My Mom Has a New Favorite, And I'm Loving It!

Hey there! It's Jonha.
I'm my mom's favorite. 
Well, er, mainly because I'm her only daughter. :D
All my life I have all her love. And it's all mine alone.

Until recently, I've started to see some changes.
I guess she's got a new love. 
Well here's the story. 
After a long day's work, we would eat merienda.
We both love to share a liter of our favorite soda. 
I guess all Filipinos love an ice cold drink. 
Until one day, my mom announced that she would no longer drink our usual "ice cold drink".

I was like, "No way! It has been our love for like forever!"
She told me that things has to change.
It's like when you're a kid, you would die if your parents won't bring you to Jollibee.
Then as you grow a bit older, you would start switching to McDonald's. 
In short, my mom has fallen in love with something else.
She added that as time passes by (she'd hate me if I'd say 'as she grows older') ;-)
She started to become conscious with her food intake
She actually has her maintenance of different medicines already
So she's said that she has to couple the healthy diet with healthy drink

Alright, so we agreed on drinking That-Fitness-Drink
It was great, it has 3 flavors but my favorite is always and like forever out-of-stock
We got tired of it.
We got tired of liking a flavor we can't drink and settle with other lesser in-demand ones

Then, lately mom has completely lost her love for those two drinks - Ice Cold and That-Fitness-Drink
She's loving something else...

Here ya go, Minute Maid Pulpy Orange-Mango Drink -  the main reason why my has lost her love on me our former love - ice cold drink and fitness drink

Since my mom has become more health conscious, she started to look for healthy orange juice drink that suits her healthy diet

I tried it...

 And oh boy - me loves it! haha

Seriously, at first gulp the pulpy and 'no preservatives added' claims seemed unreal to me.
But I guess it's the kind of juice drink that as you continue to drink, the more you will love and appreciate it. 
It was my fault because I didn't shake it so I didn't get to taste the pulpy goodness at first gulp. ;-)

So as you can see, I've already finished the whole Minute Maid healthy pulpy drink before I got to my senses and took a photo of it. ;-)
It honestly tastes good that I could say it's the only drink that you would really love even until the last drop of it. Kasi may pulp talaga eh, haha. 

Now I don't really mind if my mom loves something new - because we both love it!

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