Say Hello to a Prettier, Pinkier Glitter Studded Sony Cybershot DSC-TX5!

Underwater Camera Paint Peeled Off Remedy

The one which I gave myself as an advance Christmas present? Well the thing is, underwater cameras are cool but once you use them in swimming pools, or others say that as long as it's underwater camera, the paint easily peels off. Not only Sony cameras but also Olympus and other underwater cameras. 

Since it's too untrendy to carry around with you a camera that looks like a mirror in front, I decided to decorate it with a sticker. Therefore, I found a remedy to the peeling off paint problem of my Sony TX5 underwater camera! 

Using the Spidvid stickers which the founder, Jeremy Campbell, sent me, I made a DIY cover for my camera and tada! 

Spidvid sticker with my Sony Cybershot TX5 - I used to use it as a mirror like everyone else who had problems with their cameras paint peeled off! haha

 Spidvid stickers added color to my already awesome camera! If you miss how my camera looks like when it was brand new, simply go here! :-)

 I was a little skeptic about how it would turn out but it looks like I did the right thing. 
Spidvid + Sony = Pure Awesome. 

Then I learned about cellphone trendy stickers. So I decided to go to Mix'n Match and I found these cute pink stickers! 

 The Spidvid stickers were awesome but these pink sticker look like they truly belong. They're rocking my Sony camera!

 My Sony camera couldn't be happier. The glittering stickers made it even more classy, more cute and even much more lovely!
If you're having problems with your underwater camera because the paint has peeled off, don't fret. Look for cellphone stickers like the pink one above that I had. These stickers are actually available in many other colors like black, blue and orange. Put on some of these glittering stickers on your camera, cellphone or even laptop and say hello to much more glamorous and elegant camera! Couldn't be happier!

What do you think?

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