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Alter Space: A Reminder That Saving the Earth Is a Game Everyone Can Play!

The Problem

Hey everyone! 
Meet Knut.
Isn't he cute? You bet!
 Knut and his brother were born on December 5, 2006. 
But the thing is, on March 19th Knut died at four years old, which is quite unusual since polar bears often live 20 to 30 years. 

What seems to be the problem here? 
Just like the Mother Earth and many other animals around us, there's not much they could do about the environment that they live in. The length of their and even our lives depends solely on how we make or break the world we live in.

The Solution: Anybody?

An important job had to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

Or RIP: Someone Else

The pack was saddened this week to learn of the death of one of our most valuable
members, Someone Else.
Someone's passing creates a vacancy that will be difficult to fill.
He had been with us for
years and for every one of those years, Someone did far more than a normal person's
share of the work.
Whenever leadership was mentioned, we looked to this wonderful
person for inspiration as well as results: "Someone else can do that job."
When there was a job to do, a need to be filled, or a place of leadership, one name always
mentioned was Someone Else.
It is common knowledge that Someone Else was among
the largest givers of time and money in the pack.
Whenever there was a financial need,
everyone assumed that Someone Else would make up the difference.
Now Someone Else is gone.
We wonder what we are going to do.
No longer can we say,
"Let Someone Else do it." 

If it is going to be done, one of us will
have to do it.

It's not Anybody. 
Not even Someone Else. 
It has to be YOU. 

Saving the Earth - A Game that Everybody Can Play

There are bazillion of things that you can do in your own little way, 
in your own little community to save the Earth. 
Below are a couple of videos that show the simple yet powerful things that you can do to save the Earth.
You don't have to go somewhere else. You need to start within the four corners of your home. Please watch the videos below and you will see that there's power within you that's waiting to be unleashed. 
You CAN.

5 Easy Wants to Save the Planet

Now, you don't have to be a superhero in order to make a change. 
Take a look at these kids who lived EACH DAY striving to make a difference. 
In a matter of 5 minutes! 
Now imagine if all of us could spend 5 minutes of our lives each day to help save the Earth. Each time we spend striving to save the Earth will eventually help it live a little longer. 
More lives will enjoy this world a little more.

Change the World in 5 Minutes - Everyday at School

Save the Earth: Join the Game!
Join the game of saving the Earth. You don't need superpowers to win the battle against global warming. All you need is your cool and oozing desire to help save the Earth.

There had been much written and said about the things you can do to save the Earth and fight the global warming. You can also find many tips on how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions. Equipped with all the information on how to properly and fully execute them, you can start becoming your own Super Earth Man in your home. Yes, everything has to start at home. 

Take a look at my character in Alter Space -it  is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook. 

Jonha has to be happy so she could start on doing good deeds and spreading love in other parts of the community. 
All of these starts at home. 
She has be prepared by doing her house chores first. Then eventually in her community. 
Her city. 
Her country and  eventually the whole galaxy.
 Jonha has to achieve specific level of happiness before she could go and create a change in the world. The same is true with all of us. We need to identify ways on how we could improve our home and the little things we could do at home so we could save the Earth. 

Save Energy. Save the Earth.
 The best part which Jonha really enjoy doing at home is turning off the appliances that are not used. Unplugging these appliances would not only save her money but also the Earth. 
You can, too!
Saving the Earth could be both fun and rewarding with Alter Space - the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook!

Forget about the 'sacrifices' - as others perceive it - that one has to do in saving the Earth. Just like Superman, you can have fun saving the Earth! Below are just some of the many things that you can do!

Saving the Earth: One Sweep at a Time

Now to prove that there's really something we - YOU - can do, below are just some of the things that I have done in my community. 

Together with other members in our Church, we allocate a couple of hours or so of our time every Saturday to clean our chapel. Our local unit decided not to hire a janitor so we could all be self-reliant and responsible in our environment because after all, if we are reckless, we're still the ones who will suffer. 

With such mentality in mind, both adults and kids became more careful of our actions. Consequently, there had been lesser litters in the pathway leading to our chapel. The grasses were neatly trimmed and the little plastics and bottles were no longer scattered. 

We loved it. We felt that we're doing something that could actually outlive us. 
Then the desire has been extended and the program expanded. We started cleaning our local town plaza. The schools, the cemetery and every possible place we could clean. We started to clean the community - one sweep at a time.

