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Fancy Some Ichthyotherapy? Tibiao Fish Spa is the Place to Be!

Stress Relief at the Heart of the City - Tibiao Fish Spa

After a long day's work, all you want to do is just sit back, relax or probably get some massage. If you're living in rural areas where mountains, farms, lakes, beaches and resorts are in abundance, you could just easily sit back and relax. However, if you live in an urban area where cars, buildings and other technological advancements are present, like Iloilo, how could you possibly get the pampering and relaxation that you fancy?

Tibiao Fish Spa, located in SM City Iloilo - Manduriao, is every hard worker's dream come true! The establishment offers various ichthyotherapy services and packages that helps you get the relaxation and pampering that you deserve!

Wait a second, what on Earth is ichthyotherapy?

Ichthyotherapy in the City - Be FISHically Clean and Healthy!

Tibiao Fish Spa specializes in providing one-of-a-kind experience by combining both relaxing and exfoliating in just one service called ichthyotherapy. It is an non-painful process wherein small fishes called Doctor Fish, also known as Garra rufa, nibbles  on your layer of dead skin thus creating a tingling yet relaxing sensation. Basically, you will be getting rid of your feet's dead skin in a fun, safe and non-painful way. Hold on, Tibiao Fish Spa doctor fishes are awesome at that but hey, could they get any more awesome?!

Well, read on because doctor fishes are not just cute little creatures that nibble on your feet's dead skin and relaxing but they're also scientifically proven to help those with symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. Through its combined relaxing and exfoliating effects, ichthyotherapy has become widely popular because it also helps improve the blood circulation in the skin through micro-massages, cleaning of blocked pores, helps in the promotion of new skin and ultimately help release stress. Well, that's exactly why you want it for in the first place!

If you're worried about the idea that people with foot disease might contaminate the water, no worries! Tibiao Fish Spa ensures through its state-of-the-art bio-filtration technology, activated carbon filtration and UV sterilization that the waters are clean and safe.

So, fancy some ichthyotherapy? Tibiao Fish Spa, in SM Iloilo - Manduriao, is definitely the place to be!

Winning in Losing in Standard Chartered Bank's World's Coolest Intern Competition

The results have been up and I couldn't be happier. Katherine has been super friendly and has consistently provided her pitch as to how she would make saving more social. The runner ups are Farah Sidek and Sarah Chong, respectively. 

For several weeks, each one of the Top 10 have created various creative campaigns to show how each one is deserving to be the World's Coolest Intern. When me, Farah and Katherine were messaging each other, we all agreed that whosoever wins, truly deserves it. It looks like the Social Media Wizards of Oz were right.

In a competition, you can only expect two things: You either win, or you win big.

There are no losers in this game. The #wciTop10 are all winners, the #wciTop23 and all others that participated in the contest because just like what I experienced, we had to battle against procrastination and self-doubt that maybe we were not good enough for the position. However, the moment we passed our application, we have risen and triumphant over the doubts and all that may have prevented us from joining and believing in ourselves. 

In the eyes of our supporters, we are the coolest, we are the best. Getting to the Top 10 means a lot already. It is a badge that we could forever be proud and be grateful of. It's just that, Katherine has shine the most and is considered by Standard Chartered Bank to be the best candidate for that specific position.

A Big Thanks to All Who Supported Me All the Way

We learn more from our failures than from our success

With all the support that I got from the people that I look up to, I have felt that I am already a winner. People who do not usually listen or notice me, started to and that's just something that's beyond my comprehension. Standard Chartered Breeze has indeed empowered and inspired everyone who have participated in any way. The bank hasn't only pioneered in an effective hiring campaign but has created such an opportunity and impact  that would always be remembered.

What's Next...

Just like what I've previously mentioned, life goes on with me. I would still be the Jonha that works in the same office, eats the same food but my network has got only gotten bigger. And oh, did I mention that I got invited to be one of the judges for the PEBA Awards Night on the 16th of December in Greenhills? I know, I couldn't have been noticed by the organizers hadn't I made it to the Top 10.

Standard Chartered Breeze, I may not have won the title "World's Coolest Intern" but I have already won thousands of hearts.

