#ReaderAsks: How Do I Get a Job Even if I Didn't Graduate from College?

Good question, I must say. Based on the 2006 to 2007 NSCB statistics, the dropout rate in the Philipines increased from 8.6 percent to 9 percent, far from the 2006 target of decreasing it to 5.5 percent and 2009 target of 4.3 percent. The data above is for the primary or elementary level alone. 

With the increasing number of dropouts or people who could no longer afford to pay the tuition fees due to continuing tuition hikes more and more students enrolled in private colleges and universities find themselves either dropping out or forced to transfer to state institutions, we find more and more of our countrymen facing a much higher and direct problem of not getting hired in a country where educational background and status is very important. As of  the latest data available in 2009, Philippines has an estimated unemployment rate of 7.3%.

Now, instead of going to the streets rallying and protesting because the government has not done enough in providing programs and projects that will help ensure that our countrymen would get at least secondary level of education and providing trainings that will assist them in getting employed, let us focus on the individual efforts that we can do to help ourselves. Let us not depend everything to the government because while our state may try to assist us in every way, our success still depends on our individual efforts. 

In my previous post entitled, Don't Let Lack of Degree Get in The Way to Success, I provided a list of jobs that one could have even if he's an undergraduate. Also, you might want to develop certain qualities that could help you in Surviving the Recession by Quitting Your Job. Now once you're done learning those qualities, and having the right mind set, the following steps might be able to aid you in better understanding your skills and landing a job. While I may not guarantee you a managerial job, I would guarantee that once you have the right attitude and proper skills, you would get a job in one way or another. 

1. Learn an Employable Skill
Take a look at a local classified ads or even online job boards and see which skills are the companies you would like to work for. It should give you an idea what is in demand and what specific skills are required to be able to employed in the said job. 

There is a great difference between a hobby and an employable skill. Be sure to learn one that is both something you're passionate about and what companies would need.

2. Get Help from TESDA
The Philippines government has a specialized department in helping the less privileged in getting training and developing technical skills that would later help you getting employed. Browse their website and learn more about the programs that they offer and see which interests you the most.

When I graduated from high school, I was so confident that my aunt would help me out once I get to college since she has long been promising it to me only to be notified that she could no longer help us out. The notification came in late and I didn't really apply for any scholarship before so I sort of panicked that maybe I could no longer go to college. Luckily, our neighbor informed us that TESDA has a scholarship posting and that there will be an examination the week after. So we rushed in our local TESDA office and checked their requirements and the week after, I took their examinations. To make the long story short, I passed, finished college with a Diploma in Computer Studies while I was working part-time in Jollibee Foods Corporation and once I graduated, I took a chance in STI's E2E program and when Callbox went to our school after our graduation, I was interviewed and got hired the same day.

The government and even NGO's have a lot of programs and scholarships that are actually waiting for the right canditate. You just have to seek for it.

3. Start Low and Be Alert for Every Opportunity
Don't be afraid to take on an entry-level job, a part-time job because opportunities always come to the right person, with the right skills and attitude. While I was working with Jollibee, I knew I was destined for greater opportunities so I was always on the look out for one. Once people see your enthusiasm and dedication in what you do, the ladder of success will eventually be laid out for you.

4. Online Jobs
Since high school I was always looking for summer jobs and unfortunately, I found none. I felt really hopeless then because all I see are summer jobs for the US teens. I felt like there's not much opportunity for Filipinos at all. But then again, the internet proved me wrong, there are actually myriad of opportunities online and what they only need is your persistent attitude. Start with Bestjobs.ph or Onlinejobs.ph. I got my first ever online job as a virtual assistant through those sites. Be clear as to what skills or tasks you're willing to do and employers won't hesitate someone who doesn't have the previous work experience as long as you have the attitude that's willing to learn. Also, may this story of how a 17-year-old from India became a CEO.

First, you need to get rid of the thought that you will not find a job just because you are an undergraduate. Then, be willing to be trained and get the necessary skills to get you employed. Don't be afraid to start low and eventually work your way to the the top. Also, my uncle would always tell me to always be on the look out for trainings that will help you widen your skills, expertise and knowledge. I hope in one way or another, those tips would help you too as they have assisted me in finding my value and establishing attitude and skills that has helped me find a job and work my way to a better position. Oh, did I mention that the world's richest under 30, Mark Zuckerberg, is actually a dropout? So don't worry if you don't have a degree. After all, while a degree could help in preparing a person to a much more challenging real world tests - provided that you really learned from your classroom lessons and not just getting a diploma for an ornament - it is not a guarantee for success. Real success comes to those who know what they want and use whatever they got to reach their dreams - with or without a degree.

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