Fancy Traveling Anywhere in the Philippines for FREE?

 Traveling has always been something that I wanted to do. (I guess everyone does, eh?)
But what's keeping me? 
Truth be told, it might not just be the case for me but I'm pretty sure there would be lots of nodding heads out there that the number one constraint in doing what we'd love to is - MONEY. :-(

Buy hey lookey lookey, can you see what I see? 
Anywhere Philippines is inviting us to travel with them

No they can't be serious. No they're not.

No baby, they actually ARE!

 Let's see, their Facebook Page (you know the joke that when it's not on Facebook, it's not official)
seems to validate their invitation so we're safe folks. 
Now for the place. Where to go?

Where to go?
Here ya go!

Below is a list of places that they would be going so which place would you fancy going?

The answer for me is as clear as the sunny and lovely day, you know like the one in the photo! 

photo by Ivan Henares

Bantayan Island! 
It's located in Cebu and being such a beach babe that I am (er, I mean such a beach lover that I am)

Seriously, I love the beaches and I think they have this amazing power of letting humans be humans 
for awhile - escape the rat race and reconnect with the nature. 

So yeah that's a photo of me gracing Boracay Island last December 2010. 
Don't you think it would be cool if I could grace Bantayan too? Right on Anywhere Philippines?

 My friends agree! Oh no, don't worry, we don't have to bring them along with us! haha 

 We could go snorkeling, dancing or just enjoy being *awesome* ;-) 
The list of activities is endless! Just like how my legs seems to look like here! haha 

If you're a blogger and wish to travel anywhere in the Philippines for free, you might want to join Anywhere Philippines' contest:

"Join @Anywhere Philippines' Blog & Tag Blogger Promo for a chance to win a Free Trip! Visit for more details!" 


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