What more could I ask for? 

Social Media Wizards of Oz - Katherine Liew and Farah Sidek

The Standard Chartered Breeze's quest for the World's Coolest Intern has brought together a pool of great and talented social media addicts from all over the world in 64 cities and over 1,190 countries. Just like in every competition, the number was reduced to Top 23 finalists then trimmed down to Top 10. It must have been a very difficult decision for the Breeze Team to choose the ultimate World's Coolest Intern as each of the candidates are highly talented and influential in every way.

As the day of final judgment comes close, Standard Chartered Breeze asked the remaining 10 to look for bloggers that would tell about as to why a particular candidate that they support deserves to be the World's Coolest Intern. I wanna take this opportunity to give a shout out to the two of the most engaging, amicable and highly creative Top 10 finalists from Australia. While I admire each and every one in the Top 10, it is Farah Sidek and Katherine Liew who eagerly collaborated with me and see if we could have a 3-way swap of interviews and tell more about each other. We then decided that Farah would write about me, Katherine would write about Farah and I would write about Katherine. Farah always comes up with brilliant and fun ideas. Besides, I have had some quick conversation with both of them on Facebook (as awesomeness couldn't be limited to 140 characters sometimes!) through Wall and chat. 

Alright, without further ado, let me take you to a much closer look at the Social Media Wizards of Oz.

Katherine Liew is a law student from Adelaide, South Australia who is so talented in managing her time between her social life, school and fashion shows! She runs fashion blog called Caught Couture and is not afraid to do things differently. When I noticed that Standard Chartered Breezed missed to put a link to her video entry that made her become part of the League of Top 10, I immediately direct messaged them and requested to have it fixed and I was very glad I did because she has done an excellent job in her Facebook Stalker (Teenage Dirtbag cover)

Among the #wciTop10, Kath has consistently given her pitches about how she could make saving more social. With Katherine donning her mom's trendy boots, don't you just agree that this girl doesn't just have the wits but is also loaded with tons of creative ideas to make mobile banking and social media in general more fun and fashionable?!

Not gonna lie, this video got me riveted with her fun and contagious smile. Farah Sidek is filled with lots of brilliant ideas as she consistently keeps the #wci feeds busy with her fun facts. 

Farah isn't only oozing with creative ideas but she also has the heart that reaches out not only to her supporters but also to her competitors. She would dig about every detail she could lay her hands on and share interesting and sometimes odd facts about each one of the #wciTop10.

Farah has myriad of interests ranging from old cameras, Apple gadgets, Moleskines, playing Floorball, watching movies, Tetris, and reading Penguin books.

Can her creativity and fun personality make her the World's Coolest Intern? We can never tell until the result's out. One thing is for sure, the contest has brought together many talented social media strategists that are not only good in conveying their messages through various latest sharing platforms, but individuals that are highly engaging, interesting and naturally born leaders and influencers.

No matter what the results will be, we all are winners in the hearts of our supporters and the competition has already helped us to learn lots of things, realizations and opened various doors that couldn't have been achieved in any other ways. Best of luck to all the #wciTop10!

Katherine Liew is the World's Coolest Intern! :)
First Runner-Up: Farah Sidek
Second Runner-Up: Sarah Chong

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Supporters of Jonha for the World's Coolest Intern – Are you one of Us?

People are Talking, They Want Standard Chartered Bank to Hire Me!

The crowd and all the ends of the Earth have spoken up, Standard Chartered Breeze! Will you hearken unto to the admonitions of these people and stop tarrying and get started making Jonha Revesencio as the World’s Coolest Intern?

Don’t take my words for it, listen to what others has got to say!

Bloggers and Traders Unite to Support @jonharules to be the #wci

It’s amazing how some of my most admired people have gone out of their ways just to post some truly heartwarming thoughts as to why I am the perfect candidate for the World’s Coolest Intern Competition by Standard Chartered Breeze. Below are just some of the great things that some truly influential and inspirational bloggers have got to say about me and why SCB needs me in their team badly!

1 The Skinny On™ Supports @jonharules!!!!!

The Skinny On series has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, and Forbes Magazine.

