3 Times More Fun with Divoom Divo High Quality Speaker System

Hey there!
I thought I had cool enough built-in speaker system. 
Be sure to watch the video below to see how Meagan (my laptop) performs - er, the speaker system.

I thought just being able to listen to my favorite Boyce Avenue tracks with the aid of my laptop's internal speak system is cool enough. Until I saw Unbox Philippines well, unboxed the Divoom Divo Speaker System.

Then I realized, I could actually triple the fun with these 3 reasons how the Divoom Divo High Quality Speaker System could help make my current setup become way much cooler!

1. Great Design
The Divoom Divo speaker system could really my existing setup with its great design and with its compact size, one could hardly believe it's packed with so much features such as the following:

       * Crystal-clear Sound:Precision-engineered 1.5” 
          speaker drivers pure,distinct full-spectrum audio
       * Deep Bass:Powerful 4”(100mm) Long-throw
          subwoofer is built-in
       * Space-saving design:Compact,Stylish but serious
          performer of great sound
       * Sense-control:Pet Divo’s ear to control the sound
       * Shiny colors:Complement your decor

With so much powerful features, I was like, "No way, they can't be all contained in such a small speaker system!" Oh well, one could just wonder they could fit all the awesomeness in there.

2. Easy Touch
With easy touch button to control the sounds, could this device get any more cool?! 

3. Compact Design and Variety of Colors
Apparently the answer is a resounding YES.
The Divoom Divo speaker system is not only packed with high quality features, it's actually compact that you could bring music anytime, anywhere with you!

Oh well, this would make it 4 times cooler than my existing speaker system but definitely worth mentioning since the Divoom Divo speaker system could actually allow me to choose from not just two but four variety of colors such as white, green, read and black

Just when I thought my existing setup is cool enough, it could actually get even way cooler with Divoom Divo speaker system ;-) 

Be sure to connect with Unbox and Divoom Divo on Facebook! 

My Mom Has a New Favorite, And I'm Loving It!

Hey there! It's Jonha.
I'm my mom's favorite. 
Well, er, mainly because I'm her only daughter. :D
All my life I have all her love. And it's all mine alone.

Until recently, I've started to see some changes.
I guess she's got a new love. 
Well here's the story. 
After a long day's work, we would eat merienda.
We both love to share a liter of our favorite soda. 
I guess all Filipinos love an ice cold drink. 
Until one day, my mom announced that she would no longer drink our usual "ice cold drink".

I was like, "No way! It has been our love for like forever!"
She told me that things has to change.
It's like when you're a kid, you would die if your parents won't bring you to Jollibee.
Then as you grow a bit older, you would start switching to McDonald's. 
In short, my mom has fallen in love with something else.
She added that as time passes by (she'd hate me if I'd say 'as she grows older') ;-)
She started to become conscious with her food intake
She actually has her maintenance of different medicines already
So she's said that she has to couple the healthy diet with healthy drink

Alright, so we agreed on drinking That-Fitness-Drink
It was great, it has 3 flavors but my favorite is always and like forever out-of-stock
We got tired of it.
We got tired of liking a flavor we can't drink and settle with other lesser in-demand ones

Then, lately mom has completely lost her love for those two drinks - Ice Cold and That-Fitness-Drink
She's loving something else...

Here ya go, Minute Maid Pulpy Orange-Mango Drink -  the main reason why my has lost her love on me our former love - ice cold drink and fitness drink

Since my mom has become more health conscious, she started to look for healthy orange juice drink that suits her healthy diet

I tried it...

 And oh boy - me loves it! haha

Seriously, at first gulp the pulpy and 'no preservatives added' claims seemed unreal to me.
But I guess it's the kind of juice drink that as you continue to drink, the more you will love and appreciate it. 
It was my fault because I didn't shake it so I didn't get to taste the pulpy goodness at first gulp. ;-)

So as you can see, I've already finished the whole Minute Maid healthy pulpy drink before I got to my senses and took a photo of it. ;-)
It honestly tastes good that I could say it's the only drink that you would really love even until the last drop of it. Kasi may pulp talaga eh, haha. 

