Modess Never Ceases to Impress - Modess UltraThin Experiment

Modess, one of the leading feminine pads manufacturer in the Philippines, never ceases to amaze and impress me. The brand knows what every woman needs. It stays with its mantra that comfort doesn't have to cost a fortune. Modess feminine pads are affordable yet they won't let any woman down. 

I was pleasantly surprised for a couple of times when Modess sent me a couple of tees with inspiring statements, "Di lang ako basta babae" and continues to inspire Filipinas through its daily empowering status updates on Facebook through its Modess Angels page.  

Then several weeks ago, I was surprised to receive its newest pad, the Modess Ultra Thin which I got by signing up for a free sample in their Facebook page. Once done signing up, I didn't really expect them to send me a small package which contains the Modess Ultra Thin pads. I thought Modess wasted its money for the courier fee when they only sent me a couple of giant overnight feminine pad that I didn't bother to take a photo. 
  photo by Leizle Demaisip which she posted on Modess Period Partner's Facebook page

Back in my mind I thought the courier fee was more expensive than a couple of pads. Then the day of testing the said "two pads" came. I was, again, surprised. The small package doesn't only contain two giant overnight pads but 8 Modess Ultra Thin pads instead! I was dumbfounded. Yet I was skeptic and I didn't buy the idea of a thin pad being able to manage heavy periods. I didn't want to be embarrassed so I brought extra Modess regular pads which I used on the first day. Then on the second day which is usually the heaviest, I don't know what occurred to me but I decided to give the Modess UltraThin pad a try.It was inevitable. I figured the time would eventually come that I have to try it, might as well on the heaviest.

It was odd.

The pad was literally barely there to the point that I panicked I might get stains. Yet I had no other choice but just leave it there.

Alright, before I confuse guy readers of this blog, let me cut the chase. Modess really never ceases to amaze and impress me because a pad that I thought wouldn't handle the stress actually did to the point that my mom immediately looked for it in our local supermarket but was disappointed she couldn't find any. I've been using Modess and have tried other leading pads but I seriously don't have any idea how they came up with such a thin pad that what seems to me absorbing as they happen - so you don't have to worry. Then I learned it has Microprotect Crystals. I have no idea what it does. All I know is that it does what it promises. It's barely there yet it provides the maximum protection which I need during the period.

Modess Ultra Thin pads may be slick and thin but don't judge a feminine pad by its appearance but by its performance.

Note: I am not in any way paid to write this. I was just literally impressed by what the product does. You've seen me do it with Olay and Damires Hills Resort because I believe in the product and impressed with the place.

Don't take my words solely, it's best if you experience it yourself.

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