The Skinny On has a great way of informing and entertaining its readers with its fun stick figures and disseminating information to an audience increasingly used to consuming content on the internet and cell phones - yes @StanChartBreeze, they cater to mobile users just as #Breeze is to mobile banking

Do read what they've got to say about me here:

Founded by the nerdilicious Jen Friel. Yeah, she’s the chick that digs technology more than a pair of Jimmy Choos. Her awesomeness is simply contagious!

She's a young classy street/internet/smart entrepreneur and model. Her account was verified by Twitter.  Yeah, I know, only celebrities have those accounts! #nerdsunite

Read what Jen thinks of me here:

OurAwesomePlanet is founded by none other than the truly inspiring Anton Diaz. He's a man of so much accomplishments and truly deserves the love and respect of his readers. 

It is a great honor to be part of the list of interesting Filipina Bloggers.

Read the other awesome Filipina bloggers here:

Prior to the task of getting a blogger to blog about me, Roel Abatayao has pioneered in dedicating a special space in honoring passionate and inspiring bloggers in the Philippine blogosphere. Look at the other interesting bloggers in the Philippines here

It is an honor to be part of the Featured Bloggers in the community that I have grown to love.

Bloggista is not just a blog but a community and bevy of passionate bloggers and writers that collaborate to share ideas  as more experienced bloggers cheerfully walk the newbiews through in their journey to expressing their thoughts and creating a much more open world. 

Read what Bloggista thinks of me here:

5.  Malditang Pinay Counting the Ways of my Awesomeness!

The President of Iloilo Bloggers Organization, Claire BretaƱa Ponsaran, tells the whole world of the “major, major" reasons why Standard Chartered Bank needs to hire.

From someone I truly look up to, her endorsement means the world to me!

Manuel Viloria’s name may sound like a combination of the names of two of the world’s greatest Filipino boxers – Manny and Viloria but silly, this man has more than just the strength of boxers.

He has the wit, authority and charm that has earned him more than 11,000 followers on Twitter and thousands of subscribers on his blogs. He has touched millions of lives of people through his educational and systematic blogs

He has created a fun and succinct definition of JONHA in his opinion that pretty much encompasses why SCB should hire me!

Read what Manuel thinks of me here:

7. TheStrugglingBlogger Supports Jonha - Putting "Social" in the Social Media

TheStrugglingBlogger by Roy Dela Cruz is a delicious treat for every blogger. He's a man that exudes with passion, talent and the heart that reaches out to the new bloggers. He truly helps the struggling bloggers. 

It is an honor to be supported by such a very talented blogger!

Read what Roy has got to say about me here:

8. Lahing Pinoy (Filipino Race)

Remy Ocampo’s thoughts about his big hope for our country, the Philippines, are showcased in his blog, Lahing Pinoy. It is a great privilege to be featured in this blog.

He is someone I truly admire and look up to especially with his wits and sound judgment in the stock market investing.

Read what Remy thinks of me here:

Bryan’s support came to me as a surprise as he is one of the many talented bloggers that joined the WCI contest for this year. Though he didn’t make it to Top 10, this man is someone to watch out for! Getting a support from a competitor has completely taken me to ponder as to how amazing the SCB has helped us reach out to others  that we couldn’t have done in any other ways. He thinks I’m pretty good in finance + social media = winning formula! 

Read what Bryan thinks of me here:

Read what Junjun Mendoza thinks about the only Filipina in the WCI here:

Read what Tim has got to say about me:

You Will Know Them From their Past

Just as you will know a tree by his fruit, you will know more about an employee through the eyes of the people they have previously worked with.

Terrie Soberg, is the woman behind In God We Trust Blog, Digital Teardrops and Sherburne Area. It has been both an honor and a privilege to work with such a wonderful and sweet client.

She has touched the lives of millions of people through the communities which she has passionately built. 

Read what Terrie thinks of me here:

Purethoughts has inspired thousands of lives of people not only in America but also in all ends of the Earth. 

It’s amazing what my previous clients has got to say. Note: Comments section is filled with a whole lot more of clients speaking up. Do hear, do hear. :)

Jeff Newton is the man behind bazillion of great ideas on the internet. He’s an expert in both social media and internet marketing. He spoke about how I managed to learn things quickly and apply them effectively!