Now I don't really mind if my mom loves something new - because we both love it!

You're Not Just a Woman - You Run the World

You Are Beautiful, You Are Special

Hello ladies!
Please know that you are special for who you are. You are beautiful because you are unique.
You are beautiful because you get up every time you fall and you don't let every trials crush you.
You are beautiful because you are God's greatest creation.
You are beautiful because you are a daughter of God.

Below are just some of the most empowering quotes about women and for the women. 

The practice of putting women on pedestals began to die out when it was discovered that they could give orders better from there - Betty Grable

I would rather trust a woman's instinct than a man's reason. - Stanley Baldwin

One is not born a woman, one becomes one. - Simone de Beauvoir

A woman is like a tea bag: you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. - Nancy Reagan

Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses. - Marie de Vichy-Chamrond

Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood. - Oscar Wilde
There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.

Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, "She doesn't have what it takes"; They will say, "Women don't have what it takes"-  Clare Boothe Luce

If a woman is sufficiently ambitious, determined and gifted - there is practically nothing she can't do -  Helen Lawrenson
Nobody objects to a woman being a good writer or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time she manages to be a good wife, good mother, good looking, good tempered, well groomed and unaggressive- Leslie McIntyre

Woman must not accept; she must challenge.
She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her;
she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression. - Margaret Sanger
A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. - Diane Mariechild

Women really do rule the world. They just haven't figured it out yet. When they do, and they will, we're all in big big trouble. - Doctor Leon

Who Run the World -  Girls

Women, we really run the world because when you save a girl, you save generations.

Modess: Di Ka Lang  Basta Babae (You're Not Just a Woman)

In line with this, Modess would like you to realize your worth and your potential by sending over these cute "Di Ka Lang Basta Babae" t-shirts. Thank you Modess for empowering and inspiring women!

Royal Date with Daniel Matsunaga - Veet Me Winner

It's like I've waited my whole life for that one night - together - me and Daniel Matsunaga on a 'royal date' 

Daniel Matsunaga during our Veet Me date. He's a total *amazeballs
He taught me how to use the chopstick - the real Japanese way.
Helped me fix my iTouch, knows about stocks, he's a total quality person talaga.
(You may click on each photos to enlarge)

Who is Daniel Matsunaga?

It's been a week now since I had the chance to date with the Philippines' hottest knight - Daniel Matsunaga - but I still couldn't forget about that special night when I got to learn more about the Brapanese hunk, had a superb make over by Ate Chichi Sotomil and everyone was super nice it felt like everything were just a dream.

Wait, hold on one second...you don't know who Daniel Matsunaga is?! 

Either you've been hiding on a cave or you just can't believe I had such luck, eh? Well, apparently, some of the people on my network don't. 

So, to start with, he's the latest addition to the Regal Babies along with other hunks such as JC Tiuseco, Ervic Vijandre, Ian Batherson, and Fabio Ide. 

Beyond the good looks and great body, Daniel Matsunaga is a well-grounded person who knows how to make his fans feel special and definitely a perfect date for any woman. 

You might be wondering how in the world did I get a chance to date with him. Well, it all started with the Veet Me 2011 campaign wherein at the end of the contest, one lucky fan could get to date the Brapanese hunk. I took a chance, traveled to Boracay with my friends (who were both pressured to prepare for their exams the week afterwards - I owe you big time!), campaigned in almost all the social media accounts I have and to cut the long story short, we did it! 

We Veet the Bad Guys! (Below is a copy of the video just in case you wanna see the winning entry)

Veet Me 2011 Winners

Here are the list of Veet Me Winners


Consolation prize: Mary Michelle dela Cruz, Jacquelyn Mampolino, and Pia Mitzi Receno.

Things You Don't Know About Daniel Matsunaga

1. Stars are ----

Daniel Matsunaga is not only good looking but a total gentleman!

