Alter Space: A Reminder That Saving the Earth Is a Game Everyone Can Play!

The Problem

Hey everyone! 
Meet Knut.
Isn't he cute? You bet!
 Knut and his brother were born on December 5, 2006. 
But the thing is, on March 19th Knut died at four years old, which is quite unusual since polar bears often live 20 to 30 years. 

What seems to be the problem here? 
Just like the Mother Earth and many other animals around us, there's not much they could do about the environment that they live in. The length of their and even our lives depends solely on how we make or break the world we live in.

The Solution: Anybody?

An important job had to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

Or RIP: Someone Else

The pack was saddened this week to learn of the death of one of our most valuable
members, Someone Else.
Someone's passing creates a vacancy that will be difficult to fill.
He had been with us for
years and for every one of those years, Someone did far more than a normal person's
share of the work.
Whenever leadership was mentioned, we looked to this wonderful
person for inspiration as well as results: "Someone else can do that job."
When there was a job to do, a need to be filled, or a place of leadership, one name always
mentioned was Someone Else.
It is common knowledge that Someone Else was among
the largest givers of time and money in the pack.
Whenever there was a financial need,
everyone assumed that Someone Else would make up the difference.
Now Someone Else is gone.
We wonder what we are going to do.
No longer can we say,
"Let Someone Else do it." 

If it is going to be done, one of us will
have to do it.

It's not Anybody. 
Not even Someone Else. 
It has to be YOU. 

Saving the Earth - A Game that Everybody Can Play

There are bazillion of things that you can do in your own little way, 
in your own little community to save the Earth. 
Below are a couple of videos that show the simple yet powerful things that you can do to save the Earth.
You don't have to go somewhere else. You need to start within the four corners of your home. Please watch the videos below and you will see that there's power within you that's waiting to be unleashed. 
You CAN.

5 Easy Wants to Save the Planet

Now, you don't have to be a superhero in order to make a change. 
Take a look at these kids who lived EACH DAY striving to make a difference. 
In a matter of 5 minutes! 
Now imagine if all of us could spend 5 minutes of our lives each day to help save the Earth. Each time we spend striving to save the Earth will eventually help it live a little longer. 
More lives will enjoy this world a little more.

Change the World in 5 Minutes - Everyday at School

Save the Earth: Join the Game!
Join the game of saving the Earth. You don't need superpowers to win the battle against global warming. All you need is your cool and oozing desire to help save the Earth.

There had been much written and said about the things you can do to save the Earth and fight the global warming. You can also find many tips on how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions. Equipped with all the information on how to properly and fully execute them, you can start becoming your own Super Earth Man in your home. Yes, everything has to start at home. 

Take a look at my character in Alter Space -it  is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook. 

Jonha has to be happy so she could start on doing good deeds and spreading love in other parts of the community. 
All of these starts at home. 
She has be prepared by doing her house chores first. Then eventually in her community. 
Her city. 
Her country and  eventually the whole galaxy.
 Jonha has to achieve specific level of happiness before she could go and create a change in the world. The same is true with all of us. We need to identify ways on how we could improve our home and the little things we could do at home so we could save the Earth. 

Save Energy. Save the Earth.
 The best part which Jonha really enjoy doing at home is turning off the appliances that are not used. Unplugging these appliances would not only save her money but also the Earth. 
You can, too!
Saving the Earth could be both fun and rewarding with Alter Space - the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook!

Forget about the 'sacrifices' - as others perceive it - that one has to do in saving the Earth. Just like Superman, you can have fun saving the Earth! Below are just some of the many things that you can do!

Saving the Earth: One Sweep at a Time

Now to prove that there's really something we - YOU - can do, below are just some of the things that I have done in my community. 

Together with other members in our Church, we allocate a couple of hours or so of our time every Saturday to clean our chapel. Our local unit decided not to hire a janitor so we could all be self-reliant and responsible in our environment because after all, if we are reckless, we're still the ones who will suffer. 

With such mentality in mind, both adults and kids became more careful of our actions. Consequently, there had been lesser litters in the pathway leading to our chapel. The grasses were neatly trimmed and the little plastics and bottles were no longer scattered. 

We loved it. We felt that we're doing something that could actually outlive us. 
Then the desire has been extended and the program expanded. We started cleaning our local town plaza. The schools, the cemetery and every possible place we could clean. We started to clean the community - one sweep at a time.

