Treatment (Including TCM Treatment) 
9. Lifestyle Aids
10. Transport Allowance
11. Special Daily Hospitalization Benefit
12. Personal Effects

I know it feels really weird to be talking about insurance..but really, it's good to know that whatever, whenever unfortunate things might happen (which I definitely I hope not for!), something's got your back covered. 

Both individuals and businesses should consider getting insured. There are various types of insurance policies out there, others are even tailored for your needs like CIA Insurance, personal protection, health insurance, etc. You just never know. 

Highlight of the Week: GMA-7 stock sizzles amid talk of sale

Highlights of the Week: News, events and updates that are likely to affect your investments and trades in the Philippines stock market.

GMA-7 stock sizzles amid talk of sale

MANILA, Philippines - Persistent rumors that the group of TV5 chair Manuel V. Pangilinan and the GMA Network Inc. controlling owners are in talks for a deal have helped boost the stock price of the 2nd biggest television network in the country.

GMA-7's stock was only trading at P6.50 a share on December 27, 2011 when the newest set of deal talks commenced and picked up by social media users, making it one of the top trending topics on Twitter in the Philippines.

Fresh investments approved by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (Peza) in the first half of the year reached P104.745 billion, or 12 percent higher compared to new projects registered in the same period last year amounting to P90.135 billion.

Elmer San Pascual, head of Peza’s promotions group, said the agency is on track of meeting its full-year target of generating P300 billion in fresh investments as more big-ticket projects are expected to register this second semester.

5 foreign banks shut down Philippine offices

Manila (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - American Express Bank and four other foreign institutions have shut down their offices in the Philippines as the financial woes in the United States and Europe prompted them to sell off their offshore assets.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP or Central Bank of the Philippines) said the asset sale was meant to help the financially troubled parent firms generate liquidity.

In a circular notifying the local banking industry, the BSP said the five foreign banks have already packed up and left. Apart from American Express Bank, the others were Societe General, Union Bank of California N.A., First International Bank and Fortis Bank.

Societe Generale is based in Paris, while First International Bank is based in North Dakota. Fortis Bank is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, which operates mainly out of Belgium.

Highlight of the Week: Peso Rises to Highest Level in 4 Years

Highlights of the Week: News, events and updates that are likely to affect your investments and trades in the Philippines stock market.

Manila (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - The peso strengthened further to its highest level in about four years, ending yesterday's trading day in the 41-to-a-dollar territory.

STOCKS hit a fresh peak yesterday on market hopes of easing by European and US central banks after fresh data showed the global economy hitting a new bump

The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) rallied by 1.23% or 65.46 points to close at 5,365.70, piercing the 5,360 resistance, while the broader all-share index gained 0.89% or 30.81 points to 3,506.34.

INDEX HEAVYWEIGHT Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) has moved to distribute cash dividends for holders of its preferred stock, a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange showed yesterday.

“We disclose that at the meeting of the board of directors of PLDT held on July 3, the board declared a final dividend of P0.0027 per day per outstanding share of Series GG 10% Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock covering the period March 1 to Aug. 30,” the disclosure read.

THE BANGKO Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) yesterday said the peso’s appreciation was not yet worrisome but it was watchful of its impact on inflation.

The country’s exporters, meanwhile, said the peso’s appreciation to the P41-per-dollar level has started to hurt, dashing hopes of a recovery from the slump last year.

How to Open a CitisecOnline Account

How to Open an Account with CitsecOnline

So you want to learn and earn from the Philippines stock market? You may want to start with the things every newbie should know about the stock market. It highlights the most basic questions about the stock market, how to get started in investing, where to invest, what are some of the best blogs and online resources  when investing in the stock market. 

