#ReaderAsks: "How much percentage would I gain if I invest P25,000?"

How much percentage would I gain if I invest P25,000?

Perhaps the most commonly asked question both from my blog readers and colleagues at work is that how much would they gain if they invest a certain amount of money in the stock market.

By the way, if you're a newbie wanting to invest in the stock market and wish to know the basics, here's my attempt to put together a resource which could hopefully help you get started.

When you're investing in the stock market, you can't really measure as to how much you will earn in three days, two weeks, or two months. The price of the stock you've invested in to varies depending on various factors such as the most recent news and developments about the company, rumors by tsupiteros (yes, they still affect stock prices at some point), and the fundamentals of the company so there's not really a way to tell you as to how much you will gain with a definite time frame because no matter how much one would forecast, there are still a lot of factors which could change the stock price of the company you've invested in. The stock market is a place that doesn't guarantee anything. However, you could lessen the risks by doing your homework of researching about the company and its plans, attending seminars so you could listen to seasoned traders and investors, always be on the look out for the latest updates about the company you've put your money in and it also helps to get in touch with fellow traders so you could exchange updates.

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