Goodbye Yahoo's MyBlogLog!

Fellow bloggers, you've read it right, Yahoo! is going to discontinue their MyBlogLog service by May 24,2011. 

The very community which automatically keeps track which blog you frequently go to and display your avatar for other readers in the community to see is yet another project of Yahoo! that's about to die. 

Just like any other Yahoo! services that didn't get as much success as its competitors such as Delicious (beatean by Digg), Upcoming and Flickr, MyBlogLog is another great project that's just going to end in vain. It's really saddening to see such a great product or project that would be gone in waste but I am hoping that all these restructuring and acquisitions would help make Yahoo! better and not just to give way for another far-fetched acquisition (of let's say Huffington Post) ;-)

Below is a compilation of interesting threads about Yahoo's relentless reorganization and what can we expect from this company on Quora.

What is a good exit strategy for Flickr users? - May I ask the same question for MyBlogLog?

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