Steps on How to Open an Account with CitisecOnline:

1. Choose a trading/investing account 

Options available are Personal Accounts which is divided in Regular Account and the EIP (Easy Investment Program) and Corporate Accounts

a. Regular Account 
- Minimum deposit of P 25,000). 
- It is a personal trading account that be owned by a single person or jointly.

b. EIP (Easy Investment Program) 
- Minimum deposit - P 5,000
- Uses a calendared Cost Averaging Strategy. It means that you will have to follow a schedule and regular investment on the account (for example: P5,000 monthly)

2. Download and fill up the Personal Account or Corporate Account Forms

a. Personal Account Forms:
The forms contain the Individual Customer Account Information Form (CAIF), Online Securities Trading Agreement and Signature Cards. You may download all of three here

b. Corporate Account Forms:
Customer Account Information Form (Download here)
Online Securities Trading Agreement (Download here)
Signature Cards (Download here

For detailed instructions on how to fill out the Personal Account: EIP & REGULAR Account forms, click here

What are the Requirements?

3. Prepare two (2) copies of any valid ID and one (1) latest copy of your utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement.

a. Personal Account
(1) Photocopy or Scan copy of a Government Issued Valid ID
(ex. Driver's License, Passport, SSS ID, Senior Citizen ID, Voter's ID)
Important note: Photo and Signature on the ID should be clear

(2) Billing Statement - waived with a personal appearance
(ex. Utility Bill, Credit Card Bill)
Important note: Name, Address and Date should be present in the statement

b. For Corporate Account
a. Photocopy of each of the following documents duly Certified by the corporate secretary:
SEC Registration
Articles of Incorporation, Partnership or equivalent
By-Laws of the Corporation
Latest General Information Sheet (GIS) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Latest Audited Financial Statements
Notarized Board Resolution authorizing the corporation to open an account with
b. CitisecOnline and the designated officer(s) authorized to transact and trade in behalf of the corporation
c. Sworn Statement as to the existence or non-existence of beneficial owners certified by the corporate secretary
d. Photocopy of one (1) identity document issued by the Philippine Government of the authorized officer(s)

4. Submit the documents to CitisecOnline, Inc.
Address: 2403B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre,
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605 Philippines
Note: Hard Copies of the documents are needed as the company cannot approve scanned or faxed copies of the application forms.

How to Fund the Account?

5. Fund the Account

Once your application has been approved, we will send you your 8-digit CitisecOnline account number to be used for your funding.

You can now fund your CitisecOnline Account through any of the following options:

Online Banking via Merchant Payment
Bank of the Philippine Islands -
Banco de Oro -
Metrobank -
Over-the-Counter via Merchant Payment
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Banco de Oro
Over-the-Counter via CitisecOnline Business Center
CitisecOnline Business Center
2403B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre,
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Philippines

COL ACCOUNT NUMBER when making payments to ensure proper and timely credit to your account.

Minimum Initial Deposit for EIP Account: P5,000
Minimum Initial Deposit for Regular and Corporate Account: P25,000

6. Login to your CitisecOnline Account

Once your account has been approved and funded, your log-in details will be sent to you via email.

7. Have fun investing and trading!

Should you have any investing and finance-related questions, feel free to ask me and I will try to answer them in the next Reader Asks section of this blog. 

Highlight of the Week: PH is World’s 5th Most Improved Country, According to A Study

Stock Market News - Philippines

Highlights of the Week: News, events and updates that are likely to affect your investments and trades in the Philippines stock market.

The Philippines was cited as the fifth most improved country in the world, rising two notches to rank 133 from 135th last year, in the 2012 Global Peace Index (GPI).

PILIPINAS Shell Petroleum Corp., the local arm of Royal Dutch Shell Plc., is planning to set up a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import facility in the Philippines, the first in Southeast Asia.

DIVERSIFIED CONGLOMERATE San Miguel Corp. has strengthened its hold over Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) after its subsidiary finalized an earlier purchase of P56.67 billion worth of shares previously held by the Social Security System (SSS).

San Miguel, through SMC Global Power Holdings Corp., has thus hiked its stake in the utility to 32.39% from a previous 21.46% as of end-March, keeping the conglomerate as the second largest shareholder after Pangilinan-led Beacon Electric Asset Holdings, Inc. which holds 42.25%, based on data from the local bourse.

