Think Before You Click - Finance Edition

GMA's Think Before You Click campaign  admonishes close to 30 million Filipinos online to think twice before posting anything on the internet. Just as character Erica Albright on The Social Network movie said, "Internet's not written in pencil, [Mark], it's written in ink", everything we post online are archived and could be used against us. 

While it may take years to build a reputation online, it could only take a single tweet or blog post to ruin it. What we post could influence the way other people think and how they perceive us. The question is simple, "When potential employers search your name on Google, are they going to like what they will see?"

In support of the said campaign, I created a finance edition. May the following reminders help us to become more vigilant and more careful of what we post online or click online.

1. Online Scams and Get Rich Schemes

When something seems to be too good to be true, then it probably is. Before you sign up for any program, be sure to thoroughly research about it. Do not just take anyone's word about it. Testimonials from their website and even your own relatives could not save you once you realize that a program is a scam. You are solely reliable for your actions and purchases both online and offline. Before deciding on joining any program, do a background check. Think twice before you click on that Buy button. Since scammers are innovating and taking advantage of the advancements in the technology, you may want to take a look at how they use charities to scam people and the top 10 online scams and perhaps one of the most common scams that most people fall into is the au pair scam.

2. Online Purchases

Being causes when clicking and joining online schemes are not the only ones that we must be careful. We should be careful of the seemingly normal activities we do such as online games as we might become like the 12-year-old FarmVille user who runs up to £900 debt.

3. Links
The internet can become a great resource of various knowledge and studies. However, it can become a place wherein rumors spread so fast. It can become a place where viruses and harmful programs that aim to destroy a system and even a person's reputation can become easily spread. Be careful when clicking links as the next link that you may click may lead to getting your account or system hacked. It may cost you money, or even your reputation.

Below is an infographic of famous celebrities who accounts were hacked. Series of tweets and updates were sent out from their accounts which aim to tarnish their reputations. Practice precaution by being careful with what links you click and by regularly changing your password.

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