Highbrow Shopping in Iloilo - Best Deals and Must Visit Shops for Backpackers

Best Deals and Finds - Establishments in Iloilo that Gives You the Most for your Money

When shopping, we all want to make the most of our money. We would like to buy more quality items at, if possible, much lower prices. That's where I put my highbrow shopping skills into use. That means I could buy great products and services at incredibly much lower rate. How? When you know where to go!

The products doesn't necessarily of low quality. It's just that there are certain stores here in Iloilo that sell them at much lower prices when compared to their competitors. So, should we start?


 Green Mango Ube Roll - you can't help but ask for more! haha

Green Mango - Fastfood that lets you choose from their wide menu of great food at incredibly low prices. Mom was able to buy their Sotanghon for P29.00 and with only P45.00, you could enjoy unlimited drinks! Now, some might think that at such low prices, the food may not taste good. Think again because I could guarantee that their food may not taste like those restaurants that have been ranked with Michelin stars but they don't taste terrible either. If you're a backpacker, you'll definitely enjoy their budget friendly foods. It's like enjoying great good at almost carinderia rate. :-)

 Mom enjoying her Sotanghon at Green Mango Jaro Plaza branch

RoyZonBie Grill in Villa

Me with friends in RoyZonBie Grill in Villa. Definitely worth every penny spent!  

If you fancy some seafoods, Villa is the place to go in Iloilo! While there may be a lot of restaurants to choose from like Annie's, Stanley's Breakthrough and many others, one that really stand out is the RoyZonBie Grill. They have a nice ambience if you want to just enjoy hanging out with your friends, eat seafoods and sing your heart out.

One funny experience was when I thought people singing in their mini-stage was hired and they sounded awful for hired singers only to realize that the joke was on me kind of thing because they were not actually singers and like me, they're just customers enjoying a song or two. So yeah, if you feel like having videoke, it's definitely a great place to go.

We also ate their mixed seafoods which only costs P150 for one plate and good for 2 person. It has oyster, shrimp, lobster sticks and scallops. I love the sauce! 

 Mixed seafood - crab meat, shrimps, squid and scallops. The sauce was the yummiest!

Talaba at Roy Zon Bie! Trust me, if you love oyster, you'll fall in love with this! haha


Clothes and shoes are my weaknesses! So when I came across A & B Money Changer (across the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas), imagine the battle I had with myself so I wouldn't stop by. You guessed it, I lost. So I went inside the store and I was so surprised at how affordable their bags are! Though these bags may not be the authentic ones, you will delight at the good quality of their Class A imitation bags. C'mon, even the boutiques in SM Department stores don't sell authentic Louis Vuitton bags, do they? Prices varies from the brands and designs but the most affordable bag I found in their store starts at 380 to 500.

Money Changer

Money changers are must-go for backpackers and here in Iloilo, you won't find anything close to the awesomeness of Makita Money Changer. It's actually on the second floor of a spare parts shop but outside, they have this big sign board that says Makita Money Changer. It's close to SM Delgado. 

I love how organized their system in changing is. You will need to get a priority card then wait till the digital signage flashes your number then you will have to enter a booth, tell the attendant what transaction you would like such as having your money converted, buy dollars, etc. You will be asked to fill up a form and the waiting time isn't as terrible like in most banks! Also, they would give you the right, if not the best, rate for your money. 

Barong Tagalog in Iloilo

If you're looking for barong, Sambo Bazaar is the place to go! My friend, Michael Pacit, told me that they have the most inexpensive barong starting at P300-1,500 (they'd even give you discount for that P1,500!) Incredibly low priced yet great design and style. When you go to the malls, you would never find barongs priced at 1,500, usually you could buy them at 3,000 or even more so we were really surprised at how cheap their barongs in Sambo Bazaar are!


Backpackers are known to always look for places that have the cheapest rates and The Family Pension House gives that to you! With you P300 per night, you would have a modest place to stay with the basic accommodation. With that, I must warn you that there's no A/C but just a simple electric fan, bed and perhaps a table. A friend who stayed there for a couple of nights informed me that it wasn't a bad place to stay and would actually recommend it since it's just a few minutes walk from the grocery stores like Atrium, SM Delgado and schools. 

Iloilo is a small city and that means you could actually easily look for places and establishments that could let you buy things and services at incredibly low rate. You just need to know where to find them!

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