15 Backpackers Essential For an Extraordinary Summer

"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money."  - Susan Heller

Essential Things Inside My Backpack

It's summer time! It's time to plan for those summer get away. When planning, it's important that you plan what to bring with you in order for you make the most of your summer vacation trip. Below are just some the 20 things which I consider to be essential and always bring with me on my trips.

 1. Cellphone - It's vital to be connected with your friends while you're traveling. I always bring my cellphone with me so I could easily be updated if there are changes with the venue, time of meeting and other information I needed to when traveling.

2. iPods - I bring with me my two iPod. My iPod shuffle and my iPod Touch. The former mainly for listening to the music while the latter for Notes taking or my e-Diary since I'm fond of chronicling my thoughts and ideas as they pop up in my mind. Besides, I find it practical to switch from one iPod to another once the other goes low on battery. 

3. Camera - I love to document my travels so I couldn't leave nor live without my underwater camera! It allows me to capture moments as they happen - wherever, whenever, even underwater :-)

4. Gadgets and Accessories Pouch - I always bring with me my brown pouch which contains all my gadgets in just one place to make it more organize and much easier for me to locate. Inside are my battery chargers for my iPod, camera and cellphone. The last time we went to Baras Island in Guimaras without my pouch, all I remember was it was a disaster because I had to borrow my friends' (take note, I had to borrow the two of them) battery for their Sony camera so I could take photos for my own. #epicfail :-(

Beauty Essentials

5. Deodorant - Couldn't stress the vitality of having one. I had a chance to meet up with a backpacker a few months back and the first thing I noticed and remembered about her was that she smelled awful. She's nice, great conversationalist and fun to hang out with but oh man, she could have done better! Backpacking doesn't mean you can't bring the most essential and the most vital things such as deodorant. Trust me, traveling without it would be disgusting.

6. Alcohol - Just like my cellphone, I couldn't live without alcohol. Even if I'm just in the office, I make sure I have a handy container I constantly refill with alcohol. It's a lifesaver when you want to eat in turo turo or Mang Inasal. :-)

7. Toothbrush and toothpaste - In that particular order. You could forget the toothpaste but never forget your toothbrush! You could  buy a pack of toothpaste in convenient stores or sari-sari stores but I doubt if there's a lot of them who sell toothbrush. Besides, if you're traveling with a fellow backpacker, you could always share the toothpaste - but never the toothbrush.
Let's include other toiletries like soap, lotion and others in here. I make sure my lotion has SPF 24(UVA & UVB protection) so I wouldn't hide from the sun since it's summer!

8. Lip Balm - Chapstick is the name. It provides lip protection to your lips as it has sunscreen SPF 4.

9. Pain and Itch Stick - Thought I'd highlight this small item inside my First Aid kit. Since I don't have an insect repellant with me, I make sure I have this pain and itch stick in one as a handy remedy for the usual pains I might encounter on the road such as headache, stomach ache or insect bites.

10. First Aid Kit - Most travelers often neglect and forget about bringing this essential but we just never know what we could encounter on the road. It's important to have a kit that contains items that could actually save you or someone else's life. 

11. Sunblock - Don't hide on summers, but go on suicide either! With a sunblock, I'm sure that I could enjoy the usual summer sports such as volleyball, diving and others as long as I have my sunblock with me.

12. Nail Cutter - I don't know about you but my nails are too weak but they grow too fast. So sometimes I'm afraid to join games or activities that require extreme movement because of the fear that my nails would break. So I had to keep a nail cutter handy.

13. Clothes and slippers -  Do I need to say more? Bring clothes, towels, slippers and all the essential clothing that's fit for the occasion.

14. Food - Some places have way expensive food and if you don't have much time on your hands to look for the affordable places to eat, you could always have crackers to the rescue. These foods are just extra foods though. It would still be great to taste the local food in the place you're visiting ;-)

15. Flashlight - Whether you're mountain climbing, camping or simply visiting another place, it's essential and smart to bring with you a flashlight for emergencies.

There you go, those are just some of the essential things you could bring with you when traveling or backpacking. Smart Communications wants to know what's inside your backpack, tell us what's inside!

Happy and smart traveling!

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