McDonalds BF&GF Commercial - Philippines & India Versions

What McDonald's is Trying to Teach the Advertising Agencies

1. Value in Every Culture. Value in Every Race. 

Through the years, McDonald's has done many commercials that really touch the heart of the Filipinos. Perhaps everyone in the Philippines, both the young and old alike, would always remember the "Gina Po" commercial wherein the grandfather showed his favoritism on his apo (granddaughter) - Gina. It's a trait that every Filipino could relate to. Favoritism is just something that we have not only for particular members of our family but even in friends. McDonald's know just that. 

2. Different Strokes for Different Folks
McDonald's (or should I say, it's advertising firm - hands down!) understands that every country has different culture. What might tickle in Asia may not work as effectively in the Middle East or in the US. Therefore, I was quite surprised to see different versions of similar concept commercials for McDonald's BF/GF commercial. Trying not to compare which is better than the other, I couldn't help but notice that each video gave emphasis on what each country values. Take a look at each version of the commercial and you will see that in advertising, it is very important to remember that John has different preferences than Juan. It is therefore essential to give focus on what every country value's and bank on that.

McDonalds Philippines BF & GF Commercial - Philippines Version

McDonalds Philippines BF & GF Commercial - India Version