......Dumb?Cool? Well, he is kind! In the very essence of the word. Isa Marfori, the Brand Manager for Veet Philippines related a story of how Daniel is proven to be such a gentleman and really a nice guy. She mentioned that Daniel was such a professional person because he really did his job with his best during one of their events wherein he needs to kiss 25 women in the cheek and give them flowers and he did it with his signature smile.

Daniel Matsunaga driving a cute 1958 Volkswagen for our surprise date to Chelsea

Give it a few more months, let him master his tagalog (did I mention he said he learned English in 2 months? Awesome!) and I see that he will become like Anne Curtis who has worked so hard to get to where she is now. I don't know about you but I've got a feeling that Daniel Matsunaga is gonna succed in the showbiz industry. His looks coupled with his great attitude has marked such destiny. :-)

2. He used to play the stock market

Being someone who's addicted to the stock market and investing, it's such a delight to know that he used to play, er, invest in the stock market. Right after we were introduced, he heard we were discussing about the stock market and he was kind to give his two cents about the subject and oh boy, he knows a lot! He reminded me of my mentor who warned me about the dangers of the game.

The car looks so cool but since it's vintage - er, Daniel prefers calling it relic - he said it was kind of difficult to drive. Now, he drives me crazy - literally! haha

3. God fearing

Daniel Matsunaga - amazeballs! He sure deserves all the admiration of his fans because he's not only humble and helped me fix my iTouch but above anything else, he is such a God-fearing person. He related a story which he considers funny but I would consider *amazing*. He said that during his visit to China, he was stranded in the airport for like 4 hours. He waited for someone to fetch him but no one arrived. He then walked a bit farther from the airport hoping he could call for help only to see all his coins consumed by the telephone booth. He said it was one of those frustrating times in his travel that he decided to sit down and ask help from The One who never lets us down. Offering a quick prayer, he decided to look at his right to see a man sitting right beside him with a placard that reads, "--------aga" He related that he was relieved and rejoiced at how the Lord works.

Thanks for the gelato! 

During the special dinner, we talked about a lot of random things like what really makes him happy to which he responded, "To be with my family".

Trivia: Did you know that Daniel Matsunaga loves mash potatoes? 

When asked if there's a single advice he could give everyone, he simply said, "Just have faith in the Lord and in what you do". He related several more stories about how he worked hard to where he is now and many other inspirational encounters on how he proved that the Lord really works in glorious ways. 

4. Easy to talk to

He's so easy to talk to that I didn't feel I was talking with a celebrity. He actually offered to call one of my friends so he could thank them for helping me out with the video but I suggested that we record a video of him thanking them instead. I joked that there's over 30,000 votes and over 600 likers on Facebook so he has to name each one of them!  Below is a video of Daniel thanking the wonderful people who helped me out during the contest. (You know who you all are :-)

5. Football or Medicine

If not in show business, Daniel Matsunaga said that he would either be studying medicine or playing football. Aw, I could only imagine what a blissful view it would be to see him hanging out with Phil Younghusband and the rest of the Azkals.

Dessert! Kasing sweet ni Daniel

With the powerful women- Ate Chihi,Stefhanie,and Maffy Silvala (ahem)

With Ms. Marichu Gozun and Ms. Isa Marfori, the Brand Manager of Veet Philippines and my knight and shining iPad ;)

Thank You Veet!

I don't know about you but I think Kate Middleton and my dress during that night were siblings ;-)

I would forever be grateful to Veet for letting me have this great opportunity to meet and be inspired with the awesomeness of Daniel Matsunaga and get my hands on my dream gadget - an iPad - 64g baby! :-) Thanks for that special night with the Philippines' most awesome knight. 