 Us going to Jaro Plaza to start our Save the Earth : One Sweep at a Time
 Don't we look like professional sweepers already? You can too! :-)

Save the Earth. Save the Philippine Tourism.

Below are interesting updates from Maybelline Philippines and Alter Space
Maybelline Philippines as to what are we doing to beat the heat. 
It looks like the Alter Space has the answer ;-)
Instead of trying to go somewhere else. Every Juan could just look for a local place that caters the services and has the amenities that you need. For sure you don't have to go to Thailand just to get a body massage or to Hongkong just to shop. 

Instead  of the usual meeting place at the mall, why not go to a place that allows you to relax and get a chance to enjoy the wonders and beauty of the nature.
That's what I did in my weekend get-a-way!

 Think of a local place.
If you can't think of any, think again.
Think a little harder.

You'll be surprised that there are so much local places that will allow you to relax, enjoy without the need to deal with the hassle of travelling - imagine lesser carbon to be released from the vehicles which you will take. Consequently, lesser expenses!

Protect the Trees. Opt for online Billing and ePress Release!

 Justine Ezarik or iJustine rose to fame with her 300-page iPhone bill video wherein she showed her environmental activism, saying, "AT&T should get a new tagline — use AT&T, kill a tree."

The USA Today story was also titled "How many trees did your iPhone bill kill? According to blogger Muhammad Saleem, Apple's aim to have 10 million iPhone users by the end of 2008 would require the logging of about 74,535 trees annually, assuming an average 100 page monthly bill.

"For these huge amounts of paper to be printed many trees have to be sacrificed and, according to blogger Muhammad Saleem, Apple's aim to have 10 million iPhone users by the end of 2008 would require the logging of about 74,535 trees annually." - Muhammad Saleem

Just recently, PLDT which is my ISP sent us a memo that we now have an option to opt for online billing. At last! The country's leading telecom provider has given heed to the Mother Nature's plea to save her. More and more companies should allow its customers to receive statement of accounts and billing online.

Advertising companies should also consider having press releases online or ePress instead of the expensive and time consuming traditional way of press release publishing it.

Reduce. Re-use.Recycle. Re-think.Re-invent. 
You'll be surprised at myriad of things that you can do with the things you thought are no longer useless. 

A spectacular artwork made solely from used aluminum cans has been unveiled on top of the chalk cliffs of the Sussex coastline to mark the beginning of Recycle Week.
The possibilities are endless. 

Patchwork Dog made with Recycled toys

Pencil Carving by Dalton Ghetti 

Tired of your pencils? Don't throw them yet! Why not try..and I mean, TRY to do some simple pencil caving ;-)

You never know, a talent like that of Dalton Ghetti could be unleashed in you!

Chandelier made with hundreds of Coca Cola bottles

Solutions. Now Execution
There are so many solutions out there. They don't need to be big always. The most effective ways are usually those little things we strive to do. Start with your home. Today. Because for me and my house, #wejustdid.

And oh, did I mention that if I get to win the iPad, I'd definitely get an 
Eco-friendly iPad Case with Keyboard made from Coconut trees

At first glance, nothing seems to be peculiar with this iPad case. Well, not much except that it's eco-friendly and its keyboard are made with coconut thus called ECONUT

Saving the Earth is indeed a game EVERYONE can play! You can, start now!

50 ways

This is my official entry to Aboitiz Power Alter Space Bloggers Contest
Feel free to leave your comments or share the post with your friends. :-)  

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McDonalds BF&GF Commercial - Philippines & India Versions

What McDonald's is Trying to Teach the Advertising Agencies

1. Value in Every Culture. Value in Every Race. 

Through the years, McDonald's has done many commercials that really touch the heart of the Filipinos. Perhaps everyone in the Philippines, both the young and old alike, would always remember the "Gina Po" commercial wherein the grandfather showed his favoritism on his apo (granddaughter) - Gina. It's a trait that every Filipino could relate to. Favoritism is just something that we have not only for particular members of our family but even in friends. McDonald's know just that. 

