Don't Stop Believing and Building

Thanking God for EVERY Blessings

That's my story. Thanks for reading! 

Er, haha! No way!

What does Cinco de Mayo mean to you? 
I didn't know until I received 3 packages from Magnolia Lifedrink, MiniintheBox and Sakuraeya
Not only that, I got a couple of messages from two important people telling me really great news. (Watch out! haha)

But I guess the Lord is not finish with blessing me. 
I guess that's what they say, "When it rains, it pours".
Good thing I've religiously opened our windows every morning to let the blessings in. (True story: Mom asked why I kept on opening the windows EVERY MORNING. She was puzzled. I told her, "We gotta let all those blessings wanting to be in!" )

Now I'm starting to wonder. 
What have I done to deserve all these?
I'm just a mere believer who happens to have awesome network and supporters.
These people are my strength. 
They all gave me hope just when I needed it the most.
They cheered me up when I was in the verge of quitting.

Thank you! 

Richelle Ann Valencia aka Lala Banderas - for believing in me and supporting my weirdness and obsession in contests and  idiosyncrasies. You've supported me during the WCI contest, the Samsung one, and in the Veet Me. You've helped me Veet the Bad Guys

Ivy Libutan - you are my heroine. Couldn't thank you enough. Thank you for almost making the Veet Me website as your homepage and waking up every morning unconsciously clicking on the lovely pink button. Now I think I've passed on some amount of addiction. 

Tyler Jason Carillo Remaneses- No Tyler, no video! Thank you for putting it all together. Thank you for always updating me with the progress. Thank you that despite the busy schedule during your graduation time, you still made time to help me out on my entry

Yanyan Rentino Dalida - Thank you for supporting me in all my contests. As in all. Couldn't thank you enough for your undying support. 

Karen April Lyra Reontoy - The most unselfish prospective doctor. You see the potential in me. You sure helped me believe in myself and keep on believing and working on it. Thank you for going with me and Airel Vi Ilarina despite the bazillion of exams the week that follows after our mini shooting. You never ever let me down.

Airel Vi Ilarina - With board exams pressure on, you still went to Boracay with me. I knew you had myriad of reasons but I truly appreciate it. Thank you for helping me realize that we always have to take chances. I'm so glad I did. 

Thank you for giving in to my bugging, pleading, tweeting. 

The Team Building that Has Built Up My Self Esteem Again and my Trust

On the last day of voting for the Veet Me contest, we had our team building in Baras Beach Resort (Guimaras) (click here for our photos) together with the Inside Sales department. I was a little worried that I couldn't keep up with the leading because I couldn't ask my friends to vote for me anymore. But I'm glad that those who truly support me still did the voting for me - without me asking them! 

New things were tried during that day. Like April Capacillo had her greatest dream of boating on her own was fulfilled. I am so happy for her. The little kid in me rejoices when people's greatest desires are fulfilled. It only proves that "We will find a way, or we will make one".

So me, Sheila Jangayo and April Capacillo went boating with Senior Luis Terol. It was a "momentous achievement" (borrowing George Bush's phrase) for us. At first I'm sure Senior was having a hard time balancing the boat because we were noob in boating. But when we were going back to the resort, he said that we may not have noticed that our paddling is improving freakin awesome because he didn't have to control the boat and make us believe we were. We actually already were! 

 Sheila (left), me and Senior Luis Terol (at the back) paddling and sailing away in Baras Guimaras! Senior had a hard time controlling the boat because we were o'posing!
 Sir Rony, Itik, Ms. Karen and Nong Richard on their way to following our path. I'm sorry, we were way faster! haha 
Now that's more like it. Sheila, April and me feeling like mermaids when we reached the next lil island during our lil boating. 

Momentous achievement indeed.

Yesterday was my last day with the IS because on Monday, I will be rockin the Marketing Department for Callbox. Just in case you didn't know, it's a global sales and marketing firm - with offices in Australia, Singapore, United States, London and of course the awesome Philippines - specializing in lead generation and appointment setting. (Now that sounds more like my pitch over the phone - er, it actually is! haha)

I've only attended two team buildings in my whole Callbox life so far. The first one was in Damires Hills Resort with APAC. Now I'm starting to regret that I haven't attended the others. I chose not to. Now I'm starting to wish I could be much clever in my choices.

I've always thought that the Inside Sales people are proud, snob and haughty people.

With my Inside Sales family in Baras Resort in Guimaras. Aren't we just cool?!

At first, I thought Jan Rae Aguilos was the usual maldito. But the team building has helped in building up my trust in other people. I've learned that you can't just judge others by what others say about them. You can't just tell their attitude just by looking at them. You need to immerse yourself in hanging out and learning about their priorities in life. That's when you learn that there's so much more to learn about them. 

Thanks for giving us the fortune cookies. I still have them on my notebook.

During the team building, me and April and Sheila talked about our greatest mistakes, regrets, achievements and the things you don't normally talk about in a working environment. It's more about getting to know the person beyond their profession. Learning the motives behind the actions. 

Ng Ellen, Ng Datz, Bem2, Michael, Sir Rony, Ms. Karen, Nong Richard, Precious, Ng Malot, Sir Tony, Ben, Cyren (new addition to the family - I promise if you try to get to know them, you'll be greatly glad you did. It helps to have a positive outlook to see what's best out of the situation and other people), you all made my IS time worthwhile. You helped me learn lessons I couldn't have gotten in any other ways, in any other departments.

 Senior Luis' sinigang na isda has just the right amount of asim. Naks, may asim pa?! haha 
And oh the Adobo! I'm sorry, what was my name you said? Trust me. I've tasted a lot of adobo in my life (including my mom's) but this one's the best. Ms. Karen  is a great cook, a great leader, a great mom to all of us! I've heard Ng Datz, Ng Ellen and the others helped out too. Ah, now that explains why it tasted like love. 

 The team building has built my trust, admiration and respect for all the people I'm working with. I may have always been incomplete but you guys completed me. Um, remember the battery incident? Thanks Jan Rae and Ng Ellen for letting me spoil your capture moments by letting me borrow your batteries! And yeah, I don't have batteries but look who's got more photos, eh?! Couldn't argue with both your powers combined! haha

Of course I love my ITPS and APAC family. I guess I might not have been so open in admitting this but perhaps the main reason that has kept me in Callbox is the family culture. 

With my APAC family in Damires Hills Resort pool 

I am my mom's only daughter. I never had a big family - brothers and sisters - to make me feel like I'm really part of a family. But you all blessed me with all the laughters, pressures and encouragements. 

Thank you - Don't stop believing. Don't stop trying. Don't stop building. 

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marikoy said...

Wow! What an adventure! Yun din ang comment ko sana sa pic nyo... you look like little mermaids, posing on the rocks. :-D