A SPAtial Saturday in Spa Riviera and Christine's Salon

Refreshing Body Scrub and Revitalizing Foot Scrub from Spa Riviera - Manicure and Pedicure from Christine's Salon

I'm typing a bit slowly as I'm afraid that my manicure done at Christine's Salon by Ng Ruby might be messed up. Christine's Salon is the name that most women here in Iloilo trust when it comes to great hair styling, manicure and pedicure. When I asked my co-workers at Callbox as to what salon provides the best manicure and pedicure, they'd answer me in unison - Christine's Salon. I went there at around 7:00 in the evening after my very relaxing and truly pampering body and foot scrub from Spa Riviera. 

Spa Riviera is no new name when it comes to spa services. They provide a wide range of relaxing and really satisfying services from body massage, body scrub, facial, scalp treatment, waxing (leg, arm, bikini line) and you could actually choose from their add-ons such as back scrub, scalp treatment and aromatheraphy facial. 

In preparation to my Veet Me date with Daniel Matsunaga, I decided to pamper myself with a body scrub and foot scrub. While I enjoyed the Java body scrub (they use Citrus), I am totally hands down with their foot scrub. I'm not sure what Elna used on my feet but all I know was I fell asleep so easily because it was so relaxing to the point I didn't want to leave. There's nothing spectacular about the body scrub experience unlike what I had at My SPA Therapy Center. However, Spa Riviera wouldn't be the leading spa center in Iloilo for nothing. The staff were friendly and helpful. And oh, did I mention that all their body scrub and massage service already include sauna? 

Spa Riviera has various packages at P399.00 only. 

a. Body Massage
Herbal Heat
Mandi Susu Facial

b. Body Massage
Herbal Heat 
Asian Foot Massage

c. Body Massage
Herbal Heat
Body Scrub

Add-ons (you can only avail them at P99 only if you've availed of the services above)
a. Scalp treatment
b. Back scrub
c. Aromatheraphy Facial

Today was a truly relaxing and SPAtial Saturday. After my foot scrub at Spa Riviera, I felt like I'm ready to have my feet veeted by Daniel. :-) Should you wish to contact Spa Riviera, feel free to ring them at 509-0209. 

15 Backpackers Essential For an Extraordinary Summer

"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money."  - Susan Heller

Essential Things Inside My Backpack

It's summer time! It's time to plan for those summer get away. When planning, it's important that you plan what to bring with you in order for you make the most of your summer vacation trip. Below are just some the 20 things which I consider to be essential and always bring with me on my trips.

 1. Cellphone - It's vital to be connected with your friends while you're traveling. I always bring my cellphone with me so I could easily be updated if there are changes with the venue, time of meeting and other information I needed to when traveling.

2. iPods - I bring with me my two iPod. My iPod shuffle and my iPod Touch. The former mainly for listening to the music while the latter for Notes taking or my e-Diary since I'm fond of chronicling my thoughts and ideas as they pop up in my mind. Besides, I find it practical to switch from one iPod to another once the other goes low on battery. 

3. Camera - I love to document my travels so I couldn't leave nor live without my underwater camera! It allows me to capture moments as they happen - wherever, whenever, even underwater :-)

4. Gadgets and Accessories Pouch - I always bring with me my brown pouch which contains all my gadgets in just one place to make it more organize and much easier for me to locate. Inside are my battery chargers for my iPod, camera and cellphone. The last time we went to Baras Island in Guimaras without my pouch, all I remember was it was a disaster because I had to borrow my friends' (take note, I had to borrow the two of them) battery for their Sony camera so I could take photos for my own. #epicfail :-(

Beauty Essentials

5. Deodorant - Couldn't stress the vitality of having one. I had a chance to meet up with a backpacker a few months back and the first thing I noticed and remembered about her was that she smelled awful. She's nice, great conversationalist and fun to hang out with but oh man, she could have done better! Backpacking doesn't mean you can't bring the most essential and the most vital things such as deodorant. Trust me, traveling without it would be disgusting.