 Us going to Jaro Plaza to start our Save the Earth : One Sweep at a Time
 Don't we look like professional sweepers already? You can too! :-)

Save the Earth. Save the Philippine Tourism.

Below are interesting updates from Maybelline Philippines and Alter Space
Maybelline Philippines as to what are we doing to beat the heat. 
It looks like the Alter Space has the answer ;-)
Instead of trying to go somewhere else. Every Juan could just look for a local place that caters the services and has the amenities that you need. For sure you don't have to go to Thailand just to get a body massage or to Hongkong just to shop. 

Instead  of the usual meeting place at the mall, why not go to a place that allows you to relax and get a chance to enjoy the wonders and beauty of the nature.
That's what I did in my weekend get-a-way!

 Think of a local place.
If you can't think of any, think again.
Think a little harder.

You'll be surprised that there are so much local places that will allow you to relax, enjoy without the need to deal with the hassle of travelling - imagine lesser carbon to be released from the vehicles which you will take. Consequently, lesser expenses!

Protect the Trees. Opt for online Billing and ePress Release!

 Justine Ezarik or iJustine rose to fame with her 300-page iPhone bill video wherein she showed her environmental activism, saying, "AT&T should get a new tagline — use AT&T, kill a tree."

The USA Today story was also titled "How many trees did your iPhone bill kill? According to blogger Muhammad Saleem, Apple's aim to have 10 million iPhone users by the end of 2008 would require the logging of about 74,535 trees annually, assuming an average 100 page monthly bill.

"For these huge amounts of paper to be printed many trees have to be sacrificed and, according to blogger Muhammad Saleem, Apple's aim to have 10 million iPhone users by the end of 2008 would require the logging of about 74,535 trees annually." - Muhammad Saleem

Just recently, PLDT which is my ISP sent us a memo that we now have an option to opt for online billing. At last! The country's leading telecom provider has given heed to the Mother Nature's plea to save her. More and more companies should allow its customers to receive statement of accounts and billing online.

Advertising companies should also consider having press releases online or ePress instead of the expensive and time consuming traditional way of press release publishing it.

Reduce. Re-use.Recycle. Re-think.Re-invent. 
You'll be surprised at myriad of things that you can do with the things you thought are no longer useless. 

A spectacular artwork made solely from used aluminum cans has been unveiled on top of the chalk cliffs of the Sussex coastline to mark the beginning of Recycle Week.
The possibilities are endless. 

Patchwork Dog made with Recycled toys

Pencil Carving by Dalton Ghetti 

Tired of your pencils? Don't throw them yet! Why not try..and I mean, TRY to do some simple pencil caving ;-)

You never know, a talent like that of Dalton Ghetti could be unleashed in you!

Chandelier made with hundreds of Coca Cola bottles

Solutions. Now Execution
There are so many solutions out there. They don't need to be big always. The most effective ways are usually those little things we strive to do. Start with your home. Today. Because for me and my house, #wejustdid.

And oh, did I mention that if I get to win the iPad, I'd definitely get an 
Eco-friendly iPad Case with Keyboard made from Coconut trees

At first glance, nothing seems to be peculiar with this iPad case. Well, not much except that it's eco-friendly and its keyboard are made with coconut thus called ECONUT

Saving the Earth is indeed a game EVERYONE can play! You can, start now!

50 ways

This is my official entry to Aboitiz Power Alter Space Bloggers Contest
Feel free to leave your comments or share the post with your friends. :-)  

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Mike Yeung said...

Hey Jonha!

Gradually, there had been rise in demand in eco-friendly products as people became more aware and educated on what we could do to save the Earth. We could always do better than we currently are. We really appreciate you advocating and spearheading on this - not just talking. Great theme about Saving the Earth - One Sweet at a Time!

Panic Anxiety Help said...

Saw this post through Jenn Keithson's Wall and I'm glad that I checked it out. You are right about the need to start the campaign in our homes. I am LDS too and I'm glad that our Church program has helped you serve and save your community. Please continue what you are doing! Great job! - Gretchen

TheMommyBlogger said...

I love your style of writing. It's not the preachy type and it helps us understand what you want us to learn and has this driving force in an encouraging way because we've seen you do it. Makes us think we can too.

Make Money Online Secrets said...