2. Different Strokes for Different Folks
McDonald's (or should I say, it's advertising firm - hands down!) understands that every country has different culture. What might tickle in Asia may not work as effectively in the Middle East or in the US. Therefore, I was quite surprised to see different versions of similar concept commercials for McDonald's BF/GF commercial. Trying not to compare which is better than the other, I couldn't help but notice that each video gave emphasis on what each country values. Take a look at each version of the commercial and you will see that in advertising, it is very important to remember that John has different preferences than Juan. It is therefore essential to give focus on what every country value's and bank on that.

McDonalds Philippines BF & GF Commercial - Philippines Version

McDonalds Philippines BF & GF Commercial - India Version

Izzo Shop's Molly Camera Satchel Bag: Home to Your Most Beloved Gadgets!

Hi *waves* from Erica and Audrey

 Well, they are my best buddies. 
Erica is my iTouch which Yahoo! Philippines gave me. 

 While this is Audrey, my cute little pink Sony Cybershot TX5 camera. 
I must admit I was tempted to name her Agua because she could live underwater

They look nice, don't they?
But the thing is, when you start to gather them altogether, this is how they look like.
 Er, not at their best, I must admit.

I've got separate little pouches for every gadget that I have. 
Ericka lives in the white pouch.
Audrey lives in the brown Sony Cybershot bag.
While the cords and the other little accessories all live in a brown pouch. 

But still that doesn't change the fact that they may look cute separately, 
but still don't look great altogether.

I'm sure all of you ladies out there would agree that we love to collect and carry around our gadgets whether it be our iPod, cellphone, camera, DSLR and many other gadgets. But the thing is, it's a bit difficult to organize  them and put them altogether in just one bag. Some of them already had scratches because either they would just cram due to lack of space. Or worse, they would dance like nobody's around due to too much space. 

Then I saw this!

Momma Mia! Eureka! This is exactly what I need! 

Izzo Shop's Molly camera satchel bag.

The design doesn't make it appear like the usual gadget bag. I try to avoid bags that are too obvious that it houses to gadgets so I don't have to worry with snatchers, if you know what I mean ;-)
The inside is also designed to be cushy to protect the gadgets. And oh, did I mention that my camera would be lonely without the cords and other accessories?
Good thing this  Izzo Shop's Molly camera satchel bag has dividers to accomodate them all! Now isn't that lovely? 

Wait, the good news is that BLOGGERS UNITED and Izzo Shop is giving you one for free! 
Now that's sweet.
(It'd be sweeter if I could win it though ;-)

Join now as the contest ends on April 30th!

For details on how to win this uber amazing camera satchel bag, simply go to Bloggers United contest page

Touching Filipinos Hearts through Family and Love - Advertisements

Filipinos probably are the most family-oriented people in the world. We put too much value and effort in keeping our families together even to the point wherein three generations live in the same roof or compound.

With such emphasis with the family, various brands knew just how to tickle the fancy of the Filipino people with advertisements that put value in traditions and love in the family. Below are just some of the most viral video advertisements in the Philippines.

1. Nestle Philippines TV Commercial: Nestle 100 Years "Pag-Ibig"

2. Mc Donalds Classic Philippine TV Commercial / Karen 

3. McDonalds Philippines New Commercial 2011' BF GF' FRIES

McDonald's Commercials

McDonalds understand that Filipinos could always "relate" to family-oriented advertisements and they definitely do a great job in creating such ads until their BF/GF commercial wherein a girl asked the boy if they're already in a relationship and the guy responded no because girlfriends demand a lot. The little girl then responded that she only wanted "McDo Frenchfries". Most responses were, "Aww,cute" and "Ah, sweet". But the Catholic Church thinks differently. While I respect the religious group's view, I don't think that it gives such a negative notion with today's generation's view of true love.

Therefore, when I saw this photo of Starbucks, I thought it would be a perfect response from Starbucks,
  "Gusto ko lang naman ng Starbucks, eh"

A little girl enjoying her Starbucks coffee ;-)

Employee of Philippine Prudential Life Insurance (PPLIC) Apologized!

Do you still remember the employee who lured me into signing up for an insurance with PPLIC?

Guess what, she apologized! If you don't remember, here's the post and you'll see her picture. And if you're still clueless on how to cancel your policy, here's a complete resource on how to do it.

So here goes her letter. (Click on the image to maximize)
I think the apology goes to all those who were fooled to sign up and whose time were wasted.