6. Alcohol - Just like my cellphone, I couldn't live without alcohol. Even if I'm just in the office, I make sure I have a handy container I constantly refill with alcohol. It's a lifesaver when you want to eat in turo turo or Mang Inasal. :-)

7. Toothbrush and toothpaste - In that particular order. You could forget the toothpaste but never forget your toothbrush! You could  buy a pack of toothpaste in convenient stores or sari-sari stores but I doubt if there's a lot of them who sell toothbrush. Besides, if you're traveling with a fellow backpacker, you could always share the toothpaste - but never the toothbrush.
Let's include other toiletries like soap, lotion and others in here. I make sure my lotion has SPF 24(UVA & UVB protection) so I wouldn't hide from the sun since it's summer!

8. Lip Balm - Chapstick is the name. It provides lip protection to your lips as it has sunscreen SPF 4.

9. Pain and Itch Stick - Thought I'd highlight this small item inside my First Aid kit. Since I don't have an insect repellant with me, I make sure I have this pain and itch stick in one as a handy remedy for the usual pains I might encounter on the road such as headache, stomach ache or insect bites.

10. First Aid Kit - Most travelers often neglect and forget about bringing this essential but we just never know what we could encounter on the road. It's important to have a kit that contains items that could actually save you or someone else's life. 

11. Sunblock - Don't hide on summers, but go on suicide either! With a sunblock, I'm sure that I could enjoy the usual summer sports such as volleyball, diving and others as long as I have my sunblock with me.

12. Nail Cutter - I don't know about you but my nails are too weak but they grow too fast. So sometimes I'm afraid to join games or activities that require extreme movement because of the fear that my nails would break. So I had to keep a nail cutter handy.

13. Clothes and slippers -  Do I need to say more? Bring clothes, towels, slippers and all the essential clothing that's fit for the occasion.

14. Food - Some places have way expensive food and if you don't have much time on your hands to look for the affordable places to eat, you could always have crackers to the rescue. These foods are just extra foods though. It would still be great to taste the local food in the place you're visiting ;-)

15. Flashlight - Whether you're mountain climbing, camping or simply visiting another place, it's essential and smart to bring with you a flashlight for emergencies.

There you go, those are just some of the essential things you could bring with you when traveling or backpacking. Smart Communications wants to know what's inside your backpack, tell us what's inside!

Happy and smart traveling!

An Open Letter to Olay Whitening Products

Dear Olay Whitening Products,

Being a Filipina, I knew that whitening products wouldn't make me any fairer. I knew that my skin is doomed to be dark, so why bother using whitening products that would only make the corporations that create them richer? With such a sure knowledge, I was always skeptic with every whitening product which commercials model claim on television to have 'changed their life'. 

Until just recently, my mom told me to try Olay Natural White - Healthy Fairness Day Cream.

I refused with a firm 'No'.

I knew I would be wasting my time using a product that actresses who have already fair skin are using. Like what's the use of a product if they were already born with it. There's nothing I could do about the color of my skin anymore and using a whitening product would only make me appear like I'm trying too hard without getting any results. 

But my mom was persistent. She told me that Olay has always been Olay even before I was born. She told me that it is the product that has long been trusted by many Filipinas and other women around the world. She said she wanted me to have fairer and much more glowing skin. With her persistent encouragement, I finally gave in. I tried the said cream everyday. It's like good ole days when I was in elementary wherein I would bring some baon (snack) of which though didn't really like ,I would be obliged to bring with me because my mom wants me to have it. I kept doing so - routinely and religiously putting on the same Olay Natural White - Healthy Fairness Day Cream each and every day. Without missing even a single day. I thought I wouldn't really lose anything since I'm not likely to be allergic easily. Also, I don't mind the smell. It smells like the usual after-bath scent. It's not too strong or annoying to the nose. 

 The first Olay product that has - oh well - kind of 'changed my life'. The price of beauty has never been this affordable! haha

Then days.
Weeks passed. 

AFTER:  Taken several days ago during our team building in Baras Guimaras. No make up. No drama. Just healthy-looking skin. 

AFTER:  People who know me since birth would agree that I looked a bit more glowing.