Good News and Bad News for the Philippines This Week

Highlights of the Week: News, events and updates that are likely to affect your investments and trades in the Philippines stock market.

Good News and Bad News for the Philippines This Week

There had been a mix of good news and bad news for the Philippine economy and politics this week. For the good news, the UK government assures Philippines of more investments. British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday assured Philippine President Benigno Aquino of his government's continued support for the Philippines' public-private partnership program (PPP) and said he looked forward to more British companies investing in the country.

Another good news is that Moody's unit raises Philippines growth forecast. The research arm of Moody's Investors Services has raised its economic growth forecast for the Philippines this year to 4.7 per cent from 4 per cent, citing the government's ant-corruption drive and big push for infrastructure development that will aid efforts to attract investors.

However, the bad news is that the Philippines risks joining money-laundering blacklist. The Philippines faces the risk of joining a global money-laundering blacklist after it failed to approve all required amendments to legislation on illegal movement of money, threatening its ability to attract foreign investment.

Ending up on the Financial Action Task Force blacklist would also make it difficult for Filipinos abroad to send money home and for local banks to transact business overseas.

Thoughts About the News

It's a good thing that our government and our country in general is getting more investments, better forecasts and good ratings. It means more investors would be encouraged to invest in our country. However, it bothers me that our current administration has focused too much on putting its now former Chief Justice Renato Corona on an exhausting and somewhat politically vindictive trial.

Our policy makers could have spent more time, effort and our nation's resources on much more pressing and rather important issues such as trying as much as we can not to be at risk of joining the money-laundering blacklist.

Or maybe passing necessary bills to improve our educational system or maybe focus on making it easier for local entrepreneurs to setup businesses which could eventually help in pumping more investments on our local market thus would result into creating more jobs. It's not that I feel the issue about Corona shouldn't have been resolved or be avoided, I just felt that there are many other pressing issues that could have been given more focus and attention to. 

Highlight of the Week: Philippines bags US$1b investment deals with Europe

Highlights of the Week: News, events and updates that are likely to affect your investments and trades in the Philippines stock market.

London (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - Philippine President Benigno Aquino III on Tuesday crowned the first full day of his visit to the United Kingdom by attending business meetings between Filipino and European companies, resulting in deals that would raise around US$1 billion in investments for the Philippines.

After four quarters of lackluster performance, the Philippine Economy is off to a rousing start in the year of the water dragon as GDP grew by 6.4 percent in the first quarter of 2012 compared to an upwardly revised growth of 4.9 percent last year.  The above expectations growth benefitted from a regime of benign inflation and drew from the revitalized Services sector, particularly from Trade and Other Services.  It also got a big boost from manufacturing which has recovered some grounds that got eroded during the third and fourth quarters last year.

An infographic released by Money Summit & Wealth Expo revealed some of the shocking facts about the saving and investing habits of Filipinos.

Key takeaways

- 2 out 8 Filipino households have a bank deposit
- 7 in 10 own their home while 1 in 6 own real property other than their home
- 1 in 5 households receives financial assistance abroad
- 43.8% spent more than their income
- 51.5% spent as much as their income
- 4.6% spent less than their income

SOCIAL Security System (SSS) may exceed the target it set for its investments on expectations that economic growth will remain robust, a top official said last week.

Edgar Solilapsi, SSS executive vice president for investments, told reporters in an interview that the state-run pension fund for the private sector exceeded expectations in the first quarter in terms of earnings of its equity and fixed-income placements.

Highlight of the Week: Economist: Philippines Is Number One

Highlights of the Week: News, events and updates that are likely to affect your investments and trades in the Philippines stock market.

MANILA, Philippines --- The Philippines is the most attractive global provider of IT-BPO services in Asia, followed by China and India — in that order — according to the results of a survey by the Economist Corporate Network (Economist). Forty-five percent of respondents said the Philippines was an attractive services provider, while 35% said the same for China. Only 25% of respondents said India was an attractive provider of IT-BPO services, in general.

