If Being Honest Don't Win, I Don't Know What Will

An Open Letter to the Admin of Snatch That

Dear Admin,

Namaste! Everyday I would "labor" in having my Facebook chat open (which I do not usually do until the contest) and encourage everyone in my network (read between the lines, sometimes I would harass them to! haha) that are online to support me in this contest because merely posting it on my Wall, my Twitter, and my blog and sending them general message through a group I'm the Admin (yeah that's where Steven O'dell and Carla McCoy got the memo about the contest - isn't that fun? Asking people to "support" you but eventually getting competition? That's collaboration at it's best, I guess). However, all of these didn't work as much as I hoped. 

Probability of Getting Facebook Likes is 4 out of 10

Everyday, aside from sending messages to all those in my network, I would chat with all of my friends and ask them to "Like" my entry

Let's see, I have over 1,000 (1,109 to be exact and 49 pending friend requests) authentic, unique and genuine friends on Facebook (yeah they're the ones who are always active - not only during contest times and they're not even aware of these contests until I shared with them). Most of them are web and technology heavyweights such as Penelope Trunk, Pete Cashmore, Dan Schawbel and many others.

My network is my net worth. I have the best people in my network such as Lisa Bettany, Pete Cashmore, Ding Neng and many others.

I have around 1111 friends on Facebook - traders, social media experts, Community Manager, Coaches and other internet heavy weights

After joining the contest, it's funny that I'm getting friend requests from weird sounding names. Perhaps one of the weird accounts from one of the other entrants? I'm sorry but I have over 49 other friend requests that I have to think over and if your plan is to sneak out, you will not succeed. Be on the look out for the name of those accounts, they may not be real ones.

The probability of getting these over 1000 friends to do some effort and "Like" the page + "Like" my entry is probably around 4 out of 10. Some would just "Like" the page (and couldn't figure out how to "Like" the entry) while others would well  - join and compete against me. Well, why not, it's what makes the contest even more fun and lively.  Sharing, as Mark Zuckerberg puts it, is fun.

Now, though I don't really mind the rampant exchanging of votes (trust me, at first I thought it's just the usual "like my entry and I will like yours too" kind of thing but I was appalled with what I learned (some people are actually exchanging bazillion of votes!) I think it's just amazing how one could get 200, 300 votes in just a single day attracting accounts that are only active during the contests when they have very little friends in their network. Too clever, aren't they? Too social? My guess is just as good as yours.

I really don't mind at all because if it's their way of winning, that's fine. 

Matthew 16:26 What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

I don't really wanna mess with their style. I just couldn't trade my dignity with an iPad. The world may corrupt such a thing but I wouldn't let such a thing corrupt me and my integrity. 

Why join the contest?

I joined the contest because;

(1) I really badly definitely want the prize (Well who wouldn't?!)
(2) I have the best people on my network. My network is my net worth.
(3) I believe that discount/deals buying sites bring blessings to the people and community, as Andrew Mason of Groupon started it.

Even if I'm way too behind the others (despite all my efforts, you know why they still rule), I still believe that the truth, honesty and integrity will still prevail. From every "Like" that the page and I receive, I would feel comforted with the fact that I've played a good fight and though 100 may be relatively small when compared to others, these are passionate, supportive and active members of Facebook - the people I know I could count on.

I really hope that you could scrub off the fake likes from the genuine ones so everybody could have a fair chance. I support you and your campaign and I hope that the person who wins it, surely, truly, deserves it. 

2 Timothy 4:7-8I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.

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