Read what Jeff thinks of me here:

With all these outpouring support that I am getting from the people that I look up to, I couldn’t help but tell myself, “ With all of them lifting them up, you can’t just let them down”.

Blog Mention 

The game isn’t over yet, you can still show your support by liking the campaign page or following me on Twitter and tell @StanChartBreeze why they should hire me.  

If you think I’ve got all what it takes to being the mobile banking marketing for Breeze to the next level, do tell!

You can also leave comments below or write a simple post and provide us with links below for us to hear what you’ve got to say.

Unleash that power in you. Speak up and be heard! 

Stopped Tweeting and Started Relaxing at Damires Hills Resort

The Damires Hills Resort - A Fun Place to Relax and Walk with the Nature

Walk with the Nature in Damires Hills - What a fun way to spend your weekend!

Amidst all the excitement and frenzy over  the World's Coolest Intern Top 10 result released last Friday by @StanChartBreeze, I decided to take a break and relax for a bit. Me and my Callbox friends went to Damires Hills Resort in Janiuay, Iloilo for our team building.

Cottage in Damires Hills Resort
Now isn't that a Paradise on Earth?

Damires Hills Resort - A Paradise in Development

The property is located in the peaceful and lovely town of Janiuay which is approximately an hour away from the heart of the city. Just when our jeepney stopped and my colleagues announced our arrival, I couldn't help but  be greatly mesmerized at how lovely and so un-commercialized the place was. Most of its facilities are still under development but as you walk through its richly covered with grass pathway, you would feel that it is truly a relaxing and invigorating facility. We all couldn't contain our amazement of the place as we progress through the pathway leading to our cottages. The place feels like the living realization of ever girl's dream vacation. We were enthralled by the simple, spacious and cozy hut where we spent the whole night.

Beautiful people gracing the beauty of Damires Hills Resort (L - R): Mitos, Me, April, Ate Jacque and Kate

Just a few minutes upon our arrival, the truly praise-worthy staff prepared our merienda, which is consisted of pancit, toron, sandwich and orange juice topped with chopped apples. While some friends settled and started to belt their hearts out with songs after songs in the videoke, me and some other friends graced what seems to be an infinity pool. Overlooking the pool is a rice field with several huts and what looks to me a promising space for more relaxing facilities being developed. According to a friend, they're actually in the process of developing a lagoon and hanging bridge. Ah, could they get any more cooler?!!

Lovely Amenity, Facilities and Cheerful Crews

The foods prepared the whole time we stayed in Damires Hills Resort were extremely sumptuous and worth every penny we paid. The crew were so accommodating you would suspect they were trained in some 5-star hotel. Going to the said resort was a truly relaxing experience as we enjoyed taking underwater photos, danced, dined, while some other friends played mahjong's, sang their hearts out and simply relaxed.

Chilling beside the infinity-like pool

Woke up early in the morning and loving the view in our terrace. We then headed to the pool, what a fun way to spend the morning!

Rating the Service and Facility of Damires Hills Resort

Remember when I felt in love with Anhawan Resort in Oton, Iloilo?

Overlooking the pool while we're having our breakfast

An infinity pool - or at least it seems like!

I would daresay that I am getting married with the awesomeness and beauty of Damires Hills Resort. haha (That's how ridiculously relaxing, stunning and simply amazing the place is). The place is just simply perfect, so accommodating and truly a must-visit place.

Below are just some of our underwater photos in the Damires Hills Resort Infinity-like Pool.

Damires Hills Tierra Verde is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every weekdays; Saturdays at 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. For more information please call 09096991390/ 09176325901 or email at

Tanya and Cris loving the underwater life

April gracing the pool with her mermaid moves 

 Mitos - naturally pretty underwater or not

April - the best underwater photo ever! 

Note: This isn't a paid post, I just love the place that I couldn't help but praise it. They definitely exceed your expectation, it's just something you must experience for yourself. :)

UPDATE: The place is constantly being developed and has grown to become the perfect hub for your team building activities. You may read more about its team building facilities and Kids Adventure Park here