MANILA, Philippines - Local stocks climbed for the third straight day due to continuous bargain hunting, propelling the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) past the 5,000 mark for the first time since mid-May.

MANILA, Philippines --- The Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the amendment of the Articles of Incorporation of Universal Robina Corporation (URC) to allow the firm to engage in the business of production of fuel ethanol.

URC president Lance Gokongwei said URC is investing about $27 million for the construction of an ethanol plant in Mahhuyod, Negros Oriental as part of the firm’s URSUMCO sugar mill.

MANILA, Philippines --- With the decision of Ambassador Manuel M. Lopez to step down from his post at the country’s largest power distribution utility, management changes formally paved the way for the installation of Manuel V. Pangilinan as chairman of the Manila Electric Company (Meralco), following yesterday’s stockholders meeting.

MANILA, Philippines --- SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime) has signed a P7.5 billion notes facility agreement for the refinancing of existing obligations, to partially fund capital expenditures and/or other general corporate requirements.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, SM Prime said the notes facility consists of five- and ten-year floating rate notes and five- and ten-year fixed rate notes.

Saving Tips for College Students, Singles and Twenty-Something

How to Save Money While Studying in College

Are you single? A college student or a twenty-something that wants to save money while studying? Well, you're not alone. When I was studying, I've always wanted to be able to save money so I won't have to depend on my parents for baon. I've always wanted to be independent. 

Perhaps aside from saving money, you wish to be know where to invest and how to get started in the first place. Even if I'm already working and out of school, I still struggle each day to save money and want to achieve financial freedom. Thus, I have established a place where I share my experiences on saving money, how I overcome the distractions that comes my way and learned how pride could actually prevent us from getting to our goals. 

May I invite you to my new blog, Saving is Sexy. You will love the regular saving is sexy photos I share on Facebook and Twitter too! 

Priceless Tips from Warren Buffet

While we're on it, below are just some of the most priceless gems on how to build wealth from Warren Buffett. 

Highlight of the Week: Wall St gains Boost Local Share Prices

Highlights of the Week: News, events and updates that are likely to affect your investments and trades in the Philippines stock market.

MANILA, Philippines - Local share prices barely rose yesterday, posting minimal gains to end higher for the second straight day.

The bellwether Philippine Stock Exchange index slightly rose 0.09 percent or 4.43 points to close at 4,958.43 while the broader all-shares index gained 0.2 percent or 6.45 points to 3,314.49.

MANILA, Philippines - Diversified conglomerate San Miguel Corp. (SMC) said it expects to hit its $20-billion revenue target for 2015 this year on increased contributions from new acquisitions.
“We believe by end of 2012, we will have $20-billion sales revenue,” SMC president Ramon Ang told reporters yesterday.

MANILA, Philippines - Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC)’s Manuel Pangilinan and San Miguel Corp. (SMC) president Ramon Ang unveiled before President Aquino yesterday the proposed P45-billion project to connect the North and South Luzon Expressways (NLEX and SLEX).

Construction is set to begin late this year.

MANILA, Philippines - More and more consumers are using their credit cards to finance the purchase of goods and services as receivables of banks almost posted a double-digit growth last year, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) reported yesterday.

MANILA, Philippines - The government is aiming to tap the cash-rich domestic market by mid-June for up to P30 billion in 10-year bonds for the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM), the state agency tasked to manage and dispose the government’s power assets, officials said yesterday.

Finance Undersecretary Rosalia de Leon told The STAR yesterday that the government is considering borrowing an initial tranche of PSALM’s estimated P85-billion funding requirement through the issuance of bonds and continue with the second tranche in the latter part of the year

Sun Cellular Posts Highest 1st Quarter Growth Rate in Telco Industry

Sun Cellular Posts Highest 1st Quarter Growth Rate in Telco Industry

Sun Cellular sustained its positive streak as it registered a 17% growth in its net service revenues for the first quarter of 2012 of Php4.2B compared with Php3.6B for the same period last year. This is the highest growth rate for any local telco this year.