Putting on the day cream has became so normal that I couldn't stand a day without it. Then people started to notice. My cousin sent me a message on Facebook asking me what in the world am I using. She told me I looked a bit fair than the old Jonha. 

BEFORE: This is me then. 
I thought my color was okay. I loved it. But I guess I could do better. I could love it more - that's when I started using Olay Natural White. 

BEFORE: I think it's true. Filipinas could do better. I'm glad I listened to my mom and I used Olay Whitening products. Now, people are seeing results. See my photos above for how it has, oh well, 'changed my life'. Really.

I don't believe her. Pictures or lighting could fool people. But I told her I'm using Olay Natural White - Healthy Fairness Day Cream anyway. She told me she'll try it. Go ahead!

Then my mom confirmed it. Every morning - without any makeup - she'd reach over the mirror in our bedside table and would let me see my face. She told me that the real beauty of a woman could only be seen right early in the morning when she doesn't wear any makeup.

I'm not gonna lie. Mom is right. I think I looked a bit lighter. 

No, I'm not the morena turned into Katy Perry-like white. 
Or Kris Aquino-like. 
Or I don't even look as fair as Heart Evangelista. 
These are naturally fair-skinned ladies with their colors enhanced and complemented by Olay products. 

But I've noticed that dark spots in my face were lightened and reduced. I felt like my skin became more healthy looking. Okay okay, I must admit -  I honestly think it's a bit more glowing. 

So today when we went shopping for our supplies, mom was surprised with what I've put in basket.

Olay Total Effects Ultra Nurishing Shower Cream + Body Butter (Buy One Take One baby!); 40g Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Day Cream (yeah I thought I should buy a bigger one!) and Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Bar with Vitamin C.

She couldn't help but smile.I knew what the smile meant - "I told you I was right". 

Oh well, I guess mom knows best. 



Update: May 17th, 2011: When preparing for my date with Daniel Matsunaga, Ate Chichi Sotomil, the super amazing makeup artists for the stars like Karylle - told me that I have a good skin. I told her no, not really. She told me, "Ako na nga nagsasabi". :-) Take note, didn't put anything but the Olay Natural White prior to the make over.

May 26, 2011: My former Business Leader, Bernadette Huele who saw me in the hallyway told me that "Daw nag vongga ang face ta day". Translation: "It seems that your skin became radiant". She asked me if I go to the dermatologist or anything. With Olay by my side, who needs to? :-)

Don't Stop Believing and Building

Thanking God for EVERY Blessings

That's my story. Thanks for reading! 

Er, haha! No way!

What does Cinco de Mayo mean to you? 
I didn't know until I received 3 packages from Magnolia Lifedrink, MiniintheBox and Sakuraeya
Not only that, I got a couple of messages from two important people telling me really great news. (Watch out! haha)

But I guess the Lord is not finish with blessing me. 
I guess that's what they say, "When it rains, it pours".
Good thing I've religiously opened our windows every morning to let the blessings in. (True story: Mom asked why I kept on opening the windows EVERY MORNING. She was puzzled. I told her, "We gotta let all those blessings wanting to be in!" )

Now I'm starting to wonder. 
What have I done to deserve all these?
I'm just a mere believer who happens to have awesome network and supporters.
These people are my strength. 
They all gave me hope just when I needed it the most.
They cheered me up when I was in the verge of quitting.

Thank you! 

Richelle Ann Valencia aka Lala Banderas - for believing in me and supporting my weirdness and obsession in contests and  idiosyncrasies. You've supported me during the WCI contest, the Samsung one, and in the Veet Me. You've helped me Veet the Bad Guys

Ivy Libutan - you are my heroine. Couldn't thank you enough. Thank you for almost making the Veet Me website as your homepage and waking up every morning unconsciously clicking on the lovely pink button. Now I think I've passed on some amount of addiction. 

Tyler Jason Carillo Remaneses- No Tyler, no video! Thank you for putting it all together. Thank you for always updating me with the progress. Thank you that despite the busy schedule during your graduation time, you still made time to help me out on my entry

Yanyan Rentino Dalida - Thank you for supporting me in all my contests. As in all. Couldn't thank you enough for your undying support. 

