Supporters of Jonha for the World's Coolest Intern – Are you one of Us?

People are Talking, They Want Standard Chartered Bank to Hire Me!

The crowd and all the ends of the Earth have spoken up, Standard Chartered Breeze! Will you hearken unto to the admonitions of these people and stop tarrying and get started making Jonha Revesencio as the World’s Coolest Intern?

Don’t take my words for it, listen to what others has got to say!

Bloggers and Traders Unite to Support @jonharules to be the #wci

It’s amazing how some of my most admired people have gone out of their ways just to post some truly heartwarming thoughts as to why I am the perfect candidate for the World’s Coolest Intern Competition by Standard Chartered Breeze. Below are just some of the great things that some truly influential and inspirational bloggers have got to say about me and why SCB needs me in their team badly!

1 The Skinny On™ Supports @jonharules!!!!!

The Skinny On series has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, and Forbes Magazine.

The Skinny On has a great way of informing and entertaining its readers with its fun stick figures and disseminating information to an audience increasingly used to consuming content on the internet and cell phones - yes @StanChartBreeze, they cater to mobile users just as #Breeze is to mobile banking

Do read what they've got to say about me here:

Founded by the nerdilicious Jen Friel. Yeah, she’s the chick that digs technology more than a pair of Jimmy Choos. Her awesomeness is simply contagious!

She's a young classy street/internet/smart entrepreneur and model. Her account was verified by Twitter.  Yeah, I know, only celebrities have those accounts! #nerdsunite

Read what Jen thinks of me here:

OurAwesomePlanet is founded by none other than the truly inspiring Anton Diaz. He's a man of so much accomplishments and truly deserves the love and respect of his readers. 

It is a great honor to be part of the list of interesting Filipina Bloggers.

Read the other awesome Filipina bloggers here:

Prior to the task of getting a blogger to blog about me, Roel Abatayao has pioneered in dedicating a special space in honoring passionate and inspiring bloggers in the Philippine blogosphere. Look at the other interesting bloggers in the Philippines here

It is an honor to be part of the Featured Bloggers in the community that I have grown to love.

Bloggista is not just a blog but a community and bevy of passionate bloggers and writers that collaborate to share ideas  as more experienced bloggers cheerfully walk the newbiews through in their journey to expressing their thoughts and creating a much more open world. 

Read what Bloggista thinks of me here:

5.  Malditang Pinay Counting the Ways of my Awesomeness!

The President of Iloilo Bloggers Organization, Claire Bretaña Ponsaran, tells the whole world of the “major, major" reasons why Standard Chartered Bank needs to hire.

From someone I truly look up to, her endorsement means the world to me!

Manuel Viloria’s name may sound like a combination of the names of two of the world’s greatest Filipino boxers – Manny and Viloria but silly, this man has more than just the strength of boxers.

He has the wit, authority and charm that has earned him more than 11,000 followers on Twitter and thousands of subscribers on his blogs. He has touched millions of lives of people through his educational and systematic blogs

He has created a fun and succinct definition of JONHA in his opinion that pretty much encompasses why SCB should hire me!

Read what Manuel thinks of me here:

7. TheStrugglingBlogger Supports Jonha - Putting "Social" in the Social Media

TheStrugglingBlogger by Roy Dela Cruz is a delicious treat for every blogger. He's a man that exudes with passion, talent and the heart that reaches out to the new bloggers. He truly helps the struggling bloggers. 

It is an honor to be supported by such a very talented blogger!

Read what Roy has got to say about me here:

8. Lahing Pinoy (Filipino Race)

Remy Ocampo’s thoughts about his big hope for our country, the Philippines, are showcased in his blog, Lahing Pinoy. It is a great privilege to be featured in this blog.

He is someone I truly admire and look up to especially with his wits and sound judgment in the stock market investing.

Read what Remy thinks of me here:

Bryan’s support came to me as a surprise as he is one of the many talented bloggers that joined the WCI contest for this year. Though he didn’t make it to Top 10, this man is someone to watch out for! Getting a support from a competitor has completely taken me to ponder as to how amazing the SCB has helped us reach out to others  that we couldn’t have done in any other ways. He thinks I’m pretty good in finance + social media = winning formula! 

Read what Bryan thinks of me here:

Read what Junjun Mendoza thinks about the only Filipina in the WCI here:

Read what Tim has got to say about me:

You Will Know Them From their Past

Just as you will know a tree by his fruit, you will know more about an employee through the eyes of the people they have previously worked with.

Terrie Soberg, is the woman behind In God We Trust Blog, Digital Teardrops and Sherburne Area. It has been both an honor and a privilege to work with such a wonderful and sweet client.