Sun Cellular President and Chief Executive Officer Orlando Vea attributes the strong growth to the positive response of the market to the continued improvement of Sun’s networkpowered  by synergies with  parent company, PLDT. “We are elated by the market’s continued take-up of Sun’s services, and they can expect even better products and services to be offered to ensure that this momentum will be sustained,” he says.

Revenue from Sun Cellular’s postpaid segment in the first quarter of 2012 grew by 20% compared with the same period last year. 2G postpaid subscribers at the end of Marchincreased to 1.41 million, up 26% from 1.12 million in the same period last year. According to Sun Cellular’s Chief Operating Officer Charles Lim, this is largely because of new subscriptions to higher plans such as the Plan 450 Call and Surf,and the introduction of innovative new postpaid plans like the Plan 250 launched in selected areas in Luzon and Mindanao.  “The timing of the launch of these new plans was great as it was complemented by the stronger network that we now have,” Lim explains.

Plan 450 Call and Surf gives customers with smartphones allows unlimited calling and texting within the Sun network plus 20 hours of free mobile internet access so they can maximize the use of their gadget. The Plan 250 is a special postpaid subscription plan for specific regions. These plans, which are more affordable compared to mainstream product offerings, entice would-be subscribers with the free handset that comes with it.

Lim further shared that the prepaid market continues to be robust for Sun Cellular as this segment grew by 10% percent in the first quarter to Php2.2B compared with Php2B for the same period last year. “Since our network has improved, our subscribers are starting to use their line more often. Consequently, people are starting to load in higher denominations such as our Text Unlimited 150 and 200. Also, our newly-launched “TRIO” bucket loads that allow calling and texting among Sun, Smart, and Talk and Textsubscribers at affordable ratesare picking-up in terms of demand” Lim explained.

Lim also revealed that wireless broadband business continued to perform strongly, registering a 54% rise in net service revenues to Php487.1 million for the first quarter this year.  “Our broadband subscriber base at the end of March climbed by 54%for postpaid subscribers and 73% for prepaid subscribers respectively compared with the same period last year.We are expecting these numbers to rise steadily given the market’s greater demand for mobility.”

He further shared that Sun Cellular started offering SIM-only plans to cater to subscribers who want to use Sun Cellular’s broadband service in their various gadgets, in anticipation of the continuing growing demand for broadband access.

When PLDT acquired Sun Cellular from the JG Summit group last year, it made a commitment to continue offering the unlimited products and services that Sun Cellular has always been known for.In addition, initiatives to integrate  the PLDT, Smart and Sun networks are being pursued to support these service offerings. “We would like to make  sure that our existing and potential subscribers are   able to take advantage of the synergies available within the PLDT group, and we are very glad that theseare starting to pay off,” Lim concluded.

 Sun Cellular is a member of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company Group (PSE: TEL). 

Highlight of the Week: OFW remittances up 5.4% to $4.8 billion in Q1

Highlights of the Week: News, events and updates that are likely to affect your investments and trades in the Philippines stock market.

MANILA, Philippines - Remittances from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) climbed by 5.4 percent in the first quarter of the year on the back of the sustained demand for skilled Filipino workers overseas, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) reported yesterday.

Shares in Philippines and Malaysia suffered their biggest daily loss in seven months on Wednesday as equity markets in southeast Asia followed a broad global selloff, touched off by worries that the euro zone's debt crisis would worsen. The Philippine index finished down 2.3 percent at 4,864.23 while Malaysia's main share index ended down 1.6 percent at 1,536.04.

WITH the local stock market heading south at a fast rate, it might be more appropriate to look at the internals of the listed companies and the macroeconomic picture of the Philippines to understand the “why” behind the drop.

Highlight News of the Week: Ramon Ang vows to Turn PAL around in 1 year

For our second part of our Weekly Highlights. These are the news which are likely to affect your investments and trades in the Philippines.

Stocks breach 5,300, hit new record high

PHILIPPINE STOCKS soared to a new historic high yesterday, piercing the psychological 5,300 mark as rosy economic expectations fueled broad investor buying.

