Social Media Wizards of Oz - Katherine Liew and Farah Sidek

The Standard Chartered Breeze's quest for the World's Coolest Intern has brought together a pool of great and talented social media addicts from all over the world in 64 cities and over 1,190 countries. Just like in every competition, the number was reduced to Top 23 finalists then trimmed down to Top 10. It must have been a very difficult decision for the Breeze Team to choose the ultimate World's Coolest Intern as each of the candidates are highly talented and influential in every way.

As the day of final judgment comes close, Standard Chartered Breeze asked the remaining 10 to look for bloggers that would tell about as to why a particular candidate that they support deserves to be the World's Coolest Intern. I wanna take this opportunity to give a shout out to the two of the most engaging, amicable and highly creative Top 10 finalists from Australia. While I admire each and every one in the Top 10, it is Farah Sidek and Katherine Liew who eagerly collaborated with me and see if we could have a 3-way swap of interviews and tell more about each other. We then decided that Farah would write about me, Katherine would write about Farah and I would write about Katherine. Farah always comes up with brilliant and fun ideas. Besides, I have had some quick conversation with both of them on Facebook (as awesomeness couldn't be limited to 140 characters sometimes!) through Wall and chat. 

Alright, without further ado, let me take you to a much closer look at the Social Media Wizards of Oz.

Katherine Liew is a law student from Adelaide, South Australia who is so talented in managing her time between her social life, school and fashion shows! She runs fashion blog called Caught Couture and is not afraid to do things differently. When I noticed that Standard Chartered Breezed missed to put a link to her video entry that made her become part of the League of Top 10, I immediately direct messaged them and requested to have it fixed and I was very glad I did because she has done an excellent job in her Facebook Stalker (Teenage Dirtbag cover)

Among the #wciTop10, Kath has consistently given her pitches about how she could make saving more social. With Katherine donning her mom's trendy boots, don't you just agree that this girl doesn't just have the wits but is also loaded with tons of creative ideas to make mobile banking and social media in general more fun and fashionable?!

Not gonna lie, this video got me riveted with her fun and contagious smile. Farah Sidek is filled with lots of brilliant ideas as she consistently keeps the #wci feeds busy with her fun facts. 

Farah isn't only oozing with creative ideas but she also has the heart that reaches out not only to her supporters but also to her competitors. She would dig about every detail she could lay her hands on and share interesting and sometimes odd facts about each one of the #wciTop10.

Farah has myriad of interests ranging from old cameras, Apple gadgets, Moleskines, playing Floorball, watching movies, Tetris, and reading Penguin books.

Can her creativity and fun personality make her the World's Coolest Intern? We can never tell until the result's out. One thing is for sure, the contest has brought together many talented social media strategists that are not only good in conveying their messages through various latest sharing platforms, but individuals that are highly engaging, interesting and naturally born leaders and influencers.

No matter what the results will be, we all are winners in the hearts of our supporters and the competition has already helped us to learn lots of things, realizations and opened various doors that couldn't have been achieved in any other ways. Best of luck to all the #wciTop10!

Katherine Liew is the World's Coolest Intern! :)
First Runner-Up: Farah Sidek
Second Runner-Up: Sarah Chong

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