We Did it To Top 10 of World's Coolest Intern, Congratulations Every Juan!

All Stars: Top 10 of The World's Coolest Intern

It seems like yesterday when I joined the Standard Chartered Bank's contest in quest for The Worlds' Coolest Intern then I was chosen to be one of the privileged to be included in the Top 23. Getting to Top 23 wasn't an easy task because I had to compete with the best contestants from various areas of the world. There was a time when I wanted to give up because we have encountered several technical difficulties while creating the video that helped me to make it to the Top 10.  

Below is a list of contestants for the World's Coolest Intern who made it to the Top 10.

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.  - Paul Bryant 

Photos of #wciTop10 for the #worldscoolestintern. Aren't we simply good looking?!
Out of 1,190 applications, only these awesome 10 has come this far. 

 We all created videos of why @StanChartBreeze should hire as the World's Coolest Intern and that's screenshot of the best scene in my video.

A winner never stops trying.  - Tom Landry 

Another favorite scene in my video for the #wciTop10 as seen on YouTubeInstant

My Twitter stream being flooded with cheers and congratulations from co-winners to #wciTop10

Every Juan a Winner

It's a great privilege to have come this far. The experience and lessons that I have learned from this contest wouldn't be learned in any other way. Being part of the Top 10 is something that I would always be proud of. I do not take credit for all of these though. I was merely a "lady in the heart-shaped pajama, who loves social media" that wanted to create a change not only in my life but the lives of millions of people that I could reach out to. It's beyond my comprehension as to how this experience has taught me bazillion of lessons and change. Well, there's not much that has changed about me. I still eat the same food everyday ( I have actually started to eat a little when compared before - something I both love and hate), go to the same office, hang out with the same people. If I would be asked if people thought I have become cooler just because I made it to Top 23 then to Top 20, I gotta say, "With my life, there isn't much. With the life of those I am in contact and network with -- a whole lot".

When I joined the contest, I was glad to see an opportunity to improve my social media skills, get to earn while I learn and do something that I am truly passionate about. However, as days progress, everything has changed. I started to keep on keeping on and strive to do my best because with all the people that supports me both online and offline, they all lift me up and I guess there's no reason for me to let them down.

It's really beyond my comprehension as to how people that used to have no online presence started to establish their own Twitter accounts, learned to share what their thoughts are and learned that there's just so much fun in social media.

I am not really awesome, it's the people that support me. Without these people, I wouldn't have made it to the Top 10. Guys, please know that I am not awesome, it is YOU!

Hall of Fame

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every Juan that has inspired, uplifted, motivated and helped me to keep on keeping on. I may not be able to remember each of your names and include them in this post but be assure that you have done such a great impact in my life. With you guys around, I am already a winner. It's just amazing how the people I really looked up to has started to lift me up while I was on the verge of giving up. Whether I win or lose this contest, I'm glad that I have already won your hearts. What could be more rewarding than that?

You have always been such an inspiration. You always tell me how great of a person I am but I think it's funny how I could say exactly the same things about you! You always know the right things to say at the very times that I need them the most. Thanks for helping me putting together the ideas! 

My awesome video wouldn't be up without you! I could have just been stuck to Top 23 but with you sleeping at around 2:00 in the morning just to finish the first part, hands down! You're one awesome friend. I really have the best network with you guys!

You know what I am so proud about my network is that it's filled with highly dependable people. They say the best friends are the ones that you can shop around with, chat with. I daresay I got the REAL friends because I could call and text them in the middle of the night and they'd be there to stick with me and support me. It amazes me just how passionate she was in making my promotion in replacement of her ad libs! 
My tweet buddy! You supported me all the way and I couldn't thank you enough. You surprise me with how creative your tweets are and they sure are uplifting to me! Keep rocking Renz!

My mentor. My TalentED manager. You are one amazing company! You know just how much I need emotional support and you would go climb the mountains just to help me out - you know it's a win-win situation, haha.

6. Every Juan
There are bazillion of people that I would like to thank and this space wouldn't be enough for me to thank you all - my high school friends and classmate, my neighbors, my relatives, my trader friends, my co-workers, my mentors, my blogger friends. You all know who you are. In one way or another, you have helped me and I dedicate this badge to all of you.  Hats off to all of you! For photos of many other amazing people that have inspired and supported me all the way, feel free to visit this amazing album on my Facebook page. It contains the gem of my life. 

Awesome Badge for Contestants of the World's Coolest Intern - Top 10