I Love Ya Magnolia Lifedrink!

Magnolia Lifedrink: Let's Drink to a More Youthful and Healthy You!

My mom is actually much more health conscious than I am. 
She would always watch over her diet making sure that she maintains a balanced and healthy diet. 
She has a favorite drink that she replaced our favorite soda with. 
We used to just drink soft drinks because it tastes good. 
Until Magnolia Lifedrink came. 
All the sodas in the world were no longer given even a parcel of attention.
Actually, mom drinks a "fitness drink" of which name I wouldn't tell you. 
We love it, we love the taste and the slimming claims (I know, coupled with proper exercise and balanced diet, eh?)

Then she heard of Magnolia Lifedrink from me. 
Her initial reaction was, "I have an acute gastric ulcer, could I still drink?"
I was tempted to say no for the sake of greediness ;-)

But thanks to Azenith Pila for bringing up the question that must bother not only my mom but others who suffer the same health problem. 

Magnolia Lifedrink responded that the lifedrink isn't acidic, so mom and others who wish to gulp in some of this drink, go ahead! 

How on Earth Did I Learn About Magnolia Lifedrink?

It all started with this.
...and this...

Then they went on and on with those great prizes. Really great prizes (at before my very eyes as I won their Tribute to Women contest and got myself a new fabulous Celine bag!)

 My Magnolia Lifedrink Tribute to Women prize - a fab Celine bag! I love the gold color. It's so glam!

You too could win tons of prizes from Magnolia Lifedrink. Simply head over to their official Facebook page, you know you Like them

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