The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) rose by 1.37% or 71.57 points to close at 5,300.41, while the broader all-share index advanced 1.08% or 37.32 points to 3,505.62.

Inflation accelerates in April; rates expected to stay steady
INFLATION accelerated to 3% in April, the government reported on Friday, as most commodity groups saw higher price increases from a year ago.

The result, up from March’s 2.6%, topped analysts’ expectations. It also hit the higher end of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) 2.1-3% forecast, but was still lower than the 4.7% rate logged in April last year.

Month-on-month, prices also rose faster, by 0.8% in April compared with 0.2% in March.

"The uptrend can be attributed to higher annual increments recorded in all the commodity groups except in the transport, communication and education indices," the National Statistics Office (NSO) said.

Ang vows to turn PAL around in 1 year
MANILA, Philippines - Maverick businessman Ramon S. Ang, who heads diversifying conglomerate San Miguel Corp. (SMC) and has now taken over the helm of Philippine Airlines, has vowed to turn Asia’s oldest carrier around in a year and create a new breed of air service.

In an interview following the annual stockholders meeting of SMC’s liquor unit Ginebra San Miguel yesterday, Ang said his goal is to keep the struggling airline flying and turn it into a five-star value carrier.

“PAL is a good airline and brand. We’re confident we can turn PAL and its sister budget carrier Air Philippines around in a year. Give me a year or two, PAL will have the most beautiful FAs (flight attendants) and the best service,” said Ang, who earned a reputation for engineering business turnarounds.

Manila (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - Flag carrier Philippine Airlines can turn profitable again in just one year, even by just using the existing fleet now under the management control of San Miguel Corp., SMC chief Ramon S. Ang said.

"Based on the existing fleet, we are already confident we can turn it around," Ang told reporters Thursday after the stockholders' meeting of SMC's hard liquor unit, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.
"PAL is a very good company and a very good brand," he said.

PAL's return to profitability one year after SMC's takeover, Ang said, would be achieved through the implementation of a better sales and ticketing system and reduction in cost through higher utilization of aircraft.

How to Become A Billionaire: Be an Entrepreneur or Investor?

World's Top 10 Billionaires of 2012 - Entrepreneurs and Investors

When we look at the list of the world's top billionaires, we can't help but wonder what have they done in order for them to accumulate such wealth and reach their current status.

From Forbes list of wealthiest people in the world, you can easily find their most common denominator - all of them are entrepreneurs and investors. All of them have different companies which they own and not just work for (employee of). 

Among the wealthiest billionaires on the list, the one which really caught my attention was Warren Buffet. While the others may own companies which manufacture products and provide services, his company was mainly focused on investing. 

He was more of an investor instead of entrepreneur. He determines the value of companies and identifies which ones to invest in. Unlike other billionaires, he doesn't have to start a company from the ground and make name for it. Instead, he identifies companies which value could increase in the long run and invest in them.  

To Become a Billionaire: Do you Have to be An Entrepreneur or Investor?

It is interesting to note that Warren Buffett does not hold shares of the two giant tech companies - Google and Apple. It was also reported that he has no plans to invest in Facebook. He only practices what he preaches as he always suggests that investors stick to simple business that they understand.

So it brings me to the question: If you want to be wealthy, which one would you prefer - be an entrepreneur (create products and services) or be an investor (simply identify companies that you would want to invest in)?

Highlight of the Week: Philippines to Showcase Strong Economic Growth

Just like anyone who wants to keep tabs on the local and international news that could affect the stock prices, I like to read online portals and various sources. Therefore, I decided to share with you all the news that may affect you and your trades - directly or indirectly. Thus, the Weekly Highlights.

Manila (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - Administration officials are optimistic that the Philippine economy will expand by 5 to 6 per cent in 2012, higher than the 3.7-per cent growth posted in 2011.

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines is set to showcase the country’s steady economic growth amid a low inflation environment as the sovereign debt crisis continued to batter countries in Europe and as the US continued to face economic uncertainties during the four-day Asian Development Bank (ADB) conference next month.

