A SPAtial Saturday in Spa Riviera and Christine's Salon

Refreshing Body Scrub and Revitalizing Foot Scrub from Spa Riviera - Manicure and Pedicure from Christine's Salon

I'm typing a bit slowly as I'm afraid that my manicure done at Christine's Salon by Ng Ruby might be messed up. Christine's Salon is the name that most women here in Iloilo trust when it comes to great hair styling, manicure and pedicure. When I asked my co-workers at Callbox as to what salon provides the best manicure and pedicure, they'd answer me in unison - Christine's Salon. I went there at around 7:00 in the evening after my very relaxing and truly pampering body and foot scrub from Spa Riviera. 

Spa Riviera is no new name when it comes to spa services. They provide a wide range of relaxing and really satisfying services from body massage, body scrub, facial, scalp treatment, waxing (leg, arm, bikini line) and you could actually choose from their add-ons such as back scrub, scalp treatment and aromatheraphy facial. 

In preparation to my Veet Me date with Daniel Matsunaga, I decided to pamper myself with a body scrub and foot scrub. While I enjoyed the Java body scrub (they use Citrus), I am totally hands down with their foot scrub. I'm not sure what Elna used on my feet but all I know was I fell asleep so easily because it was so relaxing to the point I didn't want to leave. There's nothing spectacular about the body scrub experience unlike what I had at My SPA Therapy Center. However, Spa Riviera wouldn't be the leading spa center in Iloilo for nothing. The staff were friendly and helpful. And oh, did I mention that all their body scrub and massage service already include sauna? 

Spa Riviera has various packages at P399.00 only. 

a. Body Massage
Herbal Heat
Mandi Susu Facial

b. Body Massage
Herbal Heat 
Asian Foot Massage

c. Body Massage
Herbal Heat
Body Scrub

Add-ons (you can only avail them at P99 only if you've availed of the services above)
a. Scalp treatment
b. Back scrub
c. Aromatheraphy Facial

Today was a truly relaxing and SPAtial Saturday. After my foot scrub at Spa Riviera, I felt like I'm ready to have my feet veeted by Daniel. :-) Should you wish to contact Spa Riviera, feel free to ring them at 509-0209. 

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