How to Add Facebook Comments without Disabling Blogger Comments on Blogspot

Adding Facebook Comments on your blog could work wonders. With over 800 million users and counting, you will help increase the interaction and feedback on your blog. So I played around with my Blogger blogs today and decided to enable the Facebook comments without the need to disable the existing comments from Blogspot. 

How to Create an App for the Facebook Comment Connect

You may skip this step and proceed to the next step if you've already created an app and have a unique app_ID for your blog. 

1. In order for you to activate the Facebook comments on your blog, you would need to create a comments box with Facebook Connect. You may create the app here and get an APP_ID for your website. Once you've done an app for website, be sure to take note of the APP_ID.

Adding Facebook Comments Without Disabling the Blogger CommentsBefore you make the necessary changes on your blog, be sure to save a copy of your existing template by opening the following: Design ->Edit HTML and check Expand Widget Templates. At this time click on Download Full Template and save a copy of your template. It is best to save a copy of your existing template so you could easily revert the changes made.

Once you have a back-up of your existing template, you may now proceed to this blog for further steps.

Have fun with your Facebook and Blogger commenting system!

Think Before You Click - Finance Edition

GMA's Think Before You Click campaign  admonishes close to 30 million Filipinos online to think twice before posting anything on the internet. Just as character Erica Albright on The Social Network movie said, "Internet's not written in pencil, [Mark], it's written in ink", everything we post online are archived and could be used against us. 

While it may take years to build a reputation online, it could only take a single tweet or blog post to ruin it. What we post could influence the way other people think and how they perceive us. The question is simple, "When potential employers search your name on Google, are they going to like what they will see?"

In support of the said campaign, I created a finance edition. May the following reminders help us to become more vigilant and more careful of what we post online or click online.

1. Online Scams and Get Rich Schemes

When something seems to be too good to be true, then it probably is. Before you sign up for any program, be sure to thoroughly research about it. Do not just take anyone's word about it. Testimonials from their website and even your own relatives could not save you once you realize that a program is a scam. You are solely reliable for your actions and purchases both online and offline. Before deciding on joining any program, do a background check. Think twice before you click on that Buy button. Since scammers are innovating and taking advantage of the advancements in the technology, you may want to take a look at how they use charities to scam people and the top 10 online scams and perhaps one of the most common scams that most people fall into is the au pair scam.

2. Online Purchases

Being causes when clicking and joining online schemes are not the only ones that we must be careful. We should be careful of the seemingly normal activities we do such as online games as we might become like the 12-year-old FarmVille user who runs up to £900 debt.

3. Links
The internet can become a great resource of various knowledge and studies. However, it can become a place wherein rumors spread so fast. It can become a place where viruses and harmful programs that aim to destroy a system and even a person's reputation can become easily spread. Be careful when clicking links as the next link that you may click may lead to getting your account or system hacked. It may cost you money, or even your reputation.

Below is an infographic of famous celebrities who accounts were hacked. Series of tweets and updates were sent out from their accounts which aim to tarnish their reputations. Practice precaution by being careful with what links you click and by regularly changing your password.

Scammers Using Charity to Fool You

What are Charity Scams?

While people are becoming more vigilant and cautious these days just to avoid being fooled, scammers keep on revising their schemes and doing pretty good at adopting to these changes too. One of these schemes is using charity aka as charity scams. Banking on the generous human nature of many people, scammers use calamities and causes to extract donations from their victims when in fact, the funds don't proceed to causes that they promise. 

How to Spot and Avoid Charity Scams?
Charity scammers' most commonly used approaches are by calling, emailing, mailing and even knocking on your doors. They often sprout and come out right after a calamity or disaster by taking advantage of people's sentiments towards the unfortunate event and solicit for donations. You may avoid getting duped by these charity scammers by verifying their identities and affiliations and double checking on their claims. Don't just easily believe in what the fundraisers say. You may also check other tips on how to avoid charity scams here

Below is a classic example of a charity scam letter which I've just recently received and let's check the most commonly used methods and approaches by charity scammers. 

