RCBC Mercury Drug MyWallet Card - Convenience of ATM with Rewards of Suki Points

ATM with Suki Points with RCBC Mercury Drug MyWallet Card

RCBC has partnered with the leading drugstore in the Philippines to help Filipinos enjoy an ATM card with the rewards of Mercury Suki points with the all new Mercury Drug MyWallet Card. The card gives its holders the ability to use it as an ATM card and enjoy Suki points that has long been enjoyed by Mercury Drug Store Suki Card holders.

Ellen, with her Mercury MyWallet Card

In a press release by RCBC, Iain Jamieson, Country Manager, Philippines and Guam, Visa, said: "Mercury Drug MyWallet card is the first prepaid card in the Philippines that uses chip technology to allow cardholders to collect reward points with their purchases at Mercury Drug. The card is Visa powered and that means you could actually use it as normal ATM card and withdraw and process transactions in over 18,000 Bancnet POS merchants and over 70,000 Visa-accepting establishments in the Philippines.

Locally, cardholders can perform other transactions such as bills payment at any of over 600 RCBC and RCBC Savings Bank ATMs and more than 4,500 other BancNet-affiliated ATMs nationwide. 

Being Visa-enabled, the new card can be taken and used abroad to enable cardholder to access their accounts, withdraw funds, and conveniently purchase goods via its debit card function from over 30 million Visa accredited merchants worldwide and more than 1.7 million VISA-bearing ATM locations worldwide. 

What's even more amazingly convenient is that this new Mercury Drug MyWallet card can be used to pay for fares at select MRT stations. The card can just be tapped on a card-reader located directly at the station turnstiles to allow users to board in and out without having to line up at the payment booths. 

The Mercury Drug MyWallet card in general is ideal for those who have no bank deposit accounts but want a safe and convenient storage facility that lets them access their cash anytime, anywhere they want. It has no finance or interest charges, and no required monthly maintaining balance, so cardholders can keep as little as P100 or any amount to get them through their day, up to a maximum of P100,000 per month. The loading fee is only P10 per transaction.

I love the idea of the new Mercury Drug MyWallet because I could actually open an account with RCBC and if I want to go on a trip abroad, I could have access to my local funds here since it is Visa powered card. When asked as to why did she get a card, my officemate, Ellen, said that she likes the idea of having an account wherein she could keep her money safe without worrying for a maintaining balance and get to enjoy points from her purchases in Mercury Drug. RCBC has just pioneered in providing a way for Filipinos to shop conveniently and get to earn rewards for doing so! 

For more details about the Mercury Drug MyWallet Card, simply go to RCBC's press release


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