3 Times More Fun with Divoom Divo High Quality Speaker System

Hey there!
I thought I had cool enough built-in speaker system. 
Be sure to watch the video below to see how Meagan (my laptop) performs - er, the speaker system.

I thought just being able to listen to my favorite Boyce Avenue tracks with the aid of my laptop's internal speak system is cool enough. Until I saw Unbox Philippines well, unboxed the Divoom Divo Speaker System.

Then I realized, I could actually triple the fun with these 3 reasons how the Divoom Divo High Quality Speaker System could help make my current setup become way much cooler!

1. Great Design
The Divoom Divo speaker system could really my existing setup with its great design and with its compact size, one could hardly believe it's packed with so much features such as the following:

       * Crystal-clear Sound:Precision-engineered 1.5” 
          speaker drivers pure,distinct full-spectrum audio
       * Deep Bass:Powerful 4”(100mm) Long-throw
          subwoofer is built-in
       * Space-saving design:Compact,Stylish but serious
          performer of great sound
       * Sense-control:Pet Divo’s ear to control the sound
       * Shiny colors:Complement your decor

With so much powerful features, I was like, "No way, they can't be all contained in such a small speaker system!" Oh well, one could just wonder they could fit all the awesomeness in there.

2. Easy Touch
With easy touch button to control the sounds, could this device get any more cool?! 

3. Compact Design and Variety of Colors
Apparently the answer is a resounding YES.
The Divoom Divo speaker system is not only packed with high quality features, it's actually compact that you could bring music anytime, anywhere with you!

Oh well, this would make it 4 times cooler than my existing speaker system but definitely worth mentioning since the Divoom Divo speaker system could actually allow me to choose from not just two but four variety of colors such as white, green, read and black

Just when I thought my existing setup is cool enough, it could actually get even way cooler with Divoom Divo speaker system ;-) 

Be sure to connect with Unbox and Divoom Divo on Facebook! 


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