Knight in Shining Armor - Adventure Partner

I grew up believing in fairy tales. I always believe in happy endings. However, to hear from someone you admire of her own version of a fairytale, it makes you wish you not only to hear it, but to see and experience it for yourself.

Angelina once told me of a remarkable experience she had when her scriptures has helped her escape danger when the book which she neatly kept on her bag was struck by a sharp object instead of directly hitting her. 

Though I may not have escaped physical dangers just like what happened to Angelina, my adventure partner –which is my scripture, has helped me escape various other dangers. 

1. Don't worry about losing a signal
The word of God provides endless communication between our Heavenly Father and us. Its network coverage is endless. And yes, you don't have to worry about varying bill rates wherever you may go. 

2. Constant companion
People come and go in our lives, but in this every changing world, we can always trust in the Lord's unchanging word.

3. Letters
A missionary was once in deep solitude because his family doesn't write him letters during his mission here in the Philippines. The wife of the mission president joked him and said, "Elder, in the scriptures, there are lots of letters". 

I may not have experienced having a knight in shining armor like Angelina did. However, with my scriptures, I found an adventure partner - an eternal companion.  

This is an entry to Wanderlass Adventure Partner Contest themed ‘My Adventure Partner’ by and R.O.X. Philippines.


Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

Hey, nice entry! Nice to know there is another LDS blogger. where you from?

marikoy said...

Hi! LDS ka? :-D I found your blog via Bloggers.