Thanks and Sakuraeya's Club!

"Nothing can be done except little by little."

MiniintheBox sent me this cute box! 

Hey look at what MiniintheBox sent me! It's a mini Magic Wooden Box with Secret Drawer
 So yeah, it's a mini box in a larger box! haha 
 It's perfect for my little earrings because who would have thought that they could be contained in such a cute and fun box? The thieves would be clueless ;-) (Unless they're reading my blog, :D)
 Such a cute box at relatively cute prize! Magic Wooden Box with Secret Drawer US$ 3.18  + Free Shipping

Got this during their [ Gadget (Mini!) Hero ] game. There's always a contest almost everyday. You just gotta check them out on Facebook

Looks like this day is filled with surprises. I got 3 packages today from MiniintheBox, Magnolia Lifedrink and hola, Sakuraeya

This cute notebook would be the home to my little thoughts, ideas and collection of inspirational quotes. I think it's so timely because I've been dying to buy a small notepad wherein I could easily let the ideas flow. Thanks Rhealyn de Leon

Sakuraeya's Club - Your ultimate source to  (Contest Updates,Promos and Freebies)

Just in case you wonder where do I get the updates from the promos, contests and freebies that I join in, I'm gonna let you into a secret - Sakuraeya

Check out these two pages and bask in cool little contests that will bring a big smile to your face. 

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