Izzo Shop's Molly Camera Satchel Bag: Home to Your Most Beloved Gadgets!

Hi *waves* from Erica and Audrey

 Well, they are my best buddies. 
Erica is my iTouch which Yahoo! Philippines gave me. 

 While this is Audrey, my cute little pink Sony Cybershot TX5 camera. 
I must admit I was tempted to name her Agua because she could live underwater

They look nice, don't they?
But the thing is, when you start to gather them altogether, this is how they look like.
 Er, not at their best, I must admit.

I've got separate little pouches for every gadget that I have. 
Ericka lives in the white pouch.
Audrey lives in the brown Sony Cybershot bag.
While the cords and the other little accessories all live in a brown pouch. 

But still that doesn't change the fact that they may look cute separately, 
but still don't look great altogether.

I'm sure all of you ladies out there would agree that we love to collect and carry around our gadgets whether it be our iPod, cellphone, camera, DSLR and many other gadgets. But the thing is, it's a bit difficult to organize  them and put them altogether in just one bag. Some of them already had scratches because either they would just cram due to lack of space. Or worse, they would dance like nobody's around due to too much space. 

Then I saw this!

Momma Mia! Eureka! This is exactly what I need! 

Izzo Shop's Molly camera satchel bag.

The design doesn't make it appear like the usual gadget bag. I try to avoid bags that are too obvious that it houses to gadgets so I don't have to worry with snatchers, if you know what I mean ;-)
The inside is also designed to be cushy to protect the gadgets. And oh, did I mention that my camera would be lonely without the cords and other accessories?
Good thing this  Izzo Shop's Molly camera satchel bag has dividers to accomodate them all! Now isn't that lovely? 

Wait, the good news is that BLOGGERS UNITED and Izzo Shop is giving you one for free! 
Now that's sweet.
(It'd be sweeter if I could win it though ;-)

Join now as the contest ends on April 30th!

For details on how to win this uber amazing camera satchel bag, simply go to Bloggers United contest page

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Anonymous said...

hi! where did you buy your tx5 studs? and it doesn't wear off when you use it underwater? thanks!