I'd like to try the creative part of me. I might consider trying to create one of those chandeliers! haha The idea of pencil carving sounds fun too. I love just how innovative the ideas you've presented and it's good that you prove they're actually feasible. The need to protect the Earth has never been this strong. We could indeed do something about it by simply taking the public vehicle, perhaps take a walk too.

Pauline Frommer’s Daily Briefing said...

Wow, should I stop traveling?lol. Thanks for the awareness Jonha! You write superb articles - it's like a drug, definitely riveting.

Anonymous said...

For me and my family, we try to practice prudence in our lifestyle. We learned that if all the households in the U.S. switched from hot-hot cycle to warm-cold, we could save the energy comparable to 100,000 barrels of oil a day. Also, we buy local.
Consider the amount of pollution created to get your food from the farm to your table. Whenever possible, buy from local farmers or farmers' markets, supporting your local economy and reducing the amount of greenhouse gas created when products are flown or trucked in.Let's save the Earth together!

Susan Wademan said...

Aww, Knut's death saddens me because I'm such an animal lover. :(

I agree that we all need to help each other in saving the Earth. It's the only planet with chocolates! ;-)

un vrai ami said...

Wow, looks like an interesting game. I wonder, are the instructions in Filipino or in English? I wanna play the Alter Space game too! haha

Samantha Bangayan said...

Wow, Jonha! You have so many amazing ideas here! I have to say that starting with Knut and his brother was a great idea. =) Cute animals always help! I wish I had a polar bear for a pet. =P

And absolutely LOVED the Alter Space game! =) I want to try it out! =)

Sending you all my lucky charms, Jonha! =)

Olivia Hernandez said...

A friend posted your link to her Wall and I'm glad she did. These are
really good ideas on how to save the Earth. At home, what we do is that we
turn off the AC during the night when it's not too hot. We figured it
would save us some money and the earth. Well done, well done!

You must be very proud, all the Filipinos and other game developers in
your country for having such a great game that creates awareness.

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Mike Yeung - Hey mate, thanks for dropping by! It indeed feels good to do something for the good and outlive us.

Panic Anxiety Help - Hi Sister Gretchen :-) Please continue being a blessing to all the lives you're in contact with too. Thanks for heading over to Jenn's link and it's nice to see you here.

TheMommyBlogger - Why, thank you! I bet you and your kids are doing simple eco-friendly things to save the Earth :-)

Make Money Online Secrets - That sounds fun! haha Let us know what are those creative things you can come up with with your recycled stuff :-)

Pauline Frommer’s Daily Briefing - lol, Thank you. From a seasoned and truly inspiring blogger, it means so much to me :) Please keep doing what you have you. You give us a great view of the world. Perhaps add a few eco-friendly travels this time, eh?

Anonymous said - Hi there, those are really great tips for us! Let us save the Earth together indeed :-)

Susan Wademan - Your dog looks stinkin cute! Haha! The only planet with lots of chocolates and cute pets indeed!

un vrai ami - All the instructions are in English, you sure need to try it! haha

Samantha Bangayan - Sam! Thanks for the kind words, it means so much to me. Haha, me wish I could have a polar bear like Knut too. haha!

Olivia Hernandez -Aw, we don't use an AC. It's both cost effective and earth-friendly. ;-) I'm glad that Aboitiz has pioneered in developing such a great and fun game :-)

Thanks everyone for the kind notes! :-)

Lizzie O'Reilly said...

Jill told me about this article and she was right, it's filled with fun yet practical tips. Would you mind if we share this with our readers? And oh, that Alter Space game looks fun too, we might just write our review of it too!

Regina Schulz said...

Those are really fun ideas on how to save the Earth. I enjoyed the videos and how the little kids strive to do what they can to save the word in as little as 5 minutes. Imagine what a blessing it would be if all of us could do that EACH day of our lives!

K.R Paranga said...

Wow Im from Jaro too!!!
Such a creative entry..
If you wouldnt mind I am inviting you to Pleeeasse follow my blog at
pleaassee.. kilanlan ko viewers...hehe... salamat!

Ashley said...

Hi Jonha,

I really love your ideas on how to save the Earth. Very practical and I see that you've been doing them too! Kudos to you.

I usually don't let my kids play any games online but if it teaches awareness on how to Save the Earth, then I guess I'd let them play this Alter Space.

Danilo Laguiman said...

With your recommendation, I started paying the Alter Space game and I'm loving it. I'm on level 2 now, what about you?