Let's Switch to the New and Improved Yahoo Mail

Make the Most of Your Yahoo Mail Experience of the New Yahoo Mail!

I've had bazillion of email accounts since high school when me and my friends learned how to use the internet. Yeah, it is during those times when we would hurry and get to the nearest internet station and delight at mIRC, Yahoo Chat and eventually Friendster. 

Signing up for most social networking sites require an email address so I created a funny username because my friend told me to never give out my real identity. When you're in the APAC (Asia Pacific), you don't hear about Google, it's all about Yahoo! So, my first and surviving email account with Yahoo, that is.

Now, if your email interface still looks like  the one below, we both have been hiding under the cave as Yahoo has got a new and improved Yahoo! Mail

An older version of Yahoo! Mail

The New and Improved Yahoo! Mail
Introducing, the new Yahoo Mail -Beta Version

During their roll-out of the new Yahoo! Mail on October 26th, 2010, David McDowell, Sr. Director of Product Management of Yahoo! Mail identified the 6 exciting improvements in the new interface of the new Yahoo! Mail. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch to the New Yahoo! Mail

1. Speed thrills
We all things to be fast! Yahoo! did just that with their new and enhanced version of the Yahoo! Mail. 

2. Be gone, spammer!
The new Yahoo! Mail has an improved spam filter that automatically detects and blocks the unwanted and totally annoying spams! Your inbox won't be eating those again. Not ever. haha

3. Yahoo! Mail everywhere
Yahoo! Mail could now be accessed on your iPhone, iPad or an Android device. Hey, I guess we don't need to rush in those internet cafes we used to frequently go to. 

4. Beyond email
Social Media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook could now be accessed through your Yahoo! Mail. Oh well, they helped me get rid of those spam mails but here's another distraction ;-)

5. Photos and videos
Fancy browsing rich slideshows from Flickr or Picasa links and watch video clips from Flickr and YouTube? No need to wander, you can have them right from your email. Whooa! Talking about slacking ;-)

6. Find stuff faster
What I like about Gmail is that they have an awesome indexer or email finder, glad that my first love has that too! 

7. We’re just getting started
We could expect more from them so jump in the new bandwagon, switch to the new Yahoo! Mail now. ;-) These new changes makes me even more excited to check my email every 5 seconds! haha

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