Things that I'm Most Grateful for the Year 2011

The year 2011 is about to close and it has been a bountiful and interesting year for me. The Lord has showered me with so much blessings that made my life even more meaningful. Instead of listing down any wishlist, I decided to reminisce some of the most wonderful events that transpired this year.

Though I am grateful for every single day that God has blessed me, there were some events that really made me feel so special and I'm most grateful of. 

Last March, me and my highschool friends went to Boracay to shoot the Veet the Bad Guys video which became my winning entry to the Veet Me 2011 contest wherein I eventually won an iPad and Date with Daniel Matsunaga. You may view a copy of the video which won the said contest.

From our abrupt yet meaningful trip to Boracay, me and friends learned so much about the importance of making time and spend it with those whom you love and matters the most to you because you never know what tomorrow could bring. From that trip, I also learned the importance of believing in yourself and taking chances. You may view more photos of the said trip here

2. Date with Daniel Matsunaga

Taking chances and trying my best have been paid off when I won the Veet Me 2011 contest wherein I got a chance to date with one of hottest and nicest celebrities in the Philippines - Daniel Matsunaga.

We rode a cute 1958 Volkswagen to our dating place at Chelsea in Serrendra. I got a chance to learn more that Daniel Matsunaga is not only blessed with good looks but he's got the pleasant personality and optimistic attitude to match it. 

During the date, Daniel even offered to call one of my friends so he could greet them but I told him I could record him in a video wherein he could greet all of my friends instead. Below is a copy of the said video. You may view more photos of the said date here.

3. GMA News Think Before You Click Special Edition Interview

In a special edition of GMA News' ReelTime for Think Before you Click, I was interviewed to share my story of how the internet and social media has helped me find opportunities beyond the real world.

From a simple remark of "Get a life!", I have turned the said challenge as an opportunity to create a success for myself through the virtual world as a virtual assistant and eventually as a Social Media Strategist. Social networking has also helped me learn how to invest in the stock market and save for my dream house.

Below is a copy of the said interview. You may also view more Behind the Scenes photos here.

3. Yahoo! Philippines Mail Ambassador of Cool

Up to this time I still couldn't believe that I was chosen to be the winner for Yahoo! Philippines Mail Who Rules Cool? contest and got a chance to live like a royalty for a day.

The day started with me riding a Jaguar 2011 XF and once I arrived at Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, I was welcomed by their executives  Resident Manager Carl Gagnon, General Manager Goran Aleks and Public Relations Manager  Christina del Carmen.

Jaguar Experience

Makeover by a Hairstylist to the Stars

The pinch-me-moments continued with me getting a makeover done by the hairstylist to the celebrities, Philippe Tordjman. Philippe Tordjman is the man who has worked on the tresses of Meg Ryan, Antonio Banderas, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Rowland, Melanie Griffith and even Hillary Clinton

Probably I was the last person whom he cut the hair before he cuts the hair of US Secretary Hilary Cliton the next day, so that made the whole experience way more awesome! ;) You may view more photos of the said makeover on Philippe page. You may also watch the whole makeover experience through the video below.

French Massage and Delightful Dinner

Another favorite of mine during the said Purple Royalty Experience was the French massage wherein I got to relax and enjoy the mango tea which they served prior to the massage. The dinner was delightful too! 

To complete the Purple Royal Experience, I stayed in Sofitel's Opera Suite. It was quite such an elegant and huge room for just one person, really. Each room of the suite has a balcony, for a total of four, with a view overlooking the swimming pool and Manila Bay. There were also exquisite gifts from Jewelmer and from Yahoo which is a ToyWatch. 

It was a day that I would forever cherish. Thank you so much Yahoo! Philippines, Sofitel Manila, Jewelmer and ToyWatch! You may view more photos of the said coolest experience here or simply watch the photo montage which I created below. 

Those were just some of the most cherished moments which I am most grateful for the year 2011. Moments that help remind me of how beautiful the world is, and the life is better spent being thankful for the good things, great people we get to meet, learn from the lessons of the past so we could better be equipped for the present and the future and most importantly, finding ways to continue being a blessing to all the lives we're in contact with.

Do not think of the few things you did not get after praying. Think of the countless blessings that God gave you even without asking. 

Cheers to a much more blessed year ahead! What about you, what are you most grateful for the year 2011? Share your thoughts below!


blankPixels said...

Wow! 2011 was a truly eventful for you. I hope 2012 will bring you more fun memories. :)

Aurelian Sonea said...

wow, you get what you deserve...nice job around there Johna, i admire you so much for the things that you have done...a big BRAVO from me...keep going