Asian giants must unite to overcome economic issues—ADB
PASAY CITY, METRO MANILA—The three major regions of Southeast Asia, China, and India, must work together for Asia to overcome economic challenges, according to a top executive from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

MANILA, Philippines - The country’s foreign exchange reserves grew 10.9 percent due to higher valuation of the gold holdings of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), as well as robust earnings from the overseas investments of the central bank.

A day of fun for the family doesn't come cheap. Between admissions, concessions, and souvenirs, the ultimate thrill ride may be taking place in your pocketbook. However, with a little shrewd planning and research, you can make sure that when you're putting your hands up, it's because you're on a daring rollercoaster -- not because you're being robbed.

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Investors Choose Philippines

Invest in the Philippines and Support Local Entrepreneurs

Foreign investors and skeptics now choose to invest in the Philippines. In a recent Businessweek article entitled The Philippines Astounds the Skeptics, it is good to note that:

The Philippines has long stood out in Southeast Asia as a consistent underperformer, its economy weighed down by a legacy of graft and instability dating back to the bad old days of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. The economy grew just 3.75 percent last year, while China expanded 9.2 percent and India 7.3 percent. What growth the Philippines has enjoyed has often come from its army of construction workers, domestic helpers, and others who have left the country to find work. Remittances from Filipinos living overseas grew 5.8 percent in February, the central bank announced on April 16.

The bottom line: With tame inflation, higher foreign exchange reserves, and a $16 billion infrastructure program, the Philippines’ economy is picking up.

If the foreign investors are confident in the upward trend of our economy and the skeptics are now astounded, it's about time that, we, locals would put our eggs in the local market and invest in our own country. Support local entrepreneurs and build more opportunities for more Filipinos. 

Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program with Bo Sanchez

Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program on May 25 and 26 with Bo Sanchez

Bo Sanchez, the man whom I turn to when it comes to both personal finance and spiritual advice, is inviting all of us for a my 2-day Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program on May 25 and 26 in Pasig and learn how to build two important pillars of wealth: (1) Multiple Income Streams and (2) Passive Income.

In his newsletter, he said that:

"I’ve noticed that all rich people I know have these two pillars of wealth. You need to have these two pillars if you want to build financial freedom for your life.

On those two days, my financial mentors and I will teach you how to build your financial life with you. Warning: Sign up now before you run out of seats".

What Will you Learn from the Coaching Program?

Here’s what you’ll receive from Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Coaching Program:

On May 25 to 26, Bo will personally lead you in two Wealth Group Coaching Days. In these powerful Sessions, Bo’s financial mentors will teach you the important building blocks of wealth—and help you chart your own personal path to financial abundance. The size of the Wealth Group will be enough to create the synergy for wealth building, yet small enough so that you get the personal attention you need. The goal is to give you enough practical ideas to start your own specific, tailor-fit path towards financial abundance.

In these 2 Sessions, you’ll learn these five vital lessons:

Wealth Building Lesson #1: How To Build A Solid Financial Foundation

You’ll learn about the two lines of money and how you can solve the two financial problems faced by everyone.
You’ll learn how to get out of debt in a strategic way.
You’ll find out if you’re adequately protected and learn the best ways to protect yourself and your family.
You’ll learn how to plan, organize, and manage your finances.

Wealth Building Lesson #2: How To Grow Your Money Through Mutual Funds

You’ll learn how mutual funds work and why they should be your basic investments.
You’ll learn what kind of funds are there to choose from
You’ll learn the various mutual funds Bo’s team has invested in and how you can invest in them too—giving you names, phone numbers, etc.
Finally, you’ll learn how you can create your own financial brokerage firm so that you can “buy” from yourself when you invest and thereby save huge discounts, and earn money when you offer investment opportunities to others.

Wealth Building Lesson #3: How To Grow Your Money Through Real Estate

You’ll meet Larry Gamboa, author of ThinkRich, Pinoy, as he shares the mindset necessary to grow your money via a unique real estate “system” that doesn’t need huge amounts of capital to create wealth. 