RCBC Mercury Drug MyWallet Card - Convenience of ATM with Rewards of Suki Points

ATM with Suki Points with RCBC Mercury Drug MyWallet Card

RCBC has partnered with the leading drugstore in the Philippines to help Filipinos enjoy an ATM card with the rewards of Mercury Suki points with the all new Mercury Drug MyWallet Card. The card gives its holders the ability to use it as an ATM card and enjoy Suki points that has long been enjoyed by Mercury Drug Store Suki Card holders.

Ellen, with her Mercury MyWallet Card

In a press release by RCBC, Iain Jamieson, Country Manager, Philippines and Guam, Visa, said: "Mercury Drug MyWallet card is the first prepaid card in the Philippines that uses chip technology to allow cardholders to collect reward points with their purchases at Mercury Drug. The card is Visa powered and that means you could actually use it as normal ATM card and withdraw and process transactions in over 18,000 Bancnet POS merchants and over 70,000 Visa-accepting establishments in the Philippines.

Locally, cardholders can perform other transactions such as bills payment at any of over 600 RCBC and RCBC Savings Bank ATMs and more than 4,500 other BancNet-affiliated ATMs nationwide. 

Being Visa-enabled, the new card can be taken and used abroad to enable cardholder to access their accounts, withdraw funds, and conveniently purchase goods via its debit card function from over 30 million Visa accredited merchants worldwide and more than 1.7 million VISA-bearing ATM locations worldwide. 

What's even more amazingly convenient is that this new Mercury Drug MyWallet card can be used to pay for fares at select MRT stations. The card can just be tapped on a card-reader located directly at the station turnstiles to allow users to board in and out without having to line up at the payment booths. 

The Mercury Drug MyWallet card in general is ideal for those who have no bank deposit accounts but want a safe and convenient storage facility that lets them access their cash anytime, anywhere they want. It has no finance or interest charges, and no required monthly maintaining balance, so cardholders can keep as little as P100 or any amount to get them through their day, up to a maximum of P100,000 per month. The loading fee is only P10 per transaction.

I love the idea of the new Mercury Drug MyWallet because I could actually open an account with RCBC and if I want to go on a trip abroad, I could have access to my local funds here since it is Visa powered card. When asked as to why did she get a card, my officemate, Ellen, said that she likes the idea of having an account wherein she could keep her money safe without worrying for a maintaining balance and get to enjoy points from her purchases in Mercury Drug. RCBC has just pioneered in providing a way for Filipinos to shop conveniently and get to earn rewards for doing so! 

For more details about the Mercury Drug MyWallet Card, simply go to RCBC's press release

Highbrow Shopping in Iloilo - Best Deals and Must Visit Shops for Backpackers

Best Deals and Finds - Establishments in Iloilo that Gives You the Most for your Money

When shopping, we all want to make the most of our money. We would like to buy more quality items at, if possible, much lower prices. That's where I put my highbrow shopping skills into use. That means I could buy great products and services at incredibly much lower rate. How? When you know where to go!

The products doesn't necessarily of low quality. It's just that there are certain stores here in Iloilo that sell them at much lower prices when compared to their competitors. So, should we start?


 Green Mango Ube Roll - you can't help but ask for more! haha

Green Mango - Fastfood that lets you choose from their wide menu of great food at incredibly low prices. Mom was able to buy their Sotanghon for P29.00 and with only P45.00, you could enjoy unlimited drinks! Now, some might think that at such low prices, the food may not taste good. Think again because I could guarantee that their food may not taste like those restaurants that have been ranked with Michelin stars but they don't taste terrible either. If you're a backpacker, you'll definitely enjoy their budget friendly foods. It's like enjoying great good at almost carinderia rate. :-)

 Mom enjoying her Sotanghon at Green Mango Jaro Plaza branch

RoyZonBie Grill in Villa

Me with friends in RoyZonBie Grill in Villa. Definitely worth every penny spent!  

If you fancy some seafoods, Villa is the place to go in Iloilo! While there may be a lot of restaurants to choose from like Annie's, Stanley's Breakthrough and many others, one that really stand out is the RoyZonBie Grill. They have a nice ambience if you want to just enjoy hanging out with your friends, eat seafoods and sing your heart out.

One funny experience was when I thought people singing in their mini-stage was hired and they sounded awful for hired singers only to realize that the joke was on me kind of thing because they were not actually singers and like me, they're just customers enjoying a song or two. So yeah, if you feel like having videoke, it's definitely a great place to go.

