Royal Date with Daniel Matsunaga - Veet Me Winner

It's like I've waited my whole life for that one night - together - me and Daniel Matsunaga on a 'royal date' 

Daniel Matsunaga during our Veet Me date. He's a total *amazeballs
He taught me how to use the chopstick - the real Japanese way.
Helped me fix my iTouch, knows about stocks, he's a total quality person talaga.
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Who is Daniel Matsunaga?

It's been a week now since I had the chance to date with the Philippines' hottest knight - Daniel Matsunaga - but I still couldn't forget about that special night when I got to learn more about the Brapanese hunk, had a superb make over by Ate Chichi Sotomil and everyone was super nice it felt like everything were just a dream.

Wait, hold on one don't know who Daniel Matsunaga is?! 

Either you've been hiding on a cave or you just can't believe I had such luck, eh? Well, apparently, some of the people on my network don't. 

So, to start with, he's the latest addition to the Regal Babies along with other hunks such as JC Tiuseco, Ervic Vijandre, Ian Batherson, and Fabio Ide. 

Beyond the good looks and great body, Daniel Matsunaga is a well-grounded person who knows how to make his fans feel special and definitely a perfect date for any woman. 

You might be wondering how in the world did I get a chance to date with him. Well, it all started with the Veet Me 2011 campaign wherein at the end of the contest, one lucky fan could get to date the Brapanese hunk. I took a chance, traveled to Boracay with my friends (who were both pressured to prepare for their exams the week afterwards - I owe you big time!), campaigned in almost all the social media accounts I have and to cut the long story short, we did it! 

We Veet the Bad Guys! (Below is a copy of the video just in case you wanna see the winning entry)

Veet Me 2011 Winners

Here are the list of Veet Me Winners


Consolation prize: Mary Michelle dela Cruz, Jacquelyn Mampolino, and Pia Mitzi Receno.

Things You Don't Know About Daniel Matsunaga

1. Stars are ----

Daniel Matsunaga is not only good looking but a total gentleman!

......Dumb?Cool? Well, he is kind! In the very essence of the word. Isa Marfori, the Brand Manager for Veet Philippines related a story of how Daniel is proven to be such a gentleman and really a nice guy. She mentioned that Daniel was such a professional person because he really did his job with his best during one of their events wherein he needs to kiss 25 women in the cheek and give them flowers and he did it with his signature smile.

Daniel Matsunaga driving a cute 1958 Volkswagen for our surprise date to Chelsea

Give it a few more months, let him master his tagalog (did I mention he said he learned English in 2 months? Awesome!) and I see that he will become like Anne Curtis who has worked so hard to get to where she is now. I don't know about you but I've got a feeling that Daniel Matsunaga is gonna succed in the showbiz industry. His looks coupled with his great attitude has marked such destiny. :-)

2. He used to play the stock market

Being someone who's addicted to the stock market and investing, it's such a delight to know that he used to play, er, invest in the stock market. Right after we were introduced, he heard we were discussing about the stock market and he was kind to give his two cents about the subject and oh boy, he knows a lot! He reminded me of my mentor who warned me about the dangers of the game.

The car looks so cool but since it's vintage - er, Daniel prefers calling it relic - he said it was kind of difficult to drive. Now, he drives me crazy - literally! haha

3. God fearing

Daniel Matsunaga - amazeballs! He sure deserves all the admiration of his fans because he's not only humble and helped me fix my iTouch but above anything else, he is such a God-fearing person. He related a story which he considers funny but I would consider *amazing*. He said that during his visit to China, he was stranded in the airport for like 4 hours. He waited for someone to fetch him but no one arrived. He then walked a bit farther from the airport hoping he could call for help only to see all his coins consumed by the telephone booth. He said it was one of those frustrating times in his travel that he decided to sit down and ask help from The One who never lets us down. Offering a quick prayer, he decided to look at his right to see a man sitting right beside him with a placard that reads, "--------aga" He related that he was relieved and rejoiced at how the Lord works.

Thanks for the gelato! 

During the special dinner, we talked about a lot of random things like what really makes him happy to which he responded, "To be with my family".

Trivia: Did you know that Daniel Matsunaga loves mash potatoes? 

When asked if there's a single advice he could give everyone, he simply said, "Just have faith in the Lord and in what you do". He related several more stories about how he worked hard to where he is now and many other inspirational encounters on how he proved that the Lord really works in glorious ways. 

4. Easy to talk to

He's so easy to talk to that I didn't feel I was talking with a celebrity. He actually offered to call one of my friends so he could thank them for helping me out with the video but I suggested that we record a video of him thanking them instead. I joked that there's over 30,000 votes and over 600 likers on Facebook so he has to name each one of them!  Below is a video of Daniel thanking the wonderful people who helped me out during the contest. (You know who you all are :-)

5. Football or Medicine

If not in show business, Daniel Matsunaga said that he would either be studying medicine or playing football. Aw, I could only imagine what a blissful view it would be to see him hanging out with Phil Younghusband and the rest of the Azkals.

Dessert! Kasing sweet ni Daniel

With the powerful women- Ate Chihi,Stefhanie,and Maffy Silvala (ahem)

With Ms. Marichu Gozun and Ms. Isa Marfori, the Brand Manager of Veet Philippines and my knight and shining iPad ;)

Thank You Veet!

I don't know about you but I think Kate Middleton and my dress during that night were siblings ;-)

I would forever be grateful to Veet for letting me have this great opportunity to meet and be inspired with the awesomeness of Daniel Matsunaga and get my hands on my dream gadget - an iPad - 64g baby! :-) Thanks for that special night with the Philippines' most awesome knight. 

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