Stopped Tweeting and Started Relaxing at Damires Hills Resort

The Damires Hills Resort - A Fun Place to Relax and Walk with the Nature

Walk with the Nature in Damires Hills - What a fun way to spend your weekend!

Amidst all the excitement and frenzy over  the World's Coolest Intern Top 10 result released last Friday by @StanChartBreeze, I decided to take a break and relax for a bit. Me and my Callbox friends went to Damires Hills Resort in Janiuay, Iloilo for our team building.

Cottage in Damires Hills Resort
Now isn't that a Paradise on Earth?

Damires Hills Resort - A Paradise in Development

The property is located in the peaceful and lovely town of Janiuay which is approximately an hour away from the heart of the city. Just when our jeepney stopped and my colleagues announced our arrival, I couldn't help but  be greatly mesmerized at how lovely and so un-commercialized the place was. Most of its facilities are still under development but as you walk through its richly covered with grass pathway, you would feel that it is truly a relaxing and invigorating facility. We all couldn't contain our amazement of the place as we progress through the pathway leading to our cottages. The place feels like the living realization of ever girl's dream vacation. We were enthralled by the simple, spacious and cozy hut where we spent the whole night.

Beautiful people gracing the beauty of Damires Hills Resort (L - R): Mitos, Me, April, Ate Jacque and Kate

Just a few minutes upon our arrival, the truly praise-worthy staff prepared our merienda, which is consisted of pancit, toron, sandwich and orange juice topped with chopped apples. While some friends settled and started to belt their hearts out with songs after songs in the videoke, me and some other friends graced what seems to be an infinity pool. Overlooking the pool is a rice field with several huts and what looks to me a promising space for more relaxing facilities being developed. According to a friend, they're actually in the process of developing a lagoon and hanging bridge. Ah, could they get any more cooler?!!

Lovely Amenity, Facilities and Cheerful Crews

The foods prepared the whole time we stayed in Damires Hills Resort were extremely sumptuous and worth every penny we paid. The crew were so accommodating you would suspect they were trained in some 5-star hotel. Going to the said resort was a truly relaxing experience as we enjoyed taking underwater photos, danced, dined, while some other friends played mahjong's, sang their hearts out and simply relaxed.

Chilling beside the infinity-like pool

Woke up early in the morning and loving the view in our terrace. We then headed to the pool, what a fun way to spend the morning!

Rating the Service and Facility of Damires Hills Resort

Remember when I felt in love with Anhawan Resort in Oton, Iloilo?

Overlooking the pool while we're having our breakfast

An infinity pool - or at least it seems like!

I would daresay that I am getting married with the awesomeness and beauty of Damires Hills Resort. haha (That's how ridiculously relaxing, stunning and simply amazing the place is). The place is just simply perfect, so accommodating and truly a must-visit place.

Below are just some of our underwater photos in the Damires Hills Resort Infinity-like Pool.

Damires Hills Tierra Verde is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every weekdays; Saturdays at 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. For more information please call 09096991390/ 09176325901 or email at

Tanya and Cris loving the underwater life

April gracing the pool with her mermaid moves 

 Mitos - naturally pretty underwater or not

April - the best underwater photo ever! 

Note: This isn't a paid post, I just love the place that I couldn't help but praise it. They definitely exceed your expectation, it's just something you must experience for yourself. :)

UPDATE: The place is constantly being developed and has grown to become the perfect hub for your team building activities. You may read more about its team building facilities and Kids Adventure Park here


Anonymous said...

thanks for the blog! makes me think of going to the place, too. how much did it cost you? -nath

Anonymous said...

Advice: Better not to expect too much so that you'll get and enjoy more..

Anonymous said...

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And a lot of advertising fails!

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That is a paper we published for college in 2011 where I was designed to research an invention ever sold that changed the entire