New Beginnings: Iloilo Philippines Mission Open House and the Cebu City Philippines Temple Dedication

Cebu City Philippine Temple Dedication

Last June 13th 2010 the second temple in the Philippines was dedicated by the 16th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Thomas S. Monson. There were 3 sessions to accommodate the number of Saints that attended the said remarkable event in the history of the LDS Church in the Philippines. 

I felt so blessed to have become part of the said event as me and my mom went to Cebu to attend the said ceremony. It was a great opportunity to get to meet other members of the Church. The reality of President Gordon B. Hinckley's promise that the Lord will bring the temples closer to the Saints, instead of the other way around, is gradually becoming a reality. 

Iloilo Philippines Mission

August 7th 2010 is another remarkable event in the lives of the LDS people in the Panay area as the Iloilo Philippines mission had an open house today. The event was attended by all the Stake Presidents in Iloilo North, Iloilo, Kalibo (my homeward) and Roxas. All of the stake presidents gave talks about how once hoped that there will be a mission home in our area and that all wards would be filled with missionaries and lo, the day has come! 

New Beginnings

I feel so blessed to have attended both wonderful events in the LDS history of our area. I know that God hears and answers every person's faithful prayers. I know that He has prepared each and everyone of us to help Him build His kingdom here on Earth. I know that eventually there will have an Iloilo Philippines temple. 

Below are just some of our pictures during the temple dedication in Cebu and the open house of the Iloilo Philippines mission.

My mom and me during the Cebu City Philippines Temple Dedication (June 13, 2010)

The Cebu City Philippines Temple

Me(in the middle) and friends during the Iloilo Philippines Mission Open House

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