1. Generic greeting
Since scammers simply blast emails to thousands of email addresses they've gotten their hands into, the greeting doesn't necessarily include your name which is the first giveaway that the email is obviously sent to thousands of many other email address. 

2. Generic domain names for email address
The email is from The domain name is a generic website for creating emails, much like Yahoo! which is an easy giveaway that the person is not really whom she claims to be. 

3. Unverifiable identity
When you search on a person's name on Google, there are not much search results that support of the person's identity like social accounts of blog. Let's say the person is anti-social and doesn't blog, but in today's time when it looks like everyone's sharing, and sometimes over-sharing, I doubt it. 

4. Providing another email address/number/address/phone number
Giving another contact channel is one of the most commonly-used tactic by scammers as it helps them to trim down or filter those who are receptive or interested with their approach. You will then be included in their next level of approach as you have just shown an interest in their introductory tactic. The first email is just a test to gauge your level of interest while the next email address is where "warm contacts" and by responding, you only prove to these scammers that their first approach is working on you. 

Those are just some of the most commonly used tactics not only by charity scammers but by almost any other scammers. You may want to take a look at other examples of scams, au pair scams in particular on my previous blog post. 

Top 10 Online Scams
BBB has just recently released an infographic of the Top 10 Online Scams to serve as a warning to everyone that there are many people out there who would use people's lack of information just to extract some funds so beware, be aware. You may also want to post other samples of scam emails so you may help warn others. 

Modess Never Ceases to Impress - Modess UltraThin Experiment

Modess, one of the leading feminine pads manufacturer in the Philippines, never ceases to amaze and impress me. The brand knows what every woman needs. It stays with its mantra that comfort doesn't have to cost a fortune. Modess feminine pads are affordable yet they won't let any woman down. 

I was pleasantly surprised for a couple of times when Modess sent me a couple of tees with inspiring statements, "Di lang ako basta babae" and continues to inspire Filipinas through its daily empowering status updates on Facebook through its Modess Angels page.  

Then several weeks ago, I was surprised to receive its newest pad, the Modess Ultra Thin which I got by signing up for a free sample in their Facebook page. Once done signing up, I didn't really expect them to send me a small package which contains the Modess Ultra Thin pads. I thought Modess wasted its money for the courier fee when they only sent me a couple of giant overnight feminine pad that I didn't bother to take a photo. 
  photo by Leizle Demaisip which she posted on Modess Period Partner's Facebook page

Back in my mind I thought the courier fee was more expensive than a couple of pads. Then the day of testing the said "two pads" came. I was, again, surprised. The small package doesn't only contain two giant overnight pads but 8 Modess Ultra Thin pads instead! I was dumbfounded. Yet I was skeptic and I didn't buy the idea of a thin pad being able to manage heavy periods. I didn't want to be embarrassed so I brought extra Modess regular pads which I used on the first day. Then on the second day which is usually the heaviest, I don't know what occurred to me but I decided to give the Modess UltraThin pad a try.It was inevitable. I figured the time would eventually come that I have to try it, might as well on the heaviest.

It was odd.

The pad was literally barely there to the point that I panicked I might get stains. Yet I had no other choice but just leave it there.

Alright, before I confuse guy readers of this blog, let me cut the chase. Modess really never ceases to amaze and impress me because a pad that I thought wouldn't handle the stress actually did to the point that my mom immediately looked for it in our local supermarket but was disappointed she couldn't find any. I've been using Modess and have tried other leading pads but I seriously don't have any idea how they came up with such a thin pad that what seems to me absorbing as they happen - so you don't have to worry. Then I learned it has Microprotect Crystals. I have no idea what it does. All I know is that it does what it promises. It's barely there yet it provides the maximum protection which I need during the period.

Modess Ultra Thin pads may be slick and thin but don't judge a feminine pad by its appearance but by its performance.

Note: I am not in any way paid to write this. I was just literally impressed by what the product does. You've seen me do it with Olay and Damires Hills Resort because I believe in the product and impressed with the place.

Don't take my words solely, it's best if you experience it yourself.