Winning in Losing in Standard Chartered Bank's World's Coolest Intern Competition

The results have been up and I couldn't be happier. Katherine has been super friendly and has consistently provided her pitch as to how she would make saving more social. The runner ups are Farah Sidek and Sarah Chong, respectively. 

For several weeks, each one of the Top 10 have created various creative campaigns to show how each one is deserving to be the World's Coolest Intern. When me, Farah and Katherine were messaging each other, we all agreed that whosoever wins, truly deserves it. It looks like the Social Media Wizards of Oz were right.

In a competition, you can only expect two things: You either win, or you win big.

There are no losers in this game. The #wciTop10 are all winners, the #wciTop23 and all others that participated in the contest because just like what I experienced, we had to battle against procrastination and self-doubt that maybe we were not good enough for the position. However, the moment we passed our application, we have risen and triumphant over the doubts and all that may have prevented us from joining and believing in ourselves. 

In the eyes of our supporters, we are the coolest, we are the best. Getting to the Top 10 means a lot already. It is a badge that we could forever be proud and be grateful of. It's just that, Katherine has shine the most and is considered by Standard Chartered Bank to be the best candidate for that specific position.

A Big Thanks to All Who Supported Me All the Way

We learn more from our failures than from our success

With all the support that I got from the people that I look up to, I have felt that I am already a winner. People who do not usually listen or notice me, started to and that's just something that's beyond my comprehension. Standard Chartered Breeze has indeed empowered and inspired everyone who have participated in any way. The bank hasn't only pioneered in an effective hiring campaign but has created such an opportunity and impact  that would always be remembered.

What's Next...

Just like what I've previously mentioned, life goes on with me. I would still be the Jonha that works in the same office, eats the same food but my network has got only gotten bigger. And oh, did I mention that I got invited to be one of the judges for the PEBA Awards Night on the 16th of December in Greenhills? I know, I couldn't have been noticed by the organizers hadn't I made it to the Top 10.

Standard Chartered Breeze, I may not have won the title "World's Coolest Intern" but I have already won thousands of hearts.

What more could I ask for? 

3 comments: said...

@Johna Congratulations! And I mean it. Sometimes, to move forward, to have passion, we must suffer some setbacks. I experienced it too and I just want to share with you the article I wrote when the memory of the experience still stung -

Congratulations too for being one of the 8 Most Admired Upcoming Filipina Bloggers! You deserve it! :)


Roy said...

and this post only proves that you have the heart and attitude of a winner!

Congratulations Jonha!

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said... - Thank you! I agree about having the need to step back as that's when we get a better view of the forest and asses which areas to improve on!

You deserve being on the 8 Most Admired Upcoming Filipina Bloggers too! While I checked out the others, yours got my attention the most since you are into personal finance too, and hey, everybody's like, "You Want to be Rich!"

@Roy: Thank you Roy! I hope to meet you and Bloggista on December. You guys are my inspiration! :)