Karen April Lyra Reontoy - The most unselfish prospective doctor. You see the potential in me. You sure helped me believe in myself and keep on believing and working on it. Thank you for going with me and Airel Vi Ilarina despite the bazillion of exams the week that follows after our mini shooting. You never ever let me down.

Airel Vi Ilarina - With board exams pressure on, you still went to Boracay with me. I knew you had myriad of reasons but I truly appreciate it. Thank you for helping me realize that we always have to take chances. I'm so glad I did. 

Thank you for giving in to my bugging, pleading, tweeting. 

The Team Building that Has Built Up My Self Esteem Again and my Trust

On the last day of voting for the Veet Me contest, we had our team building in Baras Beach Resort (Guimaras) (click here for our photos) together with the Inside Sales department. I was a little worried that I couldn't keep up with the leading because I couldn't ask my friends to vote for me anymore. But I'm glad that those who truly support me still did the voting for me - without me asking them! 

New things were tried during that day. Like April Capacillo had her greatest dream of boating on her own was fulfilled. I am so happy for her. The little kid in me rejoices when people's greatest desires are fulfilled. It only proves that "We will find a way, or we will make one".

So me, Sheila Jangayo and April Capacillo went boating with Senior Luis Terol. It was a "momentous achievement" (borrowing George Bush's phrase) for us. At first I'm sure Senior was having a hard time balancing the boat because we were noob in boating. But when we were going back to the resort, he said that we may not have noticed that our paddling is improving freakin awesome because he didn't have to control the boat and make us believe we were. We actually already were! 

 Sheila (left), me and Senior Luis Terol (at the back) paddling and sailing away in Baras Guimaras! Senior had a hard time controlling the boat because we were o'posing!
 Sir Rony, Itik, Ms. Karen and Nong Richard on their way to following our path. I'm sorry, we were way faster! haha 
Now that's more like it. Sheila, April and me feeling like mermaids when we reached the next lil island during our lil boating. 

Momentous achievement indeed.

Yesterday was my last day with the IS because on Monday, I will be rockin the Marketing Department for Callbox. Just in case you didn't know, it's a global sales and marketing firm - with offices in Australia, Singapore, United States, London and of course the awesome Philippines - specializing in lead generation and appointment setting. (Now that sounds more like my pitch over the phone - er, it actually is! haha)

I've only attended two team buildings in my whole Callbox life so far. The first one was in Damires Hills Resort with APAC. Now I'm starting to regret that I haven't attended the others. I chose not to. Now I'm starting to wish I could be much clever in my choices.

I've always thought that the Inside Sales people are proud, snob and haughty people.

With my Inside Sales family in Baras Resort in Guimaras. Aren't we just cool?!

At first, I thought Jan Rae Aguilos was the usual maldito. But the team building has helped in building up my trust in other people. I've learned that you can't just judge others by what others say about them. You can't just tell their attitude just by looking at them. You need to immerse yourself in hanging out and learning about their priorities in life. That's when you learn that there's so much more to learn about them. 

Thanks for giving us the fortune cookies. I still have them on my notebook.

During the team building, me and April and Sheila talked about our greatest mistakes, regrets, achievements and the things you don't normally talk about in a working environment. It's more about getting to know the person beyond their profession. Learning the motives behind the actions. 

Ng Ellen, Ng Datz, Bem2, Michael, Sir Rony, Ms. Karen, Nong Richard, Precious, Ng Malot, Sir Tony, Ben, Cyren (new addition to the family - I promise if you try to get to know them, you'll be greatly glad you did. It helps to have a positive outlook to see what's best out of the situation and other people), you all made my IS time worthwhile. You helped me learn lessons I couldn't have gotten in any other ways, in any other departments.

