Getting Rid of Upset Stomach

Getting Rid of Upset Stomach...
By Upsetting Your Throat!

I was in grade school when it was my first time to board a plane. 
It was an international flight so I had to keep myself ready with all my English phrases in my pocket.

I was so excited with our trip that I failed to eat proper breakfast.
Or was it because I ate too much the night before.
Whichever was the case, one thing is certain: my stomach is upset!

So I've heard that flight stewardess are not only pretty ladies in uniform but they're pretty helpful too.
So I asked one of those lovely ladies,

"Miss, my stomach is upset, could you please give me some medicine?"

The stewardess returned with a couple of 5-peso-coin-like tablets.
I didn't know what they're called then but later did I know they're 
Alka Seltzer
Imagine swallowing such a huge tablet. Well stop imagining, because I did!

Ignoring the size of the tablets, I began to take one tablet at one hand
and glass of water on the other.

Like most medicines, I started to swallow the odd-sized tablet.
I thought it was so big for a stomach medicine but I took it anyway.

The first gulp was difficult and I almost cursed the manufacturer for creating such a huge medicine.

Lo, and behold! 
It was effective.

The nice and friendly flight stewardess came by and asked me how was I feeling,

I replied with,

"Oh, your medicine is very good...
but very hard to swallow!" ;-D

Ako na! Ako na nga!!! haha (Babala: Huwag tularan at higit lahat, parang awa nyo na, wag nyong ipaglakat). Kung meron kang nais ibahagi tungkol sa iyong sarili, magsadya lamang sa blog ni Jayvee at baka manalo ka ng Galaxy Tab

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