Why Such in a Hurry Apple? And Motorola too!

The New MacBook Pro has Arrived

Just got an email from Apple a few minutes ago telling me that an all new and improved Macbook Pro has just arrived. 

The updated MacBook Pro laptops now boast Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors, improved cameras capable of HD video chat, and a speedy new interface with a cool-sounding name: Thunderbolt.

Surprise surprise, Apple is no longer following traditions lately. Like I must admit it, there's been so much anticipation about the iPad 2 lately that's about to be released on March 2nd, but whooa, iPad 3 to be released this fall?  Why such in a hurry? Is it because The National Enquirer thinks Steve only has 6 weeks to live

The Problem with Motorola Xoom

Well it looks like Apple is not the only one excited. Even Motorola too! Just look at how rushed was their release of Xoom to the point that LTE upgrade will require a hardware modification and they would even need you to send the device in for 6 days (at least that's how long they expect it gonna take for the upgrade to happen). Look at that, it seems like Apple is not the only one rushing but almost all the tablet manufacturers are! 

The Competition in the Tablet Market

Hello tablet world! It seems like it's the era of tablets. Laptops and netbooks would mostly likely be forgotten (at least for those who frequently travel). Oh well, the best thing that could only happen for the consumers is that we would all enjoy much better set of options. Remember: The best is yet to come for those who wait!

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