Resources to Cancel Your Philippine Prudential Life Insurance (PPLIC)

Once and for all, if you're unsatisfied with your PPLIC insurance, here are my posts about how to cancel, sample of cancellation letter and other steps to follow when cancelling.

While I don't mind people texting me and sending me tweets or messages on my email, I am so sorry if I couldn't respond to all your requests especially when I am in no way an insurance expert. I am not a lawyer so I couldn't speak up like or for one. Please understand that all your specific concerns have specific answers and the PPLIC might have changed their rules so I can only comment and speak for what I have experienced. With that being said, may you find these links and resources helpful in getting your policy cancelled if you really want to. I cancelled my policy because I found a better company of which I am comfortable investing my money with but I am not convincing or persuading any of you guys to do the same. Feel free to use the following resources if you're sure about cancelling. 

Stay Away from Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Promos - Here's why I think their marketing strategies make them appear like one of those scam insurance companies.

How to Cancel your PPLIC (Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company) And Get your Refund! - Steps on how you could get your refund from PPLIC. Steps in helping you get started in cancelling and getting your refund.

Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Cancellation Letter Example - To help you get started in cancelling your policy, here's a sample of the cancellation letter.

Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Credited Back My Money After Less Than a Month - I got my refund in less than 30 days. So could you too!

Bonus: You can get in touch with the Insurance Commission at +632 5238461-70 , if you have any compliants against any insurance company.

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Victor said...

ma'am have you refunded the initial payment... because sad to say I'm also victimized by this scammers yesterday and i felt so stupid to fall in their Deceptive manner of Marketing... can you please help me out.

Anonymous said...

You may check the PPLIC in the website below if it is legitimate or not.

Anonymous said...

We might say that some insurance are legitimate, but can we say that they are stable for the period or years of your plan??

Jazmine Collins said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Hi I was one of those unlucky people...

I would like ask what will I do if I'm done with all the requirements and I'm now waiting for my refund. It has been 2 months since my Cancellation letter was confirmed.

I'm still waiting for my cashback.

Thank you.

Luis Cruz said...

Hi can you help me i got scammed too, now all their offices i think are closed, do you have any updates?