Wealth Building Lesson #4: How To Grow Your Money Through The Stock Market

You’ll learn how to invest in the Philippine Stock Market
You’ll learn the difference between long-term investors and strategic traders.
You’ll learn how to trade stocks on-line from the comfort of your home
You’ll discover the strategies successful traders use to create their wealth
There’ll be time for people who’ve never invested in the stocks to ask basic questions (no question will be too silly)—and there’ll be time for seasoned stock investors to ask questions too!

Wealth Building Lesson #5 : How To Start & Grow Your Own Business

 You’ll be inspired as you meet successful entrepreneurs face-to-face and listen to their stories of failure and triumph.
 You’ll learn the keys to knowing what kind of business to get into, which is a very crucial step to succeeding in business
You’ll learn the 3 ways of growing your business
 You’ll learn the importance of marketing your product—and how you need to be an expert in the marketing essentials to grow your business.
 You’ll learn the world of the internet—and the various ways you can earn from it
 You’ll learn all the tools that you need for your internet-based business
 You’ll learn about the world of the inforpreneur or the business of selling information especially through the internet
 You’ll learn the keys to successful internet marketing.

          Two (2) Wealth Group Lunches

 During each Wealth Group Coaching Day, you have lunch together with the group and with the mentors. This will be a great time to get to network with each other in the group, and this will also be a great time to talk to your team of mentors.

Very Limited Slots Available

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Yes, they offer a 100% money back guarantee that if you don't learn anything from the coaching program (which I highly doubt), you'll get your money back. No questions asked.

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Steps to Financial Peace Conference 2012

Randell Tiongson, an advocate of Life & Personal Finance and perhaps you've read his columns on Philippine Daily Inquirer and Moneysense Magazine, will speak at the Steps to Financial Peace Conference 2012 on May 18th, 26th and June 2nd in Manila, Cebu and Davao. Guest speakers are Chinkee Tan and Jayson Lo. 

There will be three venues for the said financial conference: Manila, Cebu and Davao. See the details below. 

What: Steps to Financial Peace Conference 2012 - MANILA
When: May 18, 2012 - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Where: Victory Greenhills Center San Juan City
How Much: 
Regular Rate: Php 1,200
Early Bird Rate: Php 800 (until April 30, 2012)
Student Rate: Php 400

What: Steps to Financial Peace Conference 2012 - CEBU
When: May 26, 2012 - 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Where: Parklane International Hotel Cebu City
How Much: 
Regular Rate: Php 2,500
Early Bird Rate: Php1,000 (Until May 11, 2012)
Student Rate: Php 900

What: Steps to Financial Peace Conference 2012 - DAVAO
When: June 2, 2012, 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Where: The Ritz Hotel Garden Oases, Porras Street, Barrio Obrero, Davao City
How Much: 
Regular Rate: Php 750
Early Bird Rate: Php 650
Student Rate: Php 500

How to Register for the Conference

Call 0917-7146136

You may actually win FREE slots to this conference. Learn how through Randell's post. Deadline is on May 15th. 

Invest in Breakout Nations, Invest in Philippines

Breakout Countries: China, Turkey and Philippines

Both Bloomberg and Reuters reported that Philippines is one of the best "breakout" countries to invest in especially for the long term. Below are two videos which show financial analysts confidence in the financial growth of the Philippines.

Bloomberg reports that Philippines is a Leading Asian Tiger Economy of the World 

Reuters Reported Philippines as Included in the "Breakout Nations" next to Turkey and Indonesia

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are so yesterday, says Morgan Stanley's Ruchir Sharma. Rapid growth can't be sustained and it's time to look to the next decade's big growers for big returns. Reuters Fred Katayama tells why Turkey, Indonesia and the Philippines are the next big bet. (April 25, 2012)


IMF GDP Growth Forecasts for Turkey, Philippines and Indonesia - The "Breakout Nations