4 C's I've Learned From My PLDT Selective Browsing

PLDT Selective Browsing Issue

When you spend most of your time online then all of a sudden the connection gets acting weird, you would normally and initially be ticked, wouldn't you?

Being snowed under by several tasks and issues at hand, I couldn't bear but another issue. For the second time in my online life, I experienced selective browsing. It is a point in your online life wherein your browser only allows you to open selective sites and in my case, I can only open Gmail and other Google-related products like Google Calendar, Google Docs, AdsenseGoogle Voice and fortunately this Blogger platform.

Normally I wouldn't mind such setup and would even appreciate that I couldn't access Facebook, Twitter and other social networking and procrastination-friendly sites. But when I realize that it wouldn't allow me to access everything except the platforms mentioned above, I know something must be wrong.

I called my ever crappy ISP, PLDT. A polite customer service representative walked me through their generic responses during this time and simple troubleshooting steps of which I could now memorize and have actually conducted on my own prior to calling them as this is usually my last resort. Even though I was highly disappointed at how routine and unhelpful their customer service was, I appreciate that the guy who strive to help me was indeed trying to genuinely help out that most people in his job lacks. Though the main goal of troubleshooting my connection wasn't reached and successfully executed, I appreciate that he has done his part. I just know it when someone is faking it or just basically reading without even understanding or full knowledge of what he's saying having been a call center agent myself for more than 3 years. 

Perfection is totally overrated, and just having the guts to make an effort is totally underrated. - Penelope Trunk

Personal and Technical Troubleshooting

There were several steps that I have done to try and solve the selective browsing issue but still couldn't because when I called my ISP again, they said that they're already "undergoing an intensive troubleshooting in our area". Like I would believe that, but I just gotta hope so.

Most threads online are saying that changing your default DNS to that of Google and OpenDNS would solve the problem. Unfortunately in my case, it didn't. I've changed several TCP/IP settings and configuration but I'm still helpless and I guess still doomed with this selective browsing issue.

2. Install an Anti-virus

The only anti-virus site which I could surprisingly access with this selective browsing is that of ESET node. However, whenever I try to download the program, the crappy connection wouldn't allow me.

Mommy Jo, our ever supportive network administrator, told me that it was unnecessary for me to change any of my connection settings because PLDT automatically assigns me an IP address. It would only create a conflict if I try and reset or tweak any of my default settings. 

At the end of the conversation, she asked me what is my anti-virus program. I smiled sheepishly and told her I have none. She went numbed for a moment and I know what's next. She told me the importance of having an anti-virus (all of which I know and understand but failed to give heed to). She reminded me that the Internet is like a vast ocean infested with sharks that are constantly looking for prey to pry on. There are bazillion of viruses lurking around trying to look for any vulnerable system that they could corrupt.

I still don't have an anti-virus but I know it's not about my system because my other friends in our area are also experiencing the same connection. They actually didn't know they could browse selective sites because I'm the only one who likes to access Blogger, Google Docs and Gmail. They're still stuck with Yahoo, Facebook and what-not.

3. Reformat the Computer

My favorite! Though it may sound too tedious for others, it's still the best solution for me when all else fails. I don't want to deal with trying to fix a mess when I don't really know where to start. Why try to fix something when I can always get rid of everything and start all over. Don't get me wrong but I think it's more convenient to end the problem when all other possible solutions are utterly useless. 

Trust me, you don't wanna try and fix a situation where in the hindsight the pieces may seem to fit together but you know inside everything is falling part.

4 C's I Learned from the Experience

Up to this point, I am able to publish through this blogging platform and let the whole world know about my rantings if I really want to. However, knowing the person I am who would always see the bright side of things and hoping for a light at the end of he tunnel, I look into what have I been learning from the experience?

1. Compliment and Appreciate What You Now Have

I have always been so critical of my slow connection but when it reached to the point wherein I could only browse selective sites, I have learned to notice the little things and appreciate them. I've read my inbox more carefully and realize I have been misunderstanding people sometimes. I had more time to read the forwarded messages on my mobile phone's inbox. I listened to the bell of the nearby church more intently and the music from the chirping of the birds around me. I knew I have always been so busy savinginvesting and doing my own thing and failed to give thoughts on what others would think or feel towards me. 

I've learned that the world may move so fast so, as the people around us, but we can always stop for a moment and laugh. Notice at how clever our Creator has made everything so perfect. Everything may move so fast but it doesn't necessarily require us to be fast in judging things and the people around us. 

The world may be fast but we must be slow to anger in order to keep the world we live in balanced.

2. Copy and Back-Up

Make it a habit to create a copy of everything that matters to you so in case you would need to format it or lose the original, you can still have something to hold on to. 

The same is true with our relationships with people. Retain a copy of your good memories together so that when conflict or angry thoughts would cloud over your head, you can still hold on to the wonderful moments you had together. Whenever I have terrible thoughts due to misunderstandings with friends, I would be swift in looking back at the good things that we had together so I won't have to focus on the bad ones.

Do not let a single unfortunate event ruin all the great moments you had together because every relationship deserves a second chance. 

Second chance, when used wisely, makes the bond even stronger.

A quality tire (bond of friendship) can only be tested once the friction (opposite force) is applied to it. You will never know it's true worth unless it is put to test.

3. Connect and Authorize

Since I couldn't open my Facebook now, I am grateful that I have authorized the Networkedblogs application to let my friends on Facebook know of the new articles I have published in my blog thus enabling me to reach out to them despite this selective browsing issue.

The same is true with the relationships. We need to connect with our friends and we need to trust them because sometimes we can't just do everything by ourselves. We need people worthy of our trust to do some tasks for us.

It is not irresponsible to let others help us.

Sometimes even a strong warrior needs the back-up and alliance of his army. We are born to be trustworthy and to be trusting. We need to trust our Lord and our friends.

If you keep looking back who's looking after you, can't know where you are going. - Michael Westen

4. Clean Up

Everything needs cleaning up.

It is the frequency that may vary but everything needs cleaning.

Whether it be the nails in your fingers, the earrings that your mom gave for your 18th birthday, the car that your dad bought you for your debut or the bed sheets that you're sleeping in! Everything needs cleaning in order for them to continue functioning smoothly and retain it's good condition for longer period of time.

Everything needs check up and evaluation of its state. You see, the same is true with our friendships and relationships with other people. Sometimes there are little rusts, ill feelings that may be unnoticed or not given required attention that starts to pile and if not given proper attention, might ruin the whole thing!

If you are having some shaky relationship with your spouse or your friends, don't let it continue until the mind gets corrupted with those little and unnoticeable rusts.

Settle it, give time to it. Or you would spend the rest of your lives regretting the whole thing.

We all need cleaning and tuning because nothing is perfect. Little differences can be settled when everyone makes time for it and don't let pride rob you off with a precious thing called friendship.

P.S. Thanks PLDT for not fixing my internet connection right away because you have just helped me make time to fix but a more important connection -- my connection with my friends!

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