 Senior Luis' sinigang na isda has just the right amount of asim. Naks, may asim pa?! haha 
And oh the Adobo! I'm sorry, what was my name you said? Trust me. I've tasted a lot of adobo in my life (including my mom's) but this one's the best. Ms. Karen  is a great cook, a great leader, a great mom to all of us! I've heard Ng Datz, Ng Ellen and the others helped out too. Ah, now that explains why it tasted like love. 

 The team building has built my trust, admiration and respect for all the people I'm working with. I may have always been incomplete but you guys completed me. Um, remember the battery incident? Thanks Jan Rae and Ng Ellen for letting me spoil your capture moments by letting me borrow your batteries! And yeah, I don't have batteries but look who's got more photos, eh?! Couldn't argue with both your powers combined! haha

Of course I love my ITPS and APAC family. I guess I might not have been so open in admitting this but perhaps the main reason that has kept me in Callbox is the family culture. 

With my APAC family in Damires Hills Resort pool 

I am my mom's only daughter. I never had a big family - brothers and sisters - to make me feel like I'm really part of a family. But you all blessed me with all the laughters, pressures and encouragements. 

Thank you - Don't stop believing. Don't stop trying. Don't stop building. 

Thanks MiniIntheBox.com and Sakuraeya's Club!

"Nothing can be done except little by little."

MiniintheBox sent me this cute box! 

Hey look at what MiniintheBox sent me! It's a mini Magic Wooden Box with Secret Drawer
 So yeah, it's a mini box in a larger box! haha 
 It's perfect for my little earrings because who would have thought that they could be contained in such a cute and fun box? The thieves would be clueless ;-) (Unless they're reading my blog, :D)
 Such a cute box at relatively cute prize! Magic Wooden Box with Secret Drawer US$ 3.18  + Free Shipping

Got this during their [ Gadget (Mini!) Hero ] game. There's always a contest almost everyday. You just gotta check them out on Facebook

Looks like this day is filled with surprises. I got 3 packages today from MiniintheBox, Magnolia Lifedrink and hola, Sakuraeya

This cute notebook would be the home to my little thoughts, ideas and collection of inspirational quotes. I think it's so timely because I've been dying to buy a small notepad wherein I could easily let the ideas flow. Thanks Rhealyn de Leon

Sakuraeya's Club - Your ultimate source to  (Contest Updates,Promos and Freebies)

Just in case you wonder where do I get the updates from the promos, contests and freebies that I join in, I'm gonna let you into a secret - Sakuraeya

Check out these two pages and bask in cool little contests that will bring a big smile to your face. 

I Love Ya Magnolia Lifedrink!

Magnolia Lifedrink: Let's Drink to a More Youthful and Healthy You!

My mom is actually much more health conscious than I am. 
She would always watch over her diet making sure that she maintains a balanced and healthy diet. 
She has a favorite drink that she replaced our favorite soda with. 
We used to just drink soft drinks because it tastes good. 
Until Magnolia Lifedrink came. 
All the sodas in the world were no longer given even a parcel of attention.
Actually, mom drinks a "fitness drink" of which name I wouldn't tell you. 
We love it, we love the taste and the slimming claims (I know, coupled with proper exercise and balanced diet, eh?)

Then she heard of Magnolia Lifedrink from me. 
Her initial reaction was, "I have an acute gastric ulcer, could I still drink?"
I was tempted to say no for the sake of greediness ;-)

But thanks to Azenith Pila for bringing up the question that must bother not only my mom but others who suffer the same health problem. 

Magnolia Lifedrink responded that the lifedrink isn't acidic, so mom and others who wish to gulp in some of this drink, go ahead! 

How on Earth Did I Learn About Magnolia Lifedrink?

It all started with this.
...and this...

Then they went on and on with those great prizes. Really great prizes (at before my very eyes as I won their Tribute to Women contest and got myself a new fabulous Celine bag!)

 My Magnolia Lifedrink Tribute to Women prize - a fab Celine bag! I love the gold color. It's so glam!

You too could win tons of prizes from Magnolia Lifedrink. Simply head over to their official Facebook page, you know you Like them