3 Most Common Mistakes in Promoting a Site or Brand

1. Pushing too much. As in too much
Let's face it, all marketers and sales people love to promote their websites and brand to the point that they become too pushy. Some marketers don't even know the value of targeted marketing and would blast all their pitches in just about everywhere. Email blasting is disgusting. Too much sales pitch is, well, just too much, and could scare prospective clients away instead of attracting them. 

2. Not listening
There's nothing worse than dealing with a sales person or marketer or brand that doesn't listen to its consumers. Without properly listening to what people thinks, a brand could eventually get lost in what truly keeps most successful brand alive, interactive and interesting. Be sure to keep have a listening ear so you can easily learn about what truly makes your consumers and followers to stick around. Remember, people don't care how much you know unless they know how much you care. 

3. Casting the stones everywhere and to anyone
One of the most common mistakes of advertisers and internet marketers alike is that they don't know who exactly their target market is and even if they do, they have a habit of simply scattering the ads or promotional products to just about anyone. It happens not only in traditional advertising but also in Facebook where friends would clutter your feeds with updates and even invite you to events that don't interest you the least. If you know what you want, you would know how to get it and the way to get it is to make every campaign succinctly targeted. Just as Warren Buffet once said, people only diversify because they're not sure about what they do. The same is true with advertising, know who you'd like to sell your products to and direct your promotions to them. Be sure not to cast the pearl to swines as you would never make money with these people and swines get irritated too.

Those are just three of the many mistakes that advertisers and marketers commit. It is therefore very important when you're about to promote your product, brand or website to go with those who do it for a living as they know best. Taylor Herring has many years of outstanding service to its clients have scooped 10 major industry awards for our creative, stand-out campaigns. They have successfully worked with various huge brands in creating long lasting campaigns.

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