Tilteed Tees is Giving Away Some of their Cool Art T-Shirts and an iPod Touch!

Hey everyone! It's Jonha *waves*

That's me in my ProBlogger tee -- so happy.
Eh? Well not exactly...

What would make me happy then?

Well I've heard that Tilteed Tees is giving away some of their fun Art T-Shirts
Whooa! Now that would be something that would definitely make me happy, (Well, if I'd get lucky ;-)

Titleed Tees allows its community members and followers to submit their most creative and amazing t-shirt design and you might just be the lucky one who'd win $500! Right, it's just simple and they're cool at that.

While all the designs may be creative and fun to wear, this Foxes design by Greg Abbott is my favorite! 

It truly catches one's attention;

(especially when you're into orange colors - Blogger + Foxes = Pure Awesomeness)
So what would truly make me happy? 

It would be sweet if I could have some of the artistic t-shirts from Tilteed tees and if I get too lucky, perhaps that shiny iPod Touch from Apple could find it's way to me too! 

C'mon Tilteed Tees, you're awesome, I'm awesome - it would be sweet 
if you could give me this love of my life.....

Er, I mean the Foxes tee ;-)

Despite their wild behaviors, 
below are just some of the fun facts about foxes, and I want a FOX tee because they're: 


- Although it is a member of the dog family, some of fox habits are very cat like as well.

- Foxes live 2 to 3 years, and up to 10 years or even longer in captivity.

- Like cats, foxes often play with their catch before they kill it.

- Foxes have abundant ectoparasites (mites, fleas, ticks and lice).

- Foxes can hold up to one kilogram of flesh in their stomachs.

- Foxes can hear a watch ticking 40 yards away.

- The pupils of a fox's eyes are almond-shaped rather than round.

below are just some of the fun facts about Tilteed Tees

Let's count the ways of their awesomeness!

*They're the only ongoing, open t-shirt design contest where winning artists are paid $500. 

*A new t-shirt is printed every 72 hours!

*They launched BIG time! $5000 in prizes for the launch? That’s $5000 in total for the two winning designs ($3500 for the grand prize winning design, $1500 for the runner up)

They're on Twitter. What are you waiting for? You just gotta love following them!

They're on Facebook, you know you Like them!

Buy Tees thinks they're awesome! - I concur ;-)

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