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The Gurus Have Long Been Using What Has Been Keeping You?

Are you an internet marketer that depends highly on your affiliate marketing income? How would you like to be taken seriously by your targeted market and not to have your expected sales hijacked or stolen from you?

When you're into affiliate marting, you need to cloak your links in order to avoid others from hijacking or stealing commissions from you and of course, to show everyone that you really know your thing. If you happen to have no prior technical skills, no worries! has got some really user-friendly interface that even your grandma would easily navigate to! ;-)

There are various link cloakers and trackers available online which could help you keep track of the number of visitors on your site but what about the capability to keep track which among your campaigns is really doing great and rocking it? Don't you just wish you could have a full control and make the most of your affiliate marketing campaigns?

Well I guess you're lucky as the guys at have just heard your prayers and are about to end every internet marketers pain in the butt.

Heck no, it's not just another link tracker. It's way more than that as they give you extra super powers that makes you just as omniscient as super [online] man. Well yeah, sort of. ;-)

Unlike most link trackers, LinkTrackr 2.0 allows you to have full control of your campaigns through its new added features like A/B split testing and conversion tracking!

Whooa, look at that! Oh man, I'm not describing to you the future of link tracking. We're talking about NOW. It's right here, right now with LinkTracker 2.0. These guys have recognized that there's much more than tracking the number of links in a link tracking platform. For an affiliate marketer to be fully equipped in all his campaigns, he needs a platform that allows him to keep track of the numbers, demographics, and yes, it would be sweet if there are additional features that helps in virality of the campaign. Now wouldn't that be sweet?

The Future of Link Tracking in LinkTrackr 2.0

You can now customize your affiliate links making it search-engine friendly. Yep, you've read it right, you can customize your link to suit your fancy. Say goodbye to funky URL's  and say hello to SEO-friendly link with LinkTrackr!

Now doesn't that sound like something we affiliate marketers have always been hoping for a link tracker? You bet!

Those were just some of the capabilities of the LinkTrackr older version. The good  thing is, LinkTrackr 2.0 just got even better as it allows you to:

1. Cloak and mask affiliate links so you don't have to worry about some clever marketer stealing your commissions and let this much more clever system take care of them instead! ;-)

2. Keep track of literally hundreds of campaigns such as banner ads, PPC and other campaigns without any prior technical knowledge. So yeah, you could feel like one of those internet marketing gurus for using this system like them without trying so hard to be one. Right, LinkTrackr 2.0 does the tricks for you.

3. Viral Bar- Holly Molly! This feature totally sets LinkTrackr from any other link tracking sites and systems as its affiliate marketing gone viral kind of thing allows your readers to share your content to various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Being a social media strategist that I am, I think this feature has just gotten the LinkTrackr team some brownie points ;-)

Now if that feature alone isn't amazing to you, I don't know what else is. 

Oh wait, there's more!

4. It has a Wordpress plugin that can convert your keywords to your tracking links! (Talking about being SEO-friendly). Now isn't that internet marketing made easy?

5. Hands down! It's totally web-based so there's no need for downloading any software baby!

On top of that, they have this risk-free 30-day money back guarantee that if you aren't satisfied with the system, you could simply tell them and they'd refund your money! No questions asked. (Though I doubt you'd do that).

Now for the very reason why you need to check out the LinkTrackr 2.0. Sit back. Take a cup of coffee at one hand and mouse on the other. 

A/B Split Testing
As the name implies, you can test which among your campaigns is truly converting. You see, in affiliate marketing, it's not just the traffic but most importantly, the conversion. Leads.Sales.

I've used a lot of link tracking system - with that I mean really a lot - but nothing comes close to the practicality and being user-friendly of! Now don't take just my words for it. You've just gotta have to experience it yourself. 

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