We also ate their mixed seafoods which only costs P150 for one plate and good for 2 person. It has oyster, shrimp, lobster sticks and scallops. I love the sauce! 

 Mixed seafood - crab meat, shrimps, squid and scallops. The sauce was the yummiest!

Talaba at Roy Zon Bie! Trust me, if you love oyster, you'll fall in love with this! haha


Clothes and shoes are my weaknesses! So when I came across A & B Money Changer (across the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas), imagine the battle I had with myself so I wouldn't stop by. You guessed it, I lost. So I went inside the store and I was so surprised at how affordable their bags are! Though these bags may not be the authentic ones, you will delight at the good quality of their Class A imitation bags. C'mon, even the boutiques in SM Department stores don't sell authentic Louis Vuitton bags, do they? Prices varies from the brands and designs but the most affordable bag I found in their store starts at 380 to 500.

Money Changer

Money changers are must-go for backpackers and here in Iloilo, you won't find anything close to the awesomeness of Makita Money Changer. It's actually on the second floor of a spare parts shop but outside, they have this big sign board that says Makita Money Changer. It's close to SM Delgado. 

I love how organized their system in changing is. You will need to get a priority card then wait till the digital signage flashes your number then you will have to enter a booth, tell the attendant what transaction you would like such as having your money converted, buy dollars, etc. You will be asked to fill up a form and the waiting time isn't as terrible like in most banks! Also, they would give you the right, if not the best, rate for your money. 

Barong Tagalog in Iloilo

If you're looking for barong, Sambo Bazaar is the place to go! My friend, Michael Pacit, told me that they have the most inexpensive barong starting at P300-1,500 (they'd even give you discount for that P1,500!) Incredibly low priced yet great design and style. When you go to the malls, you would never find barongs priced at 1,500, usually you could buy them at 3,000 or even more so we were really surprised at how cheap their barongs in Sambo Bazaar are!


Backpackers are known to always look for places that have the cheapest rates and The Family Pension House gives that to you! With you P300 per night, you would have a modest place to stay with the basic accommodation. With that, I must warn you that there's no A/C but just a simple electric fan, bed and perhaps a table. A friend who stayed there for a couple of nights informed me that it wasn't a bad place to stay and would actually recommend it since it's just a few minutes walk from the grocery stores like Atrium, SM Delgado and schools. 

Iloilo is a small city and that means you could actually easily look for places and establishments that could let you buy things and services at incredibly low rate. You just need to know where to find them!

Say Hello to a Prettier, Pinkier Glitter Studded Sony Cybershot DSC-TX5!

Underwater Camera Paint Peeled Off Remedy

The one which I gave myself as an advance Christmas present? Well the thing is, underwater cameras are cool but once you use them in swimming pools, or others say that as long as it's underwater camera, the paint easily peels off. Not only Sony cameras but also Olympus and other underwater cameras. 

Since it's too untrendy to carry around with you a camera that looks like a mirror in front, I decided to decorate it with a sticker. Therefore, I found a remedy to the peeling off paint problem of my Sony TX5 underwater camera! 

Using the Spidvid stickers which the founder, Jeremy Campbell, sent me, I made a DIY cover for my camera and tada! 

Spidvid sticker with my Sony Cybershot TX5 - I used to use it as a mirror like everyone else who had problems with their cameras paint peeled off! haha

 Spidvid stickers added color to my already awesome camera! If you miss how my camera looks like when it was brand new, simply go here! :-)

 I was a little skeptic about how it would turn out but it looks like I did the right thing. 
Spidvid + Sony = Pure Awesome. 

Then I learned about cellphone trendy stickers. So I decided to go to Mix'n Match and I found these cute pink stickers! 

 The Spidvid stickers were awesome but these pink sticker look like they truly belong. They're rocking my Sony camera!

 My Sony camera couldn't be happier. The glittering stickers made it even more classy, more cute and even much more lovely!
If you're having problems with your underwater camera because the paint has peeled off, don't fret. Look for cellphone stickers like the pink one above that I had. These stickers are actually available in many other colors like black, blue and orange. Put on some of these glittering stickers on your camera, cellphone or even laptop and say hello to much more glamorous and elegant camera! Couldn't be happier!

What do you think?