She has touched the lives of millions of people through the communities which she has passionately built. 

Read what Terrie thinks of me here:

Purethoughts has inspired thousands of lives of people not only in America but also in all ends of the Earth. 

It’s amazing what my previous clients has got to say. Note: Comments section is filled with a whole lot more of clients speaking up. Do hear, do hear. :)

Jeff Newton is the man behind bazillion of great ideas on the internet. He’s an expert in both social media and internet marketing. He spoke about how I managed to learn things quickly and apply them effectively!

Read what Jeff thinks of me here:

With all these outpouring support that I am getting from the people that I look up to, I couldn’t help but tell myself, “ With all of them lifting them up, you can’t just let them down”.

Blog Mention 

The game isn’t over yet, you can still show your support by liking the campaign page or following me on Twitter and tell @StanChartBreeze why they should hire me.  

If you think I’ve got all what it takes to being the mobile banking marketing for Breeze to the next level, do tell!

You can also leave comments below or write a simple post and provide us with links below for us to hear what you’ve got to say.

Unleash that power in you. Speak up and be heard! 


Tahmmie said...

I’ve known Jonha for a couple of years now and without a doubt the world needs
more people like her. Her personality will win you over immediately!

She is by far the best virtual assistant I have ever had work for me.
Whether she was writing articles or doing her Social Media thing I knew that
I could count on her.

I really admire her energy and enthusiasm too. Jonha is going places and
nothing is going to stop her.

She is already the Worlds Coolest Virtual Assistant! Next, the World’s Coolest


Jeremy said...

Loved collaborating with Jonha for a few months, she has a heart of gold, is very hard working, she aims to under promise and over deliver, and is dedicated to making her employer happy on a consistent basis.

She deserves to be the world's coolest intern because she has the talent and personality to take on any project and reach its goals efficiently and effectively. Plus she's up on all the latest technologies so that alone makes her pretty cool!

Jonha certainly deserves this honor!

Anonymous said...

Jonha the Blogger, the energetic Blogger.

Here she goes again, doing things she loves to do. Doing tasks under pressure looks like just an easy job for her when you see her doing things with her sweet and cheerful smile...and she'll just surprise you with the result.

There is no doubt that Jonha would be a valuable pick as the world's coolest intern

C Joy Kid said...

Jonha is the world's coolest in what she has already set her mind to, and being The World's Coolest Intern is what's now in her sight!

She's ahead of her years as she weighs the pros and cons of things carefully and seeks advice to keep everything in check, against what she already knows and continues learning.

More people could use this and the many more skills, characteristics, talent and abundant personality that Jonha happily exhibits everyday!
I'm so glad Jonha's been noticed... but it was of course, only a matter of time.

Standard Charter would do well to have this energetic breath of fresh air on their team!
She has lots of team spirit and naturally seems to thrive the most when working with others...
Go Jonha!!

Nash Blogs said...

Jonha is a real sweetheart, always happy go lucky, and hard working. She IS the world's coolest intern and is always striving to learn more and more and get better and better. She will make you happy and get the job done.

Ces said...

Johna has a heart of gold and a very talented person. I love her articles and she is one of a kind. A great and responsible daughter, a hard working virtual assistant and a cool friend. She is dedicated to her work and shares her talents and insights to others.
I can compare her to the Energizer Bunny she just keeps going and going and going. Keep up the good work. I'm so proud of you and I'm really glad that you are my friend!

Anonymous said...

I met Jonha just recently but I feel like I have known her forever! Her personality is so addicting! Her passion for life is so amazing! She is so positive, caring and fun! :)

I cant wait to get to know her better!

Jonha is AMAZING!

Beverly Sheena said...

Jonha is one of a kind. Yes, there are a lot of writers and social media experts out there but Jonha is unique. She is very passionate about what she does. Not only that, Jonha is God fearing, too. Many people achieve what they want in life because they never cease to have faith in God. I believe that Jonha can make it because she believes she can and she believes in the Almighty.

Johna is cool! She is able to perform difficult tasks with grace. =) She smiles despite the difficulties.

Jonha never stops learning new things. I love her patience and determination.

Jonha is very smart. She easily understands things and she's a very good English user. =) Hands down to her articles and blog posts. She always knows what she's talking about.

Jonha deserves to be the World's Coolest Intern! I support her all the way to winning the title. Those people behind this contest will never ever regret if they choose Jonha. There are a lot of things that this young lady can do. She's only 21 but she's a woman of wisdom. =)

Roy said...

Like what Bloggista said in my post, any business who wants great leverage in social media could not afford to ignore your influence :)

SCB should listen and take heed... it will be one of the best business decisions